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Chapter: 2528

Ning Yuan’s heart skipped a beat.

She touched her face. Did she look like she was in a relationship now?

"No." Ye Yu probably did not want to be mentioned again last night, right?

He had not contacted her for the entire day.

They were all adults and she knew that many nights later, they would become strangers again!

Ning Yuan looked at Ye Ze, who had come all the way to find her. To be honest, she was a little touched, but not moved.

"Young Master Ze, I told you clearly last time…"

Ye Ze shrugged and the hand holding the rose suddenly moved behind him. When he reached out again, the rose was full of stars. "Is this enough?"

Ning Yuan took the flower from Ye Ze, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "You even know magic."

"I can change into many other things. When you have time, I’ll slowly show you."

"Okay, I’ll bring some friends to admire it then."

Hearing her words, Ye Ze’s eyes darkened.

She really went all out to reject him!

"What’s there to eat here? I haven’t eaten anything today." Ye Ze followed Ning Yuan to the dormitory. He stood outside and glanced inside. It was hers alone. It was simple and there were no traces of a man’s life. "Where do you usually eat?"

"I’m usually in the canteen."

"Then can you take me to the canteen to eat?"

After Ning Yuan put all the stars in a white porcelain bottle, she brought Ye Ze to the canteen.

Ye Ze sat at the table and watched Ning Yuan walk to the window with the plate. He took out his phone and took a photo of her back.

After Ning Yuan came back with the food, she took a photo of the food on the plate.

While Ning Yuan was serving the soup, Ye Ze posted on his social media.

"My heart aches for my goddess."

So, someone quickly sent a screenshot of Ye Ze’s post to the Ye family.

"Everyone, look. Ah Ze went to chase his goddess again. Why did he treat her to a meal in the canteen?"

Ye Yu, who had finished his inspection work for the day, had just gotten into the car when his private phone vibrated several times.

He took out his phone and glanced at it.

The family chat exploded again.

Glancing at the message @Everyone, his eyes darkened.

The group was still lively when everyone suddenly realized that the person who had tagged everyone had disappeared.

The person who was kicked out of the group was also confused.

He was teasing Ye Ze. Why did the Second Prince kick him out of the group?

He heard that the person he had kicked out of the group last time had not entered the group yet. He did not understand what he had done wrong to be kicked out ruthlessly!

That person hurriedly asked Ye Yu alone.

But the next second, he was blocked.

Ye Yu pressed the screen lock, his slender fingers massaging his temples. He picked up his phone again and made a call.

Assistant Su, who was driving in front, heard Ye Yu calling Ye Ze’s father and looked behind through the rearview mirror.

The man who called was calm and expressionless, as if he was working.

Assistant Su silently lit a candle for Ye Ze in his heart. Why did he have to be the love rival of the Second Prince?

One was in the light while the other was in the dark. It would be strange if she could poach him!

After Ning Yuan and Ye Ze finished eating, Ye Ze took out a pile of daily items from his suitcase.

"I heard that there are a lot of mosquitoes at night here. I can guarantee that you’ll sleep until dawn after you’re electrocuted. And this anti-wolf weapon, I heard that there are many single men here. If anyone dares to take advantage of you, you’ll electrocute them if you don’t show this. And this one massaging your neck, you often look at the computer…"

As Ye Ze spoke, he found that Ning Yuan’s eyes were a little red.

"What’s wrong? Did someone bully you here? Tell me, who is it? I’ll settle it with him…"

Ning Yuan sniffed and went forward to give Ye Ze a hug. "Thank you."

Seeing that she was suddenly so emotional, Ye Ze scratched his head in embarrassment. "This is nothing. It’s not worth much."

"But your feelings are precious." Ning Yuan sighed. "The girl who can be with you in the future should be very happy."

Ye Ze raised his eyebrows. "The chance is right in front of you. Are you sure you don’t want to cherish it?"

"I think it’s good to be friends."

"Fine, pretend I didn’t say anything."

After Ye Ze sent the things to Ning Yuan’s dormitory, he rubbed his aching temples. "I have to go back to the hotel to rest too. See you tomorrow morning."

"I have to go to work tomorrow morning."

"It’s alright. You can work. I’ll just watch you from afar."

Without waiting for Ning Yuan to say anything, Ye Ze left with his suitcase.

Ye Ze stayed in the same hotel as Ye Yu. When Ye Ze walked into the lobby, he happened to see Ye Yu coming out of the elevator.

"Second Brother, why are you here?"

Ye Yu glanced at Ye Ze with his dark eyes and said coldly, "An inspection."

"Oh, I didn’t expect you to come here personally for an inspection." Ye Ze looked at Ye Yu, who had a cold expression and sharp eyes, as if he had something against him. He raised his eyebrows. "Second Brother, why are you looking at me like that?"

"You’ve been very free recently?"

Ye Ze replied, "I’m alright!"

Ye Yu pursed his lips. "Have you eaten?"

"Yes. I thought the food in the canteen was terrible, but it’s not bad."

Ye Yu asked, "Who took you to the canteen?"

Ye Ze said, "Ning Yuan. You still remember her, right? She’s the main host of the Capital Broadcasting Company. She came here to work."

Ye Yu’s eyes darkened. "Stay away from her in the future!"

With that said, he strode away.

Ye Ze looked at Ye Yu’s cold back and touched his nose, not understanding how he had provoked him!

She felt that there was a trace of murderous intent when he looked at her for the last time!

However, getting along with Ning Yuan did not hinder him, right?

Why did she ask him to stay away from her?

Was he going to interfere in his relationship like his parents?

Ye Ze entered the elevator in a daze, not expecting Ye Yu to be related to Ning Yuan!

After Ning Yuan returned to the dormitory, she lay on the bed and stared at her phone.

There had been no calls or messages for the entire day. He must have defined last night as ONS!

Shaking her head, Ning Yuan reminded herself that there was no need to be too reluctant.

It was very normal. If anything, she had given him the most precious thing!

Ning Yuan buried her face into the pillow.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

Ning Yuan looked up at her phone.

Seeing the message sent by the number that she could recognize at a glance even without the caller ID, Ning Yuan’s heart thumped.

The message was only two simple words: Come out.

Ning Yuan stared at the message for a while. What did he mean? Did he come outside the dormitory?

Ning Yuan got up from the bed and wanted to go out, but she went to the door and returned to the bed.

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