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Chapter: 2540

Seeing the danger in Ye Yu’s eyes, Ning Yuan hurriedly pulled the blanket over her head.

The man’s low laughter trailed into her ears.

It was magnetic and charming.

When Ning Yuan poked her head out of the blanket, the man was no longer in the bedroom.

Ning Yuan got up from the bed and went to the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she covered her face shyly.

After washing up, she came out of the bathroom and there was a knock on the door.

"Miss Ning, I brought your clothes in."

Auntie Wang’s voice sounded.

Ning Yuan opened the door with a slightly red face.

When her eyes met Auntie Wang’s, she immediately looked away.

After taking the clothes from Auntie Wang, Ning Yuan thanked her and hurried into the bathroom.

Ning Yuan did not know when Ye Yu had instructed Auntie Wang to prepare clothes for her. The clothes fit her very well.

It must have been freshly washed and dried. There was a faint smell of laundry detergent on the clothes.

It smelled fresh and good.

Ning Yuan put the clothes he had torn off last night into a bag. She still had to go back to her rented house before work.

With her appearance, she definitely could not go to the broadcasting company directly.

Ning Yuan went downstairs.

Auntie Wang told her that breakfast was ready.

Ning Yuan walked toward the dining room. Just as she was about to reach the door, she heard a gentle female voice.

She quickened her pace towards the dining room.

Yu Guan had come over and was talking to Ye Yu.

They sat at the dining table and talked about work while eating breakfast.

"We have to meet the Duke of Y Country in the afternoon and have dinner at the west hall of Crown Palace in the evening. This is the Duke’s eating habits and preferences."

Ye Yu looked at the document Yu Guan handed over and nodded with a cold expression.

After discussing work matters, Ye Yu glanced at Yu Guan. Seeing the bandage on her forehead, he said in a deep voice, "Take two days off and leave work matters to Assistant Su."

Yu Guan saw Ning Yuan at the entrance of the restaurant from the corner of her eye and she smiled at Ye Yu. "I like the feeling of being busy. I won’t be used to it if I’m resting."

Ye Yu pursed his lips slightly and said nothing more.

Ning Yuan brushed her long hair to her left shoulder and strode into the dining room.

Ye Yu looked at Ning Yuan and his eyes darkened when he saw her deliberately pushing her hair to the side without the red mark.

"There’s Chinese and Western food. What do you want to eat?" He asked softly.

"Egg and millet porridge."

Ning Yuan brought breakfast and sat opposite Ye Yu and Yu Guan.

Faced with Yu Guan’s gaze, she looked back gracefully.

"Miss Yu, is there something on my face?"

Yu Guan looked at the smiling Ning Yuan. There was no need to think about what had happened last night. Everything was clear.

There was a faint shadow under Ning Yuan’s eyes and it was obvious that it was because she did not sleep well. However, her face was flushed and there were marks on her fair neck…

She was clearly telling her one thing.

She had become Ye Yu’s woman!

Yu Guan had known Ye Yu for many years and knew that he did not approach women.

It was very likely that Ning Yuan was his first woman.

Yu Guan’s hands under the table clenched into fists slightly.

She did not understand. Ye Yu had so many choices. Why was it Ning Yuan?

Apart from her appearance and figure, what charm did she have to attract the Second Prince, who never looked at women?

Yu Guan’s emotions surged, but she did not show it on her face.

While Ye Yu was talking to Ning Yuan, she talked about work.

Ye Yu was a workaholic and would take anything related to work seriously.

Ning Yuan looked at the man opposite her while eating the millet porridge.

It was said that men who worked hard were the most handsome. She found that this saying was true.

Ye Yu looked down at the email in Yu Guan’s iPad. His eyes were slightly lowered, his eyelashes thick and long, his nose tall and well-defined, his lips slightly pursed and his jaw cold and thin.

Although he and Tiantian were twins, they looked different.

Tiantian looked more like the Queen, while Ye Yu probably looked like the King when he was young.

Yu Guan noticed Ning Yuan’s gaze on Ye Yu and she frowned slightly.

A girl without a family background was indeed ill-mannered. The Second Prince was talking to her about work, but he was staring straight at her!

Yu Guan moved closer to Ye Yu and asked him a few questions after he finished reading the email.

How could Ning Yuan not understand a woman’s thoughts?

Yu Guan did not let Ye Yu have the chance to talk to her on purpose!

Did she think that this would stump her?

She had her own tricks, she had hers too!

"Have you finished the schedule for the meeting the day after tomorrow?"

Ye Yu asked Yu Guan and his expression suddenly froze.

His dark and narrow eyes looked at the woman sitting opposite him.

The woman held her chin with one hand and ate the millet porridge with the other.

Her long eyelashes were lowered and there was a sly smile on her lips.

Seeing him looking at her, she raised her beautiful eyes.

There were ripples in it. As his eyes turned, the foot under the table slowly moved up his calf.

It touched his strong and firm thigh muscles.

The corners of her eyes seemed to be hooked at him.

Ye Yu pursed his lips tightly, his molars suddenly itching.

Seeing that Ye Yu was silent, Yu Guan looked at him. Ye Yu had already looked away from Ning Yuan, his carved-like face looking normal.

Apart from her Adam’s apple bobbing slightly.

Ning Yuan tapped her toes on his thigh and slowly retracted them under his calm expression.

She took out her phone and secretly sent him a message.

After sending the message, Ning Yuan did not look at Ye Yu anymore and got up to leave the restaurant.

She went to the master bedroom on the second floor and took out the clothes she had packed in a bag.

She was about to turn and leave when she saw the man walking in.

He closed the door and stood at the door, looking at her with dark eyes.

Ning Yuan saw a trace of danger in his deep and narrow eyes.

She pretended not to see him and walked toward the door.

"Your Highness, move aside." She reached out to pull the door open.

Her small hand held the door handle, looking slender and fair, like jade.

Ye Yu stood still, but just as she was about to open the door, he lifted his long leg and kicked the door closed again.

His strong hand grabbed her slender wrist and pulled her in front of him.

She stumbled forward unsteadily and the tip of her nose touched his firm and cold chest.

Her fingers poked his chest. "Why is it so hard? It hurts!"

The moment she finished speaking, the man lifted her chin.

His low and hoarse voice sounded. "You did it on purpose, hm?"

Ning Yuan blinked. "On purpose?"

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