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Chapter: 2269

Chapter 2269 His Sudden Appearance

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Tang Mo came out, Nan Xun had already gotten into Zuo Huai’an’s car and left.

Mrs Tang and Tang Xun also ran out hurriedly.

Seeing Nan Xun leave, Mrs Tang glared at Tang Xun angrily.

"| already said that she definitely wouldn’t agree to my sudden proposal to Xun’er." As a woman, Mrs Tang didn’t blame Nan Xun for rejecting her son. If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t nod and agree so easily.

Back then, she had gone to the hospital several times but had not seen Tang Mo. Mrs Tang had seen her crying secretly several times.

Just like what Xun’er had said, could she pretend that she had never been injured after her wound healed?

Tang Xun felt a little wronged by Mrs Tang’s words. Mo’er had thought of the proposal herself. He just had no principles and wanted to make it up to Mo’er. He would support whatever Mo’er said.

Tang Xun put his arm around Mrs Tang’s shoulders. "It’s my fault. Don’t be angry. It’s not worth it if you’re angry!"

Mrs Tang shook off Tang Xun’s hand and glared at him warningly.

Tang Mo pursed his lips tightly and left the clubhouse without saying anything.

As soon as Tang Mo left, Mrs Tang said worriedly, "Mo’er probably won’t go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow!"

"I definitely won’t go."

Madam Tang nodded. "That’s good." Seeming to have thought of something, she looked at Tang Xun. "Then let’s go tomorrow. Now that Mo’er’s condition has improved, it’s only a matter of time before we get Xun’er

back. Let’s go settle the procedures first."

When Tang Xun heard this, a trace of panic flashed past his eyes. "Meiyin, let’s slow down our divorce. We still have to help our son get his wife back first. We’ve already dragged it on for so many years. We’re not ina

hurry. What do you think?"

Mrs Tang looked at Tang Xun’s eager expression and snorted. "Tang Xun, I know very well what you’re thinking. Even if you helped a lot in Mo’er’s surgery, I won’t be grateful to you because you owe Mo’er."

"As for our marriage, it only exists in name. You know that Liu Xiu’s true colors went back on their words and wanted to repent. I’m sorry, I’m not a rubbish bin. I’m not even fifty years old yet. When I get divorced, I

might be able to have a second spring."

Mrs Tang waved her hand and walked toward the banquet hall with her chin raised.

Tang Mo’s proposal had failed and the guests were still in the banquet hall. She needed to go back and settle them.

Tang Xun looked at Mrs Tang’s arrogant back and sighed, hurriedly following after her.

On the way back to the apartment, Nan Xun kept looking out of the window.

Her eyes turned red unconsciously.

This bastard, separating and making up whenever he wanted. Did he think she was a pet dog that could come and go as he pleased?

When the car arrived at the apartment building, Zuo Huaian said gently, "Junior, are you okay?"

Nan Xun turned back to look at Zuo Huai’an, a smile on her lips. "It’s alright, Senior. Thank you so much for tonight. I’ll definitely treat you to a feast."

"We’re all schoolmates, you don’t have to be so polite."

Nan Xun got out of the car and returned to the apartment.

Tang Mo suddenly appeared tonight and even proposed to her. What had happened in the past two months?

Nan Xun called Bo Cixue.

Tang Mo and the Crown Prince were good brothers. The Crown Prince should know something, right?

The call went through very quickly.

"Cixue, Tang Mo suddenly appeared tonight and proposed to me."

Bo Cixue was not shocked when she heard this. "I’m guessing you didn’t agree to him."

Tang Mo was going to propose to Nan Xun tonight. Bo Cixue had heard Ye Jie mention it when he came back for dinner.

Bo Cixue thought that Ah Xun would not agree to him!

Bo Cixue had asked Ye Jie about Tang Mo’s surgery and he said that it would be dangerous. If the surgery failed, he might not even live for twenty years. She was not advised to tell Nan Xun in advance.

Later, the surgery was successful. While Tang Mo was recuperating, he had sent a message to Bo Cixue. He said that he wanted to give Nan Xun a surprise and asked her not to reveal his condition.

Bo Cixue had a good relationship with Nan Xun and she knew how sad Nan Xun was about Tang Mo. She did not want Nan Xun to make up with Tang Mo so quickly.

A self-righteous man should be punished!

When Nan Xun heard Bo Cixue’s words, a smile finally appeared on his face. "You know me best. What happened in the past two months?"

Bo Cixue could not bear for Nan Xun to be kept in the dark and told her about Tang Mo’s surgery.

"Oh right, there’s one more thing."

an Xun hummed. "Tell me."

"| heard from Brother Xiaojie that the medicine he takes after the surgery will have some side effects. Brother Tang Mo can’t have children in the future. I know you will definitely forgive him. It’s just a matter of time. If

he doesn’t have children, can you accept it?"

Bo Cixue thought that Nan Xun would hesitate after finding out, but she chuckled. "He deserves it."

Bo Cixue was a little confused. "Why do I feel that you’re gloating?"

"I’m just gloating. It’s none of my business if he doesn’t have children. I just want to be well."

Bo Cixue sighed. "You’re lying!" Seeming to have thought of something, Bo Cixue said, "Brother Tang Mo doesn’t know about this yet!"

an Xun narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. "If he finds out, he probably won’t propose to me tonight!"

After chatting with Bo Cixue for a while, Nan Xun’s mood improved.

After the call, Bo Cixue was a little confused.

Brother Tang Mo could not have children in the future. Why did she feel that Ah Xun was not worried at all?

The next day.

Nan Xun went to the Civil Affairs Bureau in the morning.

She sent a message to Tang Mo, but there was no reply.

Nan Xun stood at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau and waited until ten in the morning before she received a message from him. "No."

Nan Xun was so angry that she almost smashed her phone.

Was he acting shamelessly again?


Nan Xun was furious and blocked his contact.

When she arrived at the studio in the afternoon, Zuo Huaian called her.

"The project President Huang mentioned yesterday has been confirmed. If you have time, I can take you there?"


resident Huang’s building was on the east side of the city and Zuo Huai’an had driven over to fetch Nan Xun.

When she arrived at CEO Huang’s office, there were not only CEO Huang, but also several CEOs and Tang Mo.

an Xun was slightly surprised to see Tang Mo here.

resident Huang introduced him to Nan Xun. "This is President Tang of the Tang Corporation. It’s all thanks to President Tang’s investment that our building didn’t have enough capital. This building also belongs to the

Tang Corporation. President Nan, I’m quite optimistic about your renovation plan, but the final decision still depends on President Tang."

f it wasn’t for the situation, Nan Xun really wanted to kick Tang Mo.

He was clearly doing it on purpose. If she did not want to work with CEO Huang, he would not have gotten involved in such a small project!.

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