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Chapter: 2268

Chapter 2268 I’ll Wait for You at the Civil Affairs Bureau Tomorrow Morning

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After Nan Xun was brought into the banquet hall by Mrs Tang, many people looked at her.

Nan Xun was not wearing a gown. She was wearing a white shirt and black pants. She looked a little out of place standing in the banquet hall.

But those gazes on her looked very friendly.

Mrs Tang pulled Nan Xun forward and suddenly, the lights in the banquet hall dimmed.

Only one light shone on Nan Xun.

Mrs Tang let go of Nan Xun’s hand and stood in the dark.

Nan Xun was confused.

She took a few steps forward, but the white light followed her like a shadow.

Just as Nan Xun was confused, a low and charming familiar voice sounded.


Hearing Tang Mo’s voice, Nan Xun could not react in time.

She had not seen him for nearly two months. At first, she would still wake up from nightmares in the middle of the night. In her dreams, she had lost him and it had been heartbreaking. Even after waking up, her heart

was still throbbing in pain.

The corners of her eyes were often wet with tears.

She did not like herself like that and had never thought that she would have such deep feelings for Tang Mo.

Later, she used work to divert her attention and tried not to think about him. She kept comforting herself that he still had twenty years. He was still living well in this world and was not separated from her.

During this period, her mood had finally improved. When she suddenly heard his voice, she immediately felt a lump in her throat.

This bastard!

Did he want to announce to the public that he wanted to divorce her?

an Xun’s emotions fluctuated, but she tried to remain calm on the surface.

Even if they were going to get a divorce soon, she did not want to be a resentful woman.

There was no one in this world who could not leave each other!

When Nan Xun thought about it, the man’s voice sounded again. "I don’t think I’ve confessed to you in public before. When we got married, it wasn’t a consensual relationship and we became husband and wife in a


"I didn’t cherish you in the past and didn’t get to know you properly, so we missed a lot of time and had many misunderstandings."

"Fortunately, the heavens are looking after me and can give me another chance to be ‘reborn’. This time, I want to hold on to your hand tightly and be your husband. I want to spend my life with you!"

The more Nan Xun listened, the more she frowned.

What was going on?

He was not asking for a divorce in public? Was he confessing?

What the hell?

Nan Xun’s hands by her sides clenched into fists unconsciously.

Slowly, a tall and handsome figure walked into the white light.

Tang Mo was wearing a tailored black suit with a white shirt inside. He was not wearing a tie and had three buttons unbuttoned. His exquisite collarbones were slightly exposed and his perfectly ironed suit pants

wrapped around his long legs. The handsome aura on him was charming.

He held the microphone with one hand and had the other in his pants pocket. His fringe covered his forehead and his facial features were devilish and beautiful, as if they were made by God, exquisite and perfect.

He walked over slowly, his slender and bright eyes staring at Nan Xun’s face affectionately.

He stopped when he was two steps away from her.

"That accident made me hate and despise myself, but then I thought about it and felt grateful. If it wasn’t for that accident, I wouldn’t have found your kindness and beauty!"

"| admit that I changed my impression of you because I slowly fell in love with you after that accident. I didn’t know how deep it was, but by the time I realized it, you were already an indispensable part of my life…"

The guests in the banquet hall probably knew in advance that Tang Mo was going to confess. They all stood on the spot and did not make a sound. Therefore, Tang Mo’s confession was very clear, moving, firm, and


Goosebumps appeared on Nan Xun’s arms unconsciously.

If it was two months ago, she would definitely be moved.

But at this moment, she only felt that it was ironic.

Tang Mo suddenly bent his knees and took out a dazzling ring from his pocket.

"Xun’er, I didn’t propose to you before. This time, I’ll officially propose to you. Can you be my Mrs Tang for the rest of your life?"

Perhaps, they would have some arguments, disagreements, and setbacks in the future, but those would happen between husband and wife and could not separate them again.

Many of the guests were touched by Tang Mo’s affection.

He used to be a playboy, but now, he had changed. He was affectionate and touching.

"Marry him!"

"Marry him!"

"Marry him!"

The guests cheered excitedly.

Mrs Tang and Tang Xun were also by the side, shouting for Nan Xun to accept Tang Mo’s diamond ring.

Tang Mo grabbed Nan Xun’s hand, wanting to put the diamond ring on her slender fingers.

an Xun pursed her lips tightly. The moment the diamond ring entered her finger, she bent her finger and the ring fell to the ground.

an Xun took a deep breath and looked at Tang Mo calmly. "Get up first!"

Tang Mo said, "Promise me."

an Xun smirked. "I don’t agree!"

The grievances and bitterness buried deep in her heart for two months poured out like a tidal wave.

Did he think that his sudden proposal would make her so touched?

an Xun took two steps back and distanced herself from Tang Mo. "I don’t know why you suddenly proposed to me, but Tang Mo, did you forget what Meng Yi told me that morning?"

"Ask him to tell me not to be stubborn. What you’ve decided will never be changed!"

"That night, I cried and begged you. I said I didn’t mind, but you pushed me away ruthlessly. You thought that you were doing it for me, but you were actually hurting my heart!"

"I don’t know what happened in the past two months. You suddenly changed your mind and proposed so openly. Are you telling me that you regret it?"

The more Nan Xun spoke, the more agitated she became. Her eyes turned red unconsciously. "After stabbing someone ruthlessly and waiting for that person’s wound to heal, you came to say that I didn’t stab you on

purpose. I actually love you. Will that person’s scar stop hurting?"

"Aren’t you very determined? Then be decisive until the end! Don’t pester me anymore!"

With that said, Nan Xun turned around and ran out of the banquet hall, ignoring everyone and Tang Mo’s gaze.

After running a few steps, Nan Xun turned back to look at Tang Mo and said mercilessly, "Looking at you now, you should be in good health. I’ll wait for you at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow


With that said, she left without looking back.

After leaving the banquet hall, Nan Xun ran toward the door quickly.

Someone chased after her.

Nan Xun did not turn back and ignored her. A car drove to the entrance of the clubhouse and the window was lowered, revealing Zuo Huai’an’s handsome face. "Junior, what’s wrong?"

Nan Xun opened the door without thinking and said to Zuo Huai’an, "Senior, please drive quickly!".

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