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Chapter: 2348

Chapter 2348 Would She Be Tortured Terribly?

On the way to the washroom after class.

"Although I’m a foodie, I don’t want everything that belongs to anyone."

Although the box of chocolates Gu Yang had thrown over was her favorite Italian brand.

"Tiantian, if you’re not eating, can I have it?" An Rui blinked.

"Okay, I’ll give it to you when we reach the dormitory."

Mu Sisi found out that Gu Yang had thrown a box of chocolates at Ye Tian.

Mu Sisi told her.

"Hey, don’t be angry. Gu Yang must be teasing Ye Tian!"

Duo Er lay on the desk with a sad expression. "Even when he was with Yan Ke, he never gave her chocolate."

"Maybe someone gave it to him and he threw it to his deskmate because he couldn’t finish it. I think he definitely won’t like Ye Tian. Ye Tian isn’t as outstanding as you. You can sing and dance well and have good grades. How can Ye Tian compare to you?"

At this moment, Cheng Xuyang walked into the classroom.

Mu Sisi waved at Cheng Xuyang. It was public knowledge that Cheng Xuyang liked Duoduo.

Usually after class, Cheng Xuyang would go to the store to buy food for Duoduo.

Cheng Xuyang came over with two bottles of milk and gave each of them a bottle.

Although she did not take the milk, her eyes turned red.

Cheng Xuyang saw that Duotuo was crying and asked with concern, "Duotuo, what’s wrong?"

"Isn’t it because of Ye Tian?" Mu Sisi was indignant and felt that it was unfair for Duo Xiu. "Duo Xiu was originally the publicly acknowledged prettiest girl in the class. Ye Tian came and stole her limelight. She even sat beside Gu Yang and the rest on purpose to isolate Duo Xiu."

Cheng Xuyang could not understand Gu Yang and the others the most. He had not interacted much with Ye Tian. His impression of her was that she was a sweet and pleasant girl. She did not expect him to be so scheming to ostracize Duoduo.

"Since she’s so capable, I’ll let her be in the limelight during the sports meet!"

Duo Xi’s long eyelashes fluttered. "Cheng Xuyang, don’t make things difficult for Student Ye Tian. Otherwise, Gu Yang and the rest will find trouble with you." "Am I afraid of Gu Yang and the rest?" Cheng Xuyang patted his chest. "Just watch."

During the class meeting, the form teacher, Zhou Ying, specially praised Ye Tian.

"I thought that none of you girls would dare to sign up for the 3000 meters. I didn’t expect Student Ye Tian to sign up actively and even signed up for the 100 meters and 400 meters relay race. But why didn’t any of the boys in the class sign up for the 3000 meters and 1500 meters?"

An Rui turned back to look at Ye Tian. "Tiantian, you said 3000 meters?"

Ye Tian was also a little stunned. She had only registered for the 100-meter and 400-meter relay races.

What was 3000 meters?

Gu Yang glanced at Ye Tian and said lazily, "I couldn’t tell. You’re quite capable."

Ye Tian wanted to ignore Gu Yang, but she could not stand his careless appearance and said angrily, "Of course, who is like you? You only know how to fight and drag the class down!"

Gu Yang smirked evilly. "Yes, I’m looking forward to your performance."

Ye Tian pouted. "Who wants you to look forward to it?!"

Sigh, no, she did not say 3000 meters!

But the teacher had already praised her in front of her classmates, she could not stand up and say that she was not running, right?

"Gu Yang, Shen Mingxiu, choose one for the 3000 meters and 1500 meters." Zhou Ying looked at the last row.

Gu Yang shrugged. "It doesn’t matter. It’s just 3,000 meters."

Zhou Ying did not expect Gu Yang, who usually did not have a strong sense of honor for the class, to agree. She nodded in satisfaction. "Alright, train hard in the next few days and strive to bring honor to the class during the sports meet."

"Also, monitor, please choose the leader who raised the sign."

After Zhou Ying left, the class exploded.

Some wanted to choose Duo Ai as the leader, while others wanted to choose Ye Tian.

Duo Yan was more popular with the boys. She was usually delicate and spoke softly. She was also the art committee member in the class and the boys knew that she was multi-talented.

Ye Tian had only been in class for a week and the boys did not know her well. Usually when boys talked to her, she was not very enthusiastic and got along well with the girls, bringing snacks to share with them.

There were many boys who supported her.

There were many girls who supported Ye Tian.

For a moment, the two sides were on par.

She waved at the monitor on the stage. The monitor walked to her side and she gave an opinion.

Hearing this, the monitor nodded. "I think so."

The class monitor stood on the stage again and said to everyone, "How about this? Everyone move your desks to the sides. Duo’er and Ye

Tian will dance. After the dance, everyone will write down the candidate you want to be the leader. The person with the most tickets will be the leader of our class!"

An Rui turned around and glanced at Ye Tian. "Duo’er is too… She didn’t even discuss it with you and she wants to compete in dancing? I heard that she danced since she was young. Tiantian, ignore her. She just wants to be in the limelight!"

Although Ye Tian was optimistic and did not like to fight for many things, it did not mean that she was brainless.

She did not register for the 3000 meters, but Teacher Zhou said that she did. It must have been done when the Sports Administration handed in the form.

She heard that the Sports Administration liked Duo Yan and now that Duo Yan wanted to dance with her, it seemed like they were deliberately targeting her.

Ye Tian looked at the worried An Rui and cupped her cheeks, blinking. "Fine."

An Rui was stunned for a moment before she gave Ye Tian a thumbs up. "Tiantian, you can really do it?"

Tiantian did not take the competition too seriously. "Actually, I don’t care if I’m the leader or not, but I can’t let her bully me."

An Rui made a cheering gesture to Ye Tian. "No matter how well you dance, I’ll support you."

Ye Tian smiled. "Don’t laugh at me later."

"No, no."

The class monitor asked Duo Xi and Ye Tian to go to the stage.

"Ye Tian, have you seen this year’s popular girl group talent show?" Ye Tian nodded. "Yes." "Let’s dance to the theme song of the female group’s fashion show!" As she spoke, she thought for a while. "After the two of us dance together, we’ll each perform another segment."

Tiantian still nodded, not panicking at all. "Anything."

Duo Yue was angered by Ye Tian. If it was any other girl, they would have been timid, but Ye Tian still looked indifferent.

Raising her chin, she said arrogantly, "Ye Tian, I’ve been learning to dance since I was four years old. I’ve won countless awards since I was young. Are you sure you want to compete with me?"

Ye Tian said, "You’re such a strange person. Weren’t you the one who wanted to compete with me?"

For a moment, she was speechless.

The monitor clapped his hands, gesturing for the students to quiet down.

"Everyone move the table to make room."

Shen Mingxiu sat on Ye Tian’s chair and poked Gu Yang, who was looking at her phone.

"Brother Yang, your deskmate’s courage is commendable! He dares to compete with Duo’er. Will he be tortured badly?"

Gu Yang raised her head and glanced at the two girls on the stage lazily. Her gaze landed on Ye Tian and she said lazily, "I can’t see."

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