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Chapter: 2270

Chapter 2270 Jealous Man

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

resident Huang thought that Nan Xun and Tang Mo did not know each other and introduced them to each other.

Tang Mo stubbed out the cigarette between his lips in the ashtray, stood up, and reached out his hand to Nan Xun.

His gaze landed on Nan Xun deeply.

an Xun had tied her hair into a low ponytail today. Her fair forehead and face were exposed. She had not been able to eat anything in the past two months and looked thinner, making her look even smaller and


There was no makeup on her face, only a little lip gloss. She was wearing a red shirt and wide-legged pants, her professional aura exuding a hint of workplace coldness.

an Xun ignored Tang Mo’s scorching gaze and treated him like a stranger she had just met. She reached out her hand politely. "Hello, President Tang."

an Xun originally wanted to shake Tang Mo’s hand lightly before she retracted her hand. However, that fellow quickly grabbed her fingers when she retracted her hand. She retracted her hand and his fingertips

grabbed her palm lightly. He slowly let go with a devilish smile.

The place he had scratched felt a little numb.

an Xun glared at him and mouthed, "Crazy!"

Tang Mo raised his eyebrows and gave a faint smile. "President Nan seems to have something against me?"

an Xun gritted her teeth. "I-I wouldn’t dare!"

CEO Huang looked at the two of them and felt that something was wrong, but he could not tell what was wrong.

"President Tang and President Nan have met before?"

Nan Xun said, "No."

Tang Mo said, "Yes."

The atmosphere was slightly awkward.

President Huang was about to relieve this embarrassment when he heard Tang Mo say hoarsely, "President Nan is a famous career woman in the workplace and is beautiful. I’ve seen her before and admire her."

President Huang glanced at Nan Xun. "President Nan, show President Tang the renovation plan of your company. President Tang has agreed and we can work together in the future."

Nan Xun put away her unhappiness and anger toward Tang Mo and focused on her work.

She followed CEO Huang to the meeting room.

Taking out the proposal, she gave Tang Mo a copy and stood in front to explain.

When Tang Mo listened to her analysis and explanation of the plan, he also put away his wildness and listened attentively.

After Nan Xun finished speaking, Tang Mo remained silent for a long time.

Nan Xun looked at his slightly serious side profile and her heart thumped.

Would this fellow use his position to take revenge?

After another minute, Tang Mo leaned back against the chair and looked up at Nan Xun.

"On the whole, the proposal is good, but there’s one thing. President Huang’s building is a civilian apartment. I think we should remove the fancy things and make it more warm and comfortable."

Hearing Tang Mo’s suggestion, Nan Xun did not refute it immediately and nodded thoughtfully. "Okay, I’ll modify it."

Tang Mo placed his hands on the conference table and stood up. "Show it to me after you’re done editing it."

an Xun was speechless. Was he really going to take a look at such a small matter?

resident Huang had already booked a table at a famous farm.

resident Huang invited Nan Xun and Zuo Huai’an together.

an Xun did not want to go and President Huang pulled her aside. "President Tang is going too. I think President Tang has a good impression of you. Perform well and if you can take on the Tang Corporation project,

it’s better than taking on countless small projects."

an Xun knew that CEO Huang meant well. She smiled and nodded, not saying anything.

Although she did not want to see Tang Mo, Nan Xun still understood the rules of socializing in the workplace.

tt was impossible for her to be special.

The group arrived at a quiet and simple farm.

There was a fish pond, orchard, vegetable garden, bridge room and so on in the farm.

The sun was bright and the air was clear. Nan Xun’s mood also improved.

The men set up a card game.

an Xun was not interested in playing cards. Seeing that someone was fishing, she rented fishing tools from the boss and went to the pond.

The water in the pond was clear and she could vaguely see fish swimming around.

an Xun sat on the stool and started to fish.

tt had been many years since she had sat down to fish like this. When she was young, she often went to the river to fish and sat there for half a day. When she grew up, such leisure time seemed to be rare.

an Xun smiled and caught a mackerel soon.

Zuo Huai’an walked over and looked into the bucket. Seeing several mackerel swimming around, he gave Nan Xun a thumbs up. "Not bad, Junior. You’ll be able to eat a meal after fishing for a while."

an Xun looked at Zuo Huai’an. "Do you want to try?"

"Okay. To be honest, I rarely fish and don’t know any tricks."

an Xun stood up. "I’ll teach you."

After Tang Mo played a few rounds of mahjong, he used the excuse of going to the washroom to look for Nan Xun.

When they were about to reach the fish pond, they saw Nan Xun and Zuo Huai’an chatting and laughing under the tree opposite.

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes and his handsome face darkened slightly.

When that woman faced him, she was not smiling at all.

However, she seemed to be smiling brightly at another man. The difference in treatment was too obvious!

Had she forgotten that she still had a husband?

Although he had not gotten her forgiveness as her husband, wasn’t it a little too much to talk and laugh with another man under her husband’s eyes?

Tang Mo put his hands in his pockets and walked toward Nan Xun and Zuo Huaian.

From the corner of her eye, Nan Xun saw Tang Mo coming over. She said to Zuo Huai’an, "Senior, I’m a little thirsty. I’ll go back to the house first."

Zuo Huai’an nodded. "Alright."

Nan Xun took another route and entered the farmhouse.

Seeing this, Tang Mo’s expression darkened even more.

After Tang Mo returned to the mahjong room, Nan Xun returned to the pond. She worked with Zuo Huai’an and caught many fish.

"T’ll make some mackerel soup later."

The waiter in the farm cut up the fish and washed it before Nan Xun personally made a pot of mackerel soup.

When Tang Mo came over, he frowned when he saw Nan Xun busy. He finally found a chance to talk to her alone. "Why did you do it yourself?"

Nan Xun ignored him.

Tang Mo walked behind Nan Xun. "You’re not even willing to talk to me now?" He was very close to her, almost pressing against her back.

A breath with a faint tobacco smell brushed past her ear and landed on the tip of her nose. Nan Xun’s heart beat uncontrollably in panic, but she tried to remain calm on the surface. She raised her elbow and poked his

chest. "Stay away from me!"

He seemed to have not heard her and his handsome face came close to her. "What’s your relationship with that Zuo guy? You smiled so happily when you were fishing. Do you think I’m dead?"

Hearing this, Nan Xun was furious. She turned back to glare at him, but she was too close and her lips brushed against his chin. She was stunned and was about to move away when her slender waist was grabbed by his

large hand..

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