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Chapter: 2509

Gu Fei stood by the side and watched Ning Yuan interview Ye Yu. She was extremely nervous.

Ye Yu’s thoughts were clear and meticulous, answering questions seriously and sparing his words. If she did not have a broad knowledge and ability to respond, it would be difficult to follow up with him and make the atmosphere awkward!

But Ning Yuan’s performance was very good. Faced with Ye Yu’s strong aura and deep knowledge, she could deal with it easily and threw out the questions she wanted to ask!

Ye Yu’s team was still at the broadcasting company and Ning Yuan watched the interview video with them that night.

She analyzed where to edit and repair.

When she was done, it was almost eleven at night.

Ye Yu was still working overtime in the office.

Assistant Su showed him the sample of the interview.

"Your Highness, this is the video of today’s interview. The team has already interrogated it. Please take a look."

Ye Yu nodded, took the thumb drive and waved at Assistant Su. "Go out first!"

When Ye Yu was the only one left in the office, he put the thumb drive into the computer.

The show had just started when the camera landed on Ning Yuan.

She was wearing a red shirt and a black A-line skirt today. Her long hair was tied into a neat ponytail and her makeup was fresh and clean.

Her eyes looking at the camera were bright and confident, her posture serious and dignified.

It was completely different from that night when she was wearing his shirt and lighting his cigarette for him.

During the interview today, she was able to continue his words. It could be seen that she was not a pretty face.

After hearing Ye Yu’s reply that there were no problems with the sample, Xie Ancheng uploaded the episode.

The interview with Wang Quan’s lawyer was supposed to be aired, but since Ning Yuan had interviewed Ye Yu, she naturally had to give up her position to an important person.

When Su Ya heard this news, she was furious.

It was almost the New Year. She and Ning Yuan were competing for popularity and ratings. Originally, her interview with Wang Quan was already the highlight of the show.

She was about to become an outstanding host at the end of the year, but Ning Yuan actually managed to interview the Second Prince!

Once the program was aired, the ratings would definitely soar.

Although the Second Prince was cold in front of the camera, he was popular in the hearts of the people!

As long as he appeared on the news, even if many people did not like it, the ratings would rise because of him.

As expected, after Ning Yuan interviewed Ye Yu, the ratings became the annual champion of the Capital Television Station.

In other words, it was not only the program team that had the highest ratings, but the entire broadcasting company!

Although she had expected the ratings to be good, she had not expected it to be so good!

At the same time, Ning Yuan’s popularity also increased.

After the program was aired that night, Ning Yuan occupied three trending topics.

Although two of them were tied to Ye Yu!

Many netizens were attracted by Ning Yuan’s beauty at first, but after watching the interview, they were attracted by her knowledge and confidence.

"In the face of the Second Prince’s strong aura, the beautiful host is not afraid at all!"

"When their eyes met, she did not look away at all. The confident smile on her face is too beautiful!"

"The Second Prince is famous for being quiet, but she can actually analyze his views in detail. It seems like she has done her homework!"

"You can rely on your face to make a living, but you have to rely on your talent!"

"Don’t you think they look good together?"

"Previous poster, can you not matchmake the Second Prince? He’s the nation’s husband!"

Ning Yuan did not care about the comments online, but the program team had received countless calls recently.

The audience requested for a few more episodes of Ning Yuan’s show. They wanted to see beautiful and talented girls and not Su Xiaolin.

Su Ya Lin was so angry she almost went to the hospital!

After a few days, Ning Yuan realized that the brooch her father had left for her was missing.

Ning Yuan looked around the apartment but could not find him.

She sat on the sofa and thought carefully for a while. Suddenly, she remembered that day when she went to the office to find Ye Yu, her clothes were wet from the rain and she had taken off the brooch and put it on the shelf.

When she left, she took her wet clothes and forgot to take her brooch.

Ning Yuan bit her lip, not knowing if she should call and ask him!

If she took the initiative to contact him, it would go against their agreement.

He had already accepted the interview and said that he would not let her appear in front of him!

Ning Yuan rubbed her hair, feeling extremely conflicted.

But in the end, she held it in and did not contact him!

Ning Yuan received a call from Gu Fei asking her out for dinner.

"Actually, it’s not just for dinner. My sister came back from studying abroad and my family is preparing to matchmake him. I heard that man is very outstanding and my sister has always been arrogant. After finding out about that person, she actually agreed to go for a blind date!"

"I’m also very curious what kind of man can capture my sister’s heart!"

Ning Yuan happened to have nothing on during the weekend and Gu Fei asked her to go with her, so she agreed!

The western restaurant they were going to was rather high-end. There were requirements to wear makeup. Ning Yuan changed into a long red dress and put on a long beige jacket. Her slightly curly long hair fell over her shoulders and she put on exquisite makeup before taking a taxi to the western restaurant.

When she arrived, Gu Fei was already there.

They went in through the door.

"My sister and the rest aren’t here yet. Let’s find a hidden place to sit!" Gu Fei said.

Ning Yuan nodded. "Okay."

After sitting down, Ning Yuan saw a familiar figure through the French windows.

A handsome and tall figure got out of the sports car with Ning Shiyu.

Ning Shiyu walked to Ye Ze’s side and held his arm, a sweet and shy smile on her beautiful face.

Ning Yuan admired Ning Shiyu in this aspect. No matter in front of any man, she could show that she liked him very much!

Ye Ze was quite capable to make Ning Shiyu fall for him so quickly.

However, did Ning Shiyu break up with Lu Ran?

Ning Shiyu did not know that Ning Yuan’s gaze was on her and she was focused on Ye Ze.

She did not expect Ye Ze to be so tall and handsome a few years later. In her impression, he was a thin and weak boy.

"Young Master Ye, I didn’t think that you would ask me out for dinner. I’m really happy!"

Ning Shiyu and Ye Ze met at a mall. She did not expect him to recognize her at first glance and even asked for her WeChat. They chatted for a few days and he took the initiative to ask her out for a meal at a high-end western restaurant.

From the conversation on WeChat, he seemed to like her!

"You’re happy now? There will be many things that will make you happy in the future!" Ye Ze glanced at Ning Shiyu and when he looked away, there was a trace of mockery in his expression.

Ning Yuan happened to catch Ye Ze’s gaze.

She roughly knew why Ye Ze approached Ning Shiyu!

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