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Chapter: 2310

Chapter 2310 Little Candy’s Identity (2)

Tang Wu washed up and changed her clothes before coming out of the room.

Auntie Zhang was the only one left in the dining room.

"Little Candy took Mr Lan to her room to unwrap toys."

Tang Wu was speechless.

"Miss, did you not sleep well last night? You don’t look too good."

Tang Wu rubbed her aching temples and nodded. She glanced at the sumptuous breakfast on the dining table and said to Auntie Zhang, "Make me a bowl of noodles!"

Auntie Zhang did not ask anything and went into the kitchen.

Auntie Zhang quickly cooked a bowl of noodles for Tang Wu. When Little Candy pulled Lan Yue out, she saw that Tang Wu had not eaten the breakfast on the dining table and asked with a frown, "Mommy, don’t you like the breakfast Handsome Uncle bought?"

Tang Wu glanced at Little Candy, then her beautiful eyes landed on Lan Yue. "Mr Lan, please pay attention to your influence in the future. Although my daughter likes you, it’s not good for your fiancée to know that you came to a single mother’s house so early in the morning."

Lan Yue did not respond to Tang Wu’s words. Instead, he touched Little Candy’s head. "Ask Grandma Zhang to help you change into your school uniform. Uncle will send you to school later."

Little Candy hummed and looked at her mother’s expression.

"Go, I’ll talk to your mother."

Little Candy held Auntie Zhang’s hand and entered her room.

Lan Yue and Tang Wu were the only ones left in the dining room.

Tang Wu only ate a few mouthfuls of noodles and lost her appetite under the man’s gaze.

Tang Wu reached out and was about to take the napkin when someone was faster than her. Then, the man bent down and wiped the soup stain at the corner of her lips with his slender fingers.

His rough thumb seemed to touch her lips.

Tang Wu felt her scalp tingle. When she regained her senses, she glared at him angrily.

Before she could say anything, she heard him say with a faint smile, "You seem nervous seeing me with Little Candy?"

Tang Wu stood up from the chair and pushed him away angrily. "You don’t have to send Little Candy."

She returned to her room to get her bag.

When she came out, Little Candy was already in the man’s arms.

"Mommy, Handsome Uncle said he would send me to school. Can I take his car?"

Tang Wu said, "Did you forget what Mommy told you last night? Come down and don’t trouble Uncle."

Little Candy pouted. Although she was a little disappointed, she did not dare to make Mommy angry.

Lan Yue took the elevator downstairs with the mother and daughter. Seeing them go to the garage, he did not follow them.

Tang Wu went to her car and cursed when she saw that the front tire was flat.

"Mommy, what’s wrong?" Tang Wu held Little Candy’s hand. "Let’s take a taxi outside the district. Mommy’s car needs to change its tires."

The mother and daughter had just arrived at the district when a black sedan drove over.

Lan Yue got out of the car. "I’ll send you." Tang Wu was about to refuse when the man approached her ear and said in a voice that only he and her could hear, "If you want a taxi, I don’t mind letting a taxi into the repair shop."

Tang Wu was so angry that her blood pressure rose.

He had prepared a child seat in the back seat. It was obvious that he had come prepared.

On the way to Little Candy Kindergarten, Tang Wu said nothing.

The atmosphere in the car was not dead. Little Candy was chattering and talking to the man driving in front.

The two of them talked about kindergarten and Little Candy said with a smile, "Li Rui’s parents in our class are divorced. Li Rui’s father sends him to school every day and smiles at my mother every time…" "Uncle said that Li Rui’s father must like my Mommy."

"Handsome Uncle, it’s such a pity that you have a fiancée…"

Tang Wu coughed and stopped the little girl who was talking nonsense. After sending Little Candy to kindergarten, Tang Wu planned to take a taxi and leave.

Lan Yue walked up to her and said calmly, "Get in the car. Let’s talk."

Tang Wu said, "We have nothing to talk about."

Lan Yue took out a small transparent plastic bag from his pocket. There was a slightly curly black hair inside. "You should know whose it is without me reminding you!"

Tang Wu pursed her lips. "Stop doing useless things." His family must know that he had come to the capital. Even if he got the hair, the result might not be what he wanted.

Lan Yue could not see any panic in Tang Wu’s eyes. He narrowed his deep black eyes. "Tang Wu, you’d better not be lying."


Lan Yue returned to the hotel.

He called Ah Sen, who he had promoted to assistant, over.

"Help me do something." Hearing Lan Yue’s instructions, Ah Sen nodded. "Don’t worry, Young Master. I will definitely settle this matter."

Three days later.

Ah Sen handed Lan Yue a DNA report.

Lan Yue opened it and saw the results.

Little Candy was not related to him by blood.

He pursed his lips tightly. "Did you find the bodyguard who told on you?"

Ah Sen nodded.

Lan Yue’s lips curled up slightly. "What about the other report?"

"The results will be out later."

Tang Wu had not seen Lan Yue for a few days.

She did not know if he was still in the Capital. She forced herself not to think about him and did not let his appearance mess up her life.

Jing Qian had already arrived and Tang Wu brought her to film an advertisement.

After the shoot, the advertisers treated them to a meal.

During the meal, Tang Wu received an unknown message. "Where are you?"

Tang Wu’s heart beat faster.

Although it was an unknown number, she could almost guess who had sent the message!

Tang Wu did not reply.

After a while, another message came in. "Don’t you want to see the test results with me?"

Tang Wu’s eyelids twitched and she blocked this number.

Although she pretended to be calm, there was still a trace of panic in her heart.

After informing the person in charge of the advertisers, Tang Wu got up and went to the washroom outside.

After washing her face with cold water, Tang Wu took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

Even if he did the test, would the person who forced her to break up with him back then let him know the truth?

It was impossible for him to get the real results, so what was she worried about?

Tang Wu came out of the washroom and bumped into a young man who had drunk too much.

When the young man saw the charming Tang Wu, he stopped her from leaving. Tang Wu was in a bad mood and when the young man reached out to her, she threw him over her shoulder.

The young man got up and called many people over from the room. After being thrown, he sobered up a lot. "I was wondering who it was. So it’s the infamous Beauty Tang!"

"No one in the upper class circle is marrying you. You’re about to die. Why are you acting so noble? Can’t you let me dote on you?" The young man went forward and touched Tang Wu’s beautiful face.

Tang Wu’s eyes darkened and she was about to shake his hand off when someone moved faster than her.

A well-defined hand grabbed the young man’s wrist.

Tang Wu looked up and her long eyelashes fluttered when she saw Lan Yue suddenly appearing here.

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