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Chapter: 2548

Ning Yuan looked at Gu Fei’s hesitant expression and frowned. "Say what you want to say!"

Gu Fei voiced her guess. "Could you be pregnant?"

Ning Yuan’s chopsticks fell on the dining table.

Her red lips pursed into a tight line.

"I took medicine after I got together with him."

Gu Fei looked at Ning Yuan’s dark expression and poured her a cup of warm water. "I saw the news before. A woman took expired medicine and got pregnant accidentally."

"Which drugstore did you buy it from?"

Ning Yuan lowered her eyes and thought for a while. "A drugstore that might help the Ji Shi Hall."

Gu Fei searched on her phone and soon found a piece of news.

"Look, a week ago, a customer complained about Ji Shi Tang, saying that they were selling fake drugs and Ji Shi Tang has been sealed!"

Ning Yuan’s hands on the table tightened slightly and the blood drained from her face. "It can’t be that coincidental, right?"

Looking at Ning Yuan’s shocked expression, Gu Fei could guess what she was thinking. "Don’t you want this child?"

Ning Yuan naturally did not want it.

She had already broken up with Ye Yu. Even if they had not broken up, she could not marry into the royal family. If her child was born, he would be an illegitimate child.

Her mother had eloped with someone and after her father passed away, she had been treated coldly. She knew that without a complete and perfect family, the child would be the biggest victim!

"Don’t worry, you might not be pregnant."

Ning Yuan no longer had the desire to eat. She said to Gu Fei in a panic, "I have to go to the drugstore."

"No, you’re a public figure. It’s not good to be recognized." Gu Fei stood up and said, "I’ll buy it for you."

Ning Yuan nodded. "Thank you."

There was a drugstore diagonally opposite the hotpot restaurant and Gu Fei returned not long after.

She handed a black bag to Ning Yuan, who got up and went to the washroom.

When the pregnancy test results were out, Ning Yuan felt uneasy.

Just as she had said to Gu Fei, she did not want to get pregnant.

She really did not want to have anything to do with Ye Yu anymore.

After a few minutes, Ning Yuan took a deep breath and looked at the pregnancy test.

Seeing a deep and two red lines on it, she looked at the manual.

If there were two lines, it meant that she was pregnant.

Ning Yuan’s breathing froze for a moment, her long eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings. For a moment, she felt that her heart was about to stop beating.

Her mind was blank. She could not hear or see anything.

Until Gu Fei’s voice came from outside the cubicle. "Yuanyuan, how is it?"

Ning Yuan slowly regained her senses and her heart started to beat wildly again.

She felt like she was dreaming.

"Yuanyuan, say something. No matter what the result is, you have to face it calmly…"

Ning Yuan opened the cubicle door and looked at the worried Gu Fei. She showed her the pregnancy test kit. "Maybe… she’s really pregnant."

Gu Fei said, "Why don’t we go to the hospital tomorrow to confirm it?"

Ning Yuan hummed uneasily.

Ye Yu had gone abroad recently and was busy attending various meetings after returning. When he was busy, he did not meet Feng Chen and the others for a period of time.

Feng Chen went straight to the office to stop the person.

"I have to get together with everyone tonight, mainly because my girlfriend has admired you for a long time and wants to see you."

Ye Yu glanced at Feng Chen. "You changed again?"

"I want to settle down after changing this."

Ye Yu was a little surprised.

Feng Chen had never been someone who would settle down for a woman, unless that woman was exceptionally outstanding.

Looking at Ye Yu’s faint smile, Feng Chen raised his hands. "To be honest, I fell in love with her at first sight. I’ve never seen such a pure and fairy-like girl."

A trace of gentleness and adoration appeared in Feng Chen’s devilish eyes. "Although I’ve seen countless women, I don’t even dare to touch her hand in front of her, afraid that I’ll profane her."

"Anyway, it’s hard for me to describe her beauty. You’ll know when you see her."

Feng Chen drove to the entrance of the clubhouse.

He and Ye Yu walked into the luxurious and spacious room.

Feng Chen had called many of their brothers and friends over. Everyone had been invited by him to meet his girlfriend.

But after arriving at the room, Feng Chen’s girlfriend did not come.

"Hold on, everyone. I’ll call her."

Feng Chen went out for a few minutes and came in like a frosted eggplant. "She had something on and couldn’t come."

The people in the room cheered.

"It’s hard to imagine what kind of woman can charm a playboy like Young Master Feng?" A young man said with a smile.

"Young Master Feng, there are a few new beauties who know how to play and dance in the clubhouse. Don’t be sad, I’ll call them over to liven things up."

That young man called several girls in.

Two of them played the guzheng while the other two girls in red danced.

Ye Yu sat in the middle of the sofa, a cigarette between his slender fingers. His dark eyes looked at one of the dancing figures through the smoke.

The woman’s eyes were beautiful and her figure was enchanting. She was wearing a red dress and dancing, looking a little like that woman.

Actually, with his intelligence, how could he not understand that she had deliberately approached him?

She thought her acting was very good, but it was actually very bad!

Recently, life was no different without her appearance.

But it was a little dull.

The dancing girl noticed Ye Yu’s gaze on her and could not help but blush.

After the dance, the young man who thought he had good eyesight asked the girl to stay.

The girl changed into her dance dress and went to Ye Yu’s side shyly.

Her long eyelashes fluttered. "Second Prince, I’ll pour you wine."

The shyness and inexperience in the girl’s eyes were completely exposed.

It was just that their looks were a little similar and their personalities were completely different.

Ye Yu flicked the cigarette ash and stood up from the sofa.

After saying goodbye to Feng Chen, who was slightly disappointed that his girlfriend had not come, he left the room expressionlessly.

"Hey, I saw His Highness staring at the little beauty for a while just now. Why did you give it to him and not want it?"

Feng Chen, who was drinking silently, glanced at the little beauty and suddenly seemed to understand something. He smiled evilly and said, "How can a fake be as good-looking as the real one?"

The young man could hear the implied meaning. "Why? Does the Second Prince have someone he likes?"

"He hasn’t been playing with us recently, how would I know?" Seeing that he was immersed in work every day, his love life must not be very smooth, right?

Some time ago, he had accidentally found out that he had brought a woman back to Yuhua International. They must have had an intimate relationship!

This time, when she saw a woman who looked like Ning Yuan, her expression was like ice. Had she been dumped?

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