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Chapter: 2519

The man was wearing a long black coat and perfectly ironed pants, exuding a strong and cold aura.

His hawk-like black eyes were sharp and cold, making people not dare to look at them.

The men immediately knew that this person was not someone they could provoke.

Not daring to say another word, they all lowered their heads and ran away.

Ning Yuan was still in a daze and did not expect Ye Yu to suddenly appear here.

Before she could react, her slender wrist was pulled by the man towards the road.

His legs were long and he walked quickly. Although Ning Yuan was not short, she had to jog to keep up with him.

He only let go of her when they reached the district.

A red circle appeared on Ning Yuan’s fair wrist.

She looked at the man with a dark expression as she rubbed her wrist. She was about to say something when she heard the man’s cold voice. "Why did you go out to show off dressed like this at night?"

Hearing his words, Ning Yuan immediately felt suffocated.

"I’m hungry. Can’t I go out for supper?" With that said, she looked down at herself. Although she was wearing pajamas and pajama pants, she was wearing a jacket and nothing was exposed. Why did it seem like she was indecent in his eyes?

Forget it. He had never liked her. If she really wanted to argue with him, wouldn’t she be furious?

"Even if you didn’t come, I can settle those men myself."

Ning Yuan turned around and took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down.

When she turned back to look at him again, there was a smile on her face. "Your Highness, I met with danger when I went out for supper. The royal family has to take the security issue seriously!"

Ye Yu looked at Ning Yuan, who was smiling but her eyes were dark, and pursed his lips tightly. "Did you drink?"

Ning Yuan did not expect his thoughts to jump so quickly and the smile on her lips froze. "Yes, why? Does His Highness care about this too?"

"Don’t you know that it’s dangerous for a single woman to go out drinking in the middle of the night?"

Ning Yuan wanted to say something, but felt that something was wrong.

He came over for no reason just to teach her a lesson?

She had nothing to do with him, so why should he teach her a lesson?

He was not as disgusted with her as she had thought?

Or was he concerned about her?

A small flame ignited in Ning Yuan’s heart.

In a short period of time, the small flame burned brighter and brighter.

She desperately wanted to test him again.

Ning Yuan took a few steps forward and approached him.

A pair of beautiful eyes looked at him. Under the dim street lamp, her eyes seemed to be filled with spring water and were especially moving.

Her pink lips opened slightly. "Are you worried about me?"

She raised her wrist that had red circles on it and stretched it out in front of him. "You used so much strength. It hurts."

Her skin was fair and the red circle looked especially prominent.

Ye Yu stared at her wrist for a few seconds, his deep black eyes like the sea before a storm.

It looked calm, but in fact, it was surging.

Seeing that he was silent, Ning Yuan did not know where she got the courage to ask the question in her heart. "Did you kiss…"

Before she could finish, a gentle and pleasant female voice sounded.

Ning Yuan turned back and saw a woman in a white coat getting out of the car.

Ning Yuan was slightly stunned when she saw the woman’s face clearly.

"Are you waiting for me here?" Gu Xi walked in front of Ye Yu and looked at his handsome face. There was a gentle and moving smile on his beautiful and exquisite face. "The broadcasting station’s recording time was extended a little. I thought you left long ago."

Gu Xi was a famous socialite in the capital. After returning from studying abroad, the capital’s broadcasting station invited her to participate in an interview program.

However, it was not Ning Yuan’s team.

From Gu Xi’s words, Ning Yuan could tell that Ye Yu did not come to find her specially, but waited for her after sending Gu Xi off…

Ning Yuan held her breath.

Her face and ears were flushed red, but it was hard to tell with the alcohol.

She was really embarrassed and embarrassed!

She was thinking too much again!

Was she going to embarrass herself in front of him?

She knew how disgusted he was with her, but she still thought that he was concerned about her…

Ning Yuan’s hands that were hanging by her sides clenched into fists uncontrollably.

"Second Prince, talk to Miss Gu. I have something on, so I’ll leave first." Before Ye Yu could say anything, Ning Yuan entered the district first.

Gu Xi looked at Ning Yuan’s slender and tall back and said with a smile, "She’s the anchorwoman who interviewed you last time, right? I looked a little familiar just now and couldn’t remember who she was."

Ye Yu had a hand in his pocket and looked at Gu Xi, who was smiling gently. He said in a low voice, "Miss Gu, my mother has a good impression of you. You came to our house as a guest tonight and she asked me to send you back. I was just being polite and gentlemanly."

In other words, he had no other feelings for her and was not waiting for her here on purpose!

The smile on Gu Xi’s face froze.

She had a good impression of Ye Yu. In their two interactions, she could feel that he was a responsible person.

But he did not seem to like her.

"I wonder what kind of woman Your Highness likes?"

Gu Xi wanted to say something, but he nodded at her and got into the Bentley.

After Ye Yu got into the car, he did not leave immediately.

Gu Xi’s words appeared in his mind. What kind of woman did he like?

He narrowed his dark eyes slightly and glanced at a certain apartment upstairs.

Ever since he could remember, his mind had been on his studies and work. He had never thought about liking a woman.

Besides, he was still young and should not be thinking about love.

Ye Yu pursed his lips tightly and drove away with a cold expression.

After Ning Yuan returned to the apartment, she leaned against the sofa and covered her slightly hot face with her hands.

If Gu Xi had not come in time, she would have asked him if he had feelings for her.

Where did she get her courage from?

In order to cut ties with her, he had agreed to her visit. His attitude had already been very clear!

She hugged her head and rubbed her hair. Ning Yuan reminded herself not to have the same habit again!

Ning Yuan arrived at the broadcasting company early.

After Xie Ancheng arrived, he asked everyone to have a morning meeting in the meeting room.

"We have to announce something today." Xie Ancheng glanced at Ning Yuan and Su Xiaolin. "The station has made a decision. Our team will only keep one host."

As soon as Xie Ancheng spoke, the atmosphere in the meeting room became a little tense.

Su Yalin and Ning Yuan looked at each other and pursed their lips, not saying anything.

"The other one needs to be sent to X Country for a business trip for half a year."

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