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Chapter: 2537

Ning Yuan had just touched the man’s sexy scarlet lips when her slender waist was grabbed by the man’s strong hand.

It was not to pull her into his arms, but to stop her from coming close.

Ning Yuan furrowed her eyebrows and gasped in pain. "What are you doing?"

"I don’t have a hobby to be admired under the surveillance cameras." The man’s deep voice sounded.

Ning Yuan looked up and found that there were indeed surveillance cameras in the corner of the room.

He smirked. "It’s boring."

Ye Yu could not help but think of what Ye Ze had said.

"When she was in high school, she said that she hated cool boys the most. She said that it was boring to be with such people. They didn’t know how to be romantic or coax girls. She felt suffocated being with them!"

Ning Yuan planned to turn around and sit at the tea table, but the next second, her slender wrist was grabbed by the man.

With a tug, she was pulled into the man’s firm and firm chest.

Before Ning Yuan could react, the man lowered his head and came close to her. "You look very disappointed."

He stared straight at her, not knowing if she was like this when she was dating her ex-boyfriend!

He did not realize that his emotions were wrong.

Ning Yuan looked at his dark eyes and could not guess what he was thinking. She curled her red lips and smiled at him. "Yes, will there be compensation if you’re disappointed?"

Her bright and exquisite face came up to him and she blinked her beautiful eyes.

The discomfort in his heart disappeared because of her actions.

His well-defined hand pinched her face and his handsome and cold face approached her.

Ning Yuan’s heartbeat sped up.

She closed her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering.

Just when she thought he would kiss her, his low and hoarse voice sounded. "Eyeswax."

Ning Yuan’s mind buzzed and she subconsciously touched the corner of her eyes.

When she realized that there was no eye boogers, she looked at him. "Liar, where?"

A faint smile appeared in his dark eyes.

He was a person who rarely smiled. Even if he was smiling now, it was not very obvious.

But Ning Yuan still noticed his smile.

"Has anyone ever said that you look good when you smile?"

Ye Yu pursed his lips slightly and did not answer her immediately.

Ning Yuan could tell from his expression that someone had said it before.

She was a little curious. Who had said the same thing as her?

"What are you eating?" He clearly did not want to waste time on this topic and took the menu to ask her.

Ning Yuan did not take the menu and stared at him with her beautiful eyes. "I want to eat… you."

Perhaps he had never met such a bold and direct woman like her, his Adam’s apple bobbed and he lifted her exquisite chin with the menu in his hand, a frivolous and devilish air exuding from his serious face. "You wish."

Ning Yuan shrugged. "I’m just thinking about it in my mind."

She took the menu and ordered a few dishes. She seemed to have thought of something and looked up at him. "You like seafood?"

"I think it’s the person who chose to peel the seafood for you, right?" There was a trace of jealousy in her tone.

Ye Yu narrowed his dark eyes. "Hm?"

"It’s nothing." Ning Yuan bit her lip and looked at him with bright eyes. "You know that I don’t eat seafood, but I have to know your preferences. Don’t say that I’m not picky…"

Ye Yu looked at the woman who was staring at him unblinkingly and was about to say something when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," he said coldly.

The door was pushed open and Yu Guan, who was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and pants, appeared in front of them.

Ning Yuan turned back and met with Yu Guan’s eyes. They were both stunned.

They did not seem to have expected each other to appear here.

"I came here for dinner with a friend and saw your car outside. I asked the manager and learned that you were here." Yu Guan explained and then looked at Ning Yuan again. "Miss Ning, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect you to be here."

Ning Yuan smiled and nodded, her beautiful eyes looking at Ye Yu.

She was a little nervous and expectant. How would he introduce her to Yu Guan?

"You’re discussing work here?" Yu Guan asked in confusion.

Ning Yuan laughed in her heart.

With Yu Guan’s intelligence, it should not be hard to see that this place was not suitable for them to talk about work, right?

Ning Yuan was still staring at Ye Yu without blinking. If he replied that Yu Guan was only here to talk about work, she would leave immediately!

Although she did not plan to reveal this relationship, she should at least let the people around her know!

Besides, with a woman’s intuition, Yu Guan had feelings for him!

Ye Yu glanced at Yu Guan at the door and his dark eyes landed on Ning Yuan very quickly. Their eyes met and he saw a trace of nervousness and anticipation in her eyes.

His slender arm wrapped around her slender shoulders. "Let me introduce you. She’s my girlfriend, Ning Yuan."

Ning Yuan’s heart jumped to her throat.

Although the hand on her shoulder was not very strong, she could feel the temperature and strength of his palm.

Warmth seemed to flow into her heart.

She raised her head and smiled at him.

Most of the time, her smile was not sincere, but this smile now came from the bottom of her heart.

Her beautiful and exquisite face seemed to be injected with life and she became lively and moving.

Yu Guan seemed to be stunned for a moment, but soon returned to normal.

She smiled. "It’s not easy for an iron tree to bloom. Miss Ning, you’re so lucky."

Ning Yuan looked at Yu Guan. "Thank you."

"Since you’re here for a date, I won’t disturb you anymore." Yu Guan closed the door.

When only the two of them were left in the room, Ning Yuan covered her face with her hands, her laughter flowing from between her fingers. "I suddenly feel that the words ‘girlfriend’ coming out of your mouth are moving and nice."

She opened her fingers and looked at him through the gaps of her fingers. "Can I hear it again?"

The man snorted arrogantly and pressed the service bell.

After a while, the waiter came in to order.

She thought that after this small episode, they would be able to have a romantic meal together.

She did not expect him to keep calling her the moment the dishes were served.

Then, a call made her explode.

Ning Yuan looked up at him. After he hung up, she asked him, "You’re not eating? Where are you going?"

"Yu Guan got into an accident. I’ll go take a look."

Ning Yuan’s chopsticks fell on the table.

Her mind was like boiling water, the emotions in her chest surging.

Closing her eyes, she opened them again and smiled at him. "Go ahead. I’m fine. I’m used to not giving people trouble. It’s not a problem for me to eat alone and go home!"

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