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Chapter: 2314

Chapter 2314 Working Together

Tang Wu stuck out her tongue. Just as she was feeling a little angry, Mother Tang called.

It was about the blind date again.

Tang Wu hung up after a few perfunctory words.

Within a few seconds, she received another call from Tang Mo.

"Don’t think about work all day long. I have a good man here. Don’t reject him straight away. How about we meet first?"

Tang Wu pursed her red lips. "Sure."

Hearing Tang Wu agree readily, Tang Mo was a little surprised.

"Actually, you can refuse."

"Brother, I believe in your taste." Tang Mo was amused. "It’s rare for you to listen to your brother so well. Alright, I’ll inform you when the time and place are set."

After the banquet, Ji Shuang’er sent Lan Yue home after drinking a lot.

Old Master Jing wanted to drink tea and chat with several elders all night long, so he did not return to the castle at night.

Jing Shen’s car followed behind Lan Yue’s car.

Lan Yue was helped back to his room by Ji Shuang’er.

After they went in, they never came out again.

Jing Shen asked the butler to go and see if anything had happened. After the butler went up to the third floor, he returned very quickly. The butler looked awkward. "Young Master, I heard voices and they seemed to be…"

In the world of adults, there was no need to say too much. Jing Shen understood very quickly.

He frowned and stood up from the sofa.

He went to Lan Yue’s room on the third floor. The door was not closed and he could vaguely hear sounds inside.

His handsome and stable facial features darkened slightly.

He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

"Ji Shuang’er, don’t you remember the Ji family’s rules?"

After a while, footsteps sounded. Lan Yue walked over and opened the door.

Meeting Jing Shen’s slightly serious and cold eyes, Lan Yue smiled faintly. "Brother, Shuang’er and I are engaged. Even if something happens, I think Uncle Ji and the rest will understand."

Jing Shen’s hand in his pocket tightened slightly. He met Lan Yue’s dark eyes for a few seconds before he turned around and went downstairs.

Lan Yue said, "Sister Shuang’er, let’s continue…"

Before she could finish, a strong gust of wind blew past. Jing Shen returned and grabbed Lan Yue’s collar, pulling him out.

"Let’s talk."

As if waiting for these words, Lan Yue pulled Jing Shen’s hand away, tidied his collar, and followed him to Jing Shen’s study. Jing Shen sat on the leather chair and took out a cigar from the wooden box.

Taking a breath, he slowly exhaled a mouthful of smoke. His handsome and calm facial features seemed to be hidden under the smoke.

"You don’t like Ji Shuang’er at all. Why did you do all those things tonight?" Jing Shen asked directly.

Lan Yue sat on the sofa, his long legs crossed elegantly. Three years was enough for him to grow, especially in an environment like the Seven Stars Sect.

Faced with the thoughtful Jing Shen, he did not panic at all and said slowly, "Whether I like Ji Shuang’er or not, she’s my fiancée. Does Big Brother like her?"

Jing Shen flicked the cigarette ash. "Ah Yue, be frank."

"I want to work with Brother."

Jing Shen narrowed his eyes. "What cooperation?"

"I want to get all of Grandpa’s shares and take over his position in the Seven Stars Sect."

Hearing this, Jing Shen froze slightly.

He looked at Lan Yue thoughtfully. "The shares in Grandpa’s hands will all be yours sooner or later."

Lan Yue no longer circled around Jing Shen and leaned back against the chair. "I can’t wait anymore. I know Big Brother still cares about Shuang’er. If the Old Master continues to be in power, it will be difficult for you to have a good ending with Shuang’er."

Jing Shen put the cigar on the ashtray, his well-defined fingers tapping the table. "Feelings are not that important to me."

"If it’s not important, Brother won’t knock on my door tonight." Lan Yue looked at Jing Shen’s handsome and calm face and gave a faint smile. "Ji Shuang’er is waiting in my room now. If Brother doesn’t go and find her within an hour, she said that she would rather go out and find any man than give you any chance."

"Brother, when I came back three years ago, the Old Master asked you to cancel the engagement with Shuang’er and marry her to me. You’ve already given up on her once. If you give up again this time, you’ll really lose her."

"I’m sure you know Shuang’er’s personality better than me. If she gives up on you, she won’t look back even if you repent for the rest of your life."

His tapping fingers clenched into fists.

Seeing his hesitation, Lan Yue struck while the iron was hot and said, "When I get the remaining shares of the Old Master, I’ll let you be the Sect Master of the Seven Stars Sect. I know that Brother is working on a car industrial park project and the Old Master doesn’t think highly of it. Brother doesn’t have ten billion dollars in funds. If this works, I can invest in you."

Jing Shen slowly narrowed his deep eyes and said with a faint smile, "You gave me all the benefits. What about you? What’s your purpose?"

"I’m not interested in the Sect Master of the Seven Stars Sect. I know that Brother was born for the Seven Stars Sect. Even if you’re not related to the Jing family by blood, you wouldn’t betray the Seven Stars Sect."

"As long as I can take over the Old Master’s position, I can trust you to be the Sect Master. As for me, the dividends I get every year are enough for me to be carefree. I only want autonomy and don’t want to be led by the Old Master’s nose."

Jing Shen said, "If I fail, I might be doomed. You’re the Old Master’s biological grandson. He won’t start with you."

Lan Yue smirked. "If I’m not confident, how would I dare to invite Brother to work with


Tang Wu picked Little Candy up from school and returned home.

The young girl entered her room the moment she returned home.

After a while, she came out.

She pouted, looking a little unhappy.

Tang Wu scratched the little girl’s nose. "What’s wrong? Did you have a conflict with another child in school?"

Little Candy shook her head and said, "I can’t get through to Handsome Uncle for a few days."

Tang Wu was stunned.

He did not expect the little girl to be unhappy because of this.

"Why are you looking for him?".

"There’s a Parent-Child Sports Day in kindergarten next week. The teacher said that Papa and Mommy want to participate together. I don’t have a Papa and want Handsome Uncle to be with Mommy."

Tang Wu hugged Little Candy. "Uncle doesn’t live in the capital. He’s overseas and has his own work and private life. If Papa wants to attend, I’ll get your uncle to go with him."

Little Candy pouted. Although she was a little disappointed, at the thought that Handsome Uncle had a fiancée and might have his own baby in the future, she nodded obediently. "Alright, let Uncle participate!’

After comforting Little Candy, Tang Wu received a message from Jing Qian.

"Sister Wuwu, my grandfather is sick. I have to ask for leave and go back."

Tang Wu’s heart skipped a beat.

Although she was a little confused, she did not ask further. She approved Jing Qian’s leave and told her to be careful on the road.

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