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Chapter: 2530

The happiness in her heart did not last more than ten seconds when Ning Yuan suddenly thought of the agreement his secretary had asked her to sign when she came to Country X.

As a high and mighty prince, he must rarely be rejected by others!

He must be very confident in letting his secretary find her.

And she did not sign that agreement. Was it a provocation to him?

Was sleeping with her last night a form of revenge?

She thought of that time when she deliberately approached him and successfully got on his motorboat. Just when she was feeling smug, he suddenly threw her into the sea!

This man was unpredictable and dangerous. She would only lose terribly if she fought with him!

Please don’t flatter yourself!!!

It was very likely that he would kick her away ruthlessly after she fell in love!

So, she had to keep her heart!

At this thought, a smile appeared on Ning Yuan’s face, but it was not sincere. "Let’s not talk about how I won. I’m going to apply the medicine. Your Highness, go back to the hotel and rest!"

Hearing her words, the man did not turn around to leave, but looked around the room.

It was less than twenty square meters. There was a bed, a cabinet and a desk. Although it was simple, it looked warm after being decorated by her.

However, the white porcelain bottle on the table looked a little protruding.

Ning Yuan said, "Ye Ze came over today. He gave it to me."

With that said, the man took out the Sky Full of Stars, crushed it between his fingers, and threw it into the rubbish bin.

"He’s not worthy of you."

Ning Yuan was speechless.

A few seconds later, Ning Yuan looked at him angrily. "Why did you destroy someone else’s things so casually?"

The man suddenly turned around, his dark eyes sweeping towards her. "Remember whose woman you are now!"

Ning Yuan’s mind was in a knot.

Did he mean that she was his woman now?

"I’m not going to be your mistress."

Ning Yuan wanted to say something when he suddenly took out his phone and opened the WeChat QR code. "Add."

Seeing this, Ning Yuan took her phone faster than her brain and scanned his QR code, adding him as a friend.

"I’ll arrange for two bodyguards to stay here tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about safety anymore."

He put one hand in his pocket and walked toward the door.

Ning Yuan ran to the door before him. "Let me see if there’s anyone outside first."

Seeing her open the door a crack and poke her head out to take a look, Ye Yu’s eyes darkened.

"There’s no one. Leave quickly!"

Ning Yuan was about to move away to let him leave when she felt a grip on her waist.

Before she could react, she was pressed against the wall by a tall figure and her lips were kissed.

Ning Yuan dodged left and right, but he grabbed her chin and stopped her.

In the end, she could only glare at him angrily. "Do you mean what I understand?"

"Of course! If we’re dating, I feel that I’m recognized. If I’m financially supported, I feel that I’m a disgrace!"

Ye Yu looked down, his grip on her waist tightening. "Why did you approach me at the start?"

"Uh… Uh, that is…" Ning Yuan wrinkled her nose, her facial features almost squeezed together. "Anyway, when we’re lovers, we can break up. If we’re lovers, only you have the right to choose. This is the biggest difference!"

Looking at her red lips, he agreed. "Up to you."

Ning Yuan was speechless. Could this be so casual?

After Ye Yu left, Ning Yuan sat cross-legged on the bed.

Her emotions were a little complicated.

She slept with him last night and became his girlfriend tonight!

But his careless look did not seem like he wanted to date seriously!

Forget it, why was she so conflicted? Just as she had said, they could break up if they were not suitable. There would be no difference in status!

The past two days, her mood had been fluctuating like she had taken a roller coaster ride.

The video call rang. Ning Yuan saw the video call from Gu Fei and answered it.

"I just heard that something soul-stirring happened between the two of you yesterday. Are you injured?"

Ning Yuan stood up and let Gu Fei take a look. "I’m fine. Don’t worry."

"Tsk, why are you wearing a turtleneck when you sleep?"

"I haven’t showered yet!"

"Isn’t it very hot over there? Aren’t you afraid of bruising if you wear a turtleneck?"

"I’m not. Do you think this dress looks good? It shows off your figure!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I saw that your face was glowing. Did you go there to have an affair?"

Ning Yuan was silent for a moment.

Gu Fei could tell that something was wrong at a glance. "You must have had an affair, right? Did you wear a turtleneck to cover up some unspeakable marks?"

Ning Yuan glared at Gu Fei. "I give in to you."

Gu Fei immediately perked up, looking gossipy. "Oh my god, who’s so charming to be able to enter your eyes?"

After Ning Yuan entered the broadcasting company, many male colleagues and rich celebrities wanted to woo her, but she rejected them all.

When she got together with Lu Ran, she felt that Lu Ran was not worthy of her and felt pity for Ning Yuan…

"Tell me quickly, what kind of person is he?"

"I dated him because of ONS, but my relationship with him won’t last."

"Go, go, go. We’ve just gotten together. Why are you already thinking about the future?" Gu Fei waved her hand. "You’ve always been very confident in yourself. Why don’t you have confidence in that man this time?"

"He’s not quite the same."

Gu Fei said, "What’s different? You still have one nose and two eyes. Let me tell you, since you’re dating him, you should use your charm to conquer him. When we’re really going to break up, you’ll be the one who makes him unable to forget you!"

Ning Yuan laughed at Gu Fei’s words. "Do you think I’m that charming?"

"But I didn’t even conquer that scumbag Lu Ran?"

"Why are you mentioning him? After you went to Country X, that scumbag Lu Ran came to the station to look for you several times and begged me to tell him where you went."

"I ignored him. I heard that he was dumped by Ning Shiyu. It’s retribution for being a jerk!"

After chatting for a while, Gu Fei was a little sleepy and said to Ning Yuan, "Let me tell you, if you think that you won’t be able to get together with that man, don’t be too careful. You have to show your charm and make him unable to forget you!"

"Alright, I’ll think of a plan tonight!"

Ning Yuan did not sleep well that night and Gu Fei’s words kept repeating in her mind.

Indeed, she had to show her charm. At least after breaking up, Ye Yu would occasionally think of her.

She could not be too passive.

The first thing Ning Yuan did when she woke up in the morning was to send him a message on WeChat.

"Do you know the difference between you and Xingxing?"

After a few minutes, the other party replied.

Ning Yuan: "The stars are in the sky, but you’re in my heart!"

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