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Chapter: 2510

Ning Yuan and Gu Fei ordered.

Ning Yuan took a sip of lemon juice and looked at Gu Fei. "When will your sister come?"

Gu Fei was about to answer when a familiar car stopped in front of the restaurant.

Ning Yuan looked out of the French windows.

She saw an elegant and noble figure getting out of the car.

The woman was wearing a light-colored coat with her long black hair draped over her shoulders. She was wearing a white dress inside and looked especially gentle and dignified. One look and one could tell that she was a young lady carefully nurtured by a rich family.

"Your sister is as beautiful and elegant as you."

Gu Fei was a little embarrassed by Ning Yuan’s words. She touched her face. "I’m not as elegant as my sister. She’s been the role model of the family’s socialites since she was young. I can’t. When my temper is bad, I like to curse!"

Ning Yuan was amused by Gu Fei’s words.

But the next second, her smile froze.

Because another Bentley that Ning Yuan was familiar with drove over and stopped beside Gu Fei’s sister’s car.

The driver got out of the car and opened the door for the person in the back.

A tall and cold figure appeared in Ning Yuan’s sight.

Just as Ning Yuan was confused, Sister Gu Fei saw him and nodded at him with a smile.

The two of them chatted for a while before they walked towards the western restaurant.

Not only was Ning Yuan surprised, Gu Fei was also shocked.

She covered her mouth and said in surprise, "Oh my god, could my sister’s blind date be the Second Prince?"

Ning Yuan’s hands on her knees clenched into fists slightly.

Actually, it was very normal for him to go on a blind date with a rich young lady!

With his status, he would definitely find a girl with the same status who was compatible with him!

When she first wanted to conquer him, she had not thought too far ahead.

Now that he had already cut off that path, she had never thought about the future!

They were not on the same level to begin with. If they forcefully interacted, it would only break the original rules!

Ning Yuan lowered her long eyelashes and laughed at herself.

After the handsome man and beautiful woman came in, they went straight to the private room of the western restaurant.

Their backs looked extremely compatible.

Ning Yuan pretended not to see it and focused on the delicious food.

Gu Fei had already recovered from her shock. She cupped her cheeks with her hands and clicked her tongue. "My sister is arrogant when it comes to finding a partner. I was still wondering why she agreed to meet the man. Anyone would come when they heard that it was the Second Prince, right?"

Ning Yuan smiled and said nothing.

When the meal was almost over, Ning Yuan got up and went to the washroom.

She went to the washroom to touch up her makeup.

She ate a lot of delicacies, but her good mood was not cured.

She took out a packet of women’s cigarettes from her bag. This was given to her by the person who posted the advertisement last time.

Ning Yuan lowered her long eyelashes and lit the fire.

She narrowed her eyes slightly, took a breath and slowly exhaled the smoke.

The clicking of high heels sounded.

After a while, Ning Shiyu appeared at the washroom door.

She was slightly stunned when she saw Ning Yuan smoking.

Even if she did not like Ning Yuan, she had to admit that when Ning Yuan smoked, she had a decadent sexiness and casual laziness. She was very feminine and charming.

Through the smoke, Ning Yuan met Ning Shiyu’s eyes.

Ning Shiyu regained her senses and a mocking smile appeared on her lips. "Ning Yuan, why are you eating here? Did you come with President Li?"

In Ning Shiyu’s heart, a small radio host like Ning Yuan could not come to such a high-end restaurant.

A faint smile appeared on Ning Yuan’s lips.

From Ning Shiyu’s smug expression, she could see what would happen to her in the future!

Ye Ze would not let her off easily, so there was no need for her to do anything or argue with her!

Ning Yuan put out the cigarette, straightened up and walked out without a word.

Seeing that Ning Yuan had ignored her, Ning Shiyu was so angry that her face turned green. But on second thought, Ning Yuan must have paid a big price to be with that President Li. That was why President Li had brought her here.

And the man beside her was tall, handsome and had status. Ning Yuan would never be able to compare to her!

At this thought, Ning Shiyu did not chase after him.

Ning Yuan went out of the washroom and was about to return to her seat when she looked up and saw someone walking out of the male washroom.

The moment their eyes met, Ning Yuan froze, but she recovered very quickly and looked away.

She nodded slightly at him and turned to leave.

Although she did not appear in front of him on purpose, she still had to be polite.

After all, they were not enemies and she could not afford to offend him.

She had no right to throw a tantrum!

Ye Yu looked at Ning Yuan’s back and narrowed his dark eyes slightly.

After dinner, Ning Yuan was not in the mood to stay.

Gu Fei could tell that Ning Yuan was not in a good mood and asked if she was interested in attending the concert.

"I have two tickets and I was worried that no one would go with me. Please go with me!"

Ning Yuan shook her head. "I’m going to North City for a business trip tomorrow. I have to wake up early!"

Gu Fei said regretfully, "Alright!"

With no one to accompany her, Gu Fei did not want to go alone and sent Gu Xi a WeChat message.

"Sister, I have two concert tickets. Do you want to go?"

After a while, she received a reply.

Li Jiazhi was a famous musician and it was hard to get a ticket to her concert.

Gu Fei placed the tickets at the front desk of the restaurant and left the restaurant after informing Gu Xi.

Gu Xi invited Ye Yu to watch the concert together.

The Gu family was a large family in the capital. Gu Xi’s grandfather was conferred the title of Duke by the Queen and Gu Xi was a well-known socialite in the capital.

Seeing that Ye Tian and Gu Yang had settled down, Nan Zhi urged Ye Yu to find a girlfriend quickly.

From the list given by Nan Zhi, Ye Yu chose the Gu family.

She had come out to meet her mother.

He had no intention of developing their relationship.

After being rejected, Gu Xi was not angry. She continued to smile. "It’s alright. If there’s a chance next time, we can go together."

Ning Yuan’s business trip was to a snow city. In winter, it was covered in silver, as if she had come to a world of ice and snow.

She was going on a business trip for a week.

There were her former university classmates there. After she was done with work in the day, they would bring her out to eat special snacks at night and have snowball fights with her.

Ning Yuan had not been so happy for a long time.

Her classmate had taken many beautiful photos of her and Ning Yuan would post them on her social media almost every day.

On this day, Feng Chen had set up a trap.

While playing cards, Feng Chen refreshed his feed.

Seeing that Ning Yuan had sent a new photo, he clicked his tongue. "This woman is quite happy. Does she not want to return to the capital?"

Ye Ze had also come over tonight. Hearing Feng Chen’s words, he asked, "Brother Chen, who are you talking about?"

"Beauty Ning from the Capital Broadcasting Company!"

Ye Yu, who was playing a card, was speechless.

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