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Chapter: 2312

Chapter 2312 Little Candy’s Identity (4)

Her admission was more real than any test results!

Perhaps it was because they were related by blood, his heart softened when he first saw Little Candy.

When he found out that Little Candy was her daughter, he had thought of such an ending.

But fear and anticipation were followed by endless disappointment.

He needed the truth.

To be honest, he was disappointed when he saw the two test results.

However, he had a feeling that everything was fake.

The truth could only be found out from her.

The cigarette between Lan Yue’s fingers had already burned a portion of the cigarette ash. He did not seem to notice that the cigarette ash did not feel hot when it landed on the back of his hand.

All of her blood rushed to her head.

The emotions in her heart were surging.

Tang Wu realized that something was wrong and frowned.

The man in the driver’s seat seemed to have turned into a statue, his face tensed as if he was trying to hold back and control something.

Tang Wu did not know what Lan Yue was thinking. She was very angry.

She had not expected him to snatch her daughter away!

Little Candy was her darling. Even if she risked her life, she would not let her go to Seven Stars Sect with him!

Tang Wu looked at the man’s dark eyes and her beautiful face turned cold. "Lan Yue, you have no right to snatch my daughter from me. Don’t you have a fiancée? If you want a child, let her give birth to your child…"

Lan Yue said nothing, his cold facial features becoming even colder. The muscles under his shirt protruded out, as if he wanted to hit her… With his current skills, Tang Wu was definitely not his match if she wanted to fight him.

She shrank her neck and glared at him fiercely. "Little Candy is my bottom line. Even you can’t snatch her away!"

No matter what she said, he ignored her.

His indifference made Tang Wu even angrier.

"Unlock it. I want to get out of the car!" Tang Wu pushed the door hard.

If he did not unlock it, how could she push it away? He looked like he was ignoring her. Tang Wu frowned and leaned forward, planning to unlock it herself.

But she had just leaned over when he grabbed her waist.

He exerted strength and she fell into his arms. It was like she was throwing herself at him.

Tang Wu quickly pushed him away.

Instead of letting go, he carried her onto his lap.

Her slender back was forced against the steering wheel

"Lan Yue, let go… Mmh!" Before she could finish, he kissed her.

Tang Wu widened her eyes and clenched her fists, punching his shoulders hard.

He was becoming more and more arrogant!

The more she resisted, the tighter he held her.

His kiss was irregular and the hand holding her waist was rather strong. His dark eyes looked at her deeply with an emotion she could not understand.


A slap landed on his handsome face.

There was a moment of silence in the car.

He grabbed her hand and narrowed his eyes. "Do you know what price you have to pay for slapping me now?".

Before Tang Wu could say anything, he suddenly started the engine.

Tang Wu screamed in fear. "Are you crazy? I want to get out of the car!"

He carried her with one hand and held the steering wheel with the other. He stepped on the accelerator and the car started.

He ignored Tang Wu’s words.

Tang Wu was furious. "Stop the car! Stop the


He looked down at her, showing no signs of slowing down.

Tang Wu was terrified. What if something happened? Even if nothing happened, she might be slandered tomorrow.

Tang Wu glanced at the man whose expression did not change and took a deep breath. "What do I have to do to stop the car?"

"Three years ago, you told me that your daughter was gone. Did someone threaten


Tang Wu bit her lip hard. "No."

The moment she finished speaking, the car sped up and Tang Wu’s heart jumped to her throat.

Looking at the man’s cold expression, the grievances, bitterness and anger from the past few years surged up.

"Yes, the people from Seven Stars Sect threatened me and almost killed me! If you still have a conscience, let us go and live a peaceful life!"

With a screech, the car stopped by the roadside.

Tang Wu retreated from the man’s arms to the front passenger seat. She closed her eyes and said coldly, "That morning, Qi Chen and I were secretly photographed. I hid in the stairs and a reporter chased after me. When I went downstairs, I slipped and fell down."

"I almost lost two lives. I still have lingering fear from the pain and fear at that time."

"When we got together, I was the one who provoked you first. I reap what I sow. I can bear the consequences, but Lan Yue, I don’t owe you anything." "You’re the young master of the Seven Stars Sect. Your family didn’t agree to us being together and almost killed me and our child. I don’t hate you or blame you, but it’s impossible for me not to hate the person who gave the order!"

"I wanted to hide these things in my heart for the rest of my life. If you force me to say it, the peace I want might be broken." Tang Wu shook her head, her pale face looking exhausted. "I don’t want everyone to get hurt again. Go back and be the young master of Seven Stars Sect. I’ll be my single mother here. Let’s live our own lives in the future, okay?"

Lan Yue looked at Tang Wu, who did not look at him when she said this, and his heart tightened unconsciously.

When she admitted that Little Candy was his daughter, he had already guessed why she had hidden this from him!

All of her pain, hurt and suffering were caused by him!

In the past three years, she had raised Little Candy alone. Only she knew the bitterness and bitterness in it.

His heart ached for Little Candy and for her even more.

Lan Yue’s dark eyes were red. He was about to say something when his phone vibrated.

He ignored her.

Her phone rang for a while before it quietened down. However, it rang again after a while.

Lan Yue took out his phone from his pocket. It was Ji Shuang’er.

He hung up immediately.

Tang Wu supported her forehead with her slender fingers and did not look at him. After he hung up, she said calmly, "If you still have any feelings and guilt for me, then don’t disturb my life with Little Candy anymore."

"Unlock it. I feel uncomfortable here. Let me


He looked at her with dark eyes. This time, he did not force her and unlocked the car. Soon, she pushed open the door and got out.

She hailed a taxi and quickly disappeared from his sight.

He looked down, took out his phone and called Ji Shuang’er.

"I’m done with my art exhibition and have to go back. Do you want to come?" Ji Shuang’er did not ask him why he did not answer the call earlier.

Lan Yue looked in the direction Tang Wu had left and hummed emotionally.

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