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Chapter: 2566

Ning Yuan walked out of the yard and looked at the tall man standing outside, a lump in her throat.

The drizzle had already drenched the man’s broad shoulders. He had both hands in his pockets, his dark eyes looking into the distance. His side profile was sharp and cold, and he was as quiet as a stone statue. No one knew what he was thinking.

Ning Yuan jogged toward him.

She raised the umbrella high above his head.

He looked sideways at her.

Their eyes met and her eyes turned red.

"Why are you crying?" He asked with a chuckle.

Ning Yuan glared at him with a straight face. "Why are you standing here? If my grandmother doesn’t let you in, will you keep standing here?"

Ye Yu took the umbrella from her and held it above their heads. He glanced at the town that was covered by the rain. "I haven’t stopped to relax for many years and suddenly feel that the scenery here is different."

Ning Yuan was still feeling touched. She did not expect this man to not feel aggrieved standing here and was even in the mood to admire the scenery. She glared at him speechlessly. "Then continue to stand here and admire!"

Ning Yuan turned to leave.

The next second, he grabbed her slender and fair hand.

She struggled a few times but could not break free, so she let him hold her.

They only let go when they were about to reach the main room.

Grandma had already brought another bowl and chopsticks over. Seeing that Ye Yu’s pants were slightly wet, she said to Ning Yuan, "Take the Second Prince to wipe it!"

Ning Yuan glanced at Ye Yu, gesturing for him to go to her room.

Ning Yuan’s room was not big. The decor and furniture were a little old, but it was very warm.

There were many dolls by the bed. Seeing Ye Yu’s gaze on them, Ning Yuan smiled and said, "Grandma made those for me when I was young."

Ning Yuan took a clean towel from the cabinet and walked up to Ye Yu, wiping his short black hair.

They were close and she could smell the fresh and pleasant masculine scent on him. She raised her hands and grabbed the collar of his shirt. "Take off your clothes. I’ll dry it for you."

With that said, Ning Yuan went to get the hairdryer.

But before she could turn around, something tightened around her waist.

The man pulled her into his arms, lowered his head and kissed her red lips.

His mature and charming scent filled her mouth and Ning Yuan’s long eyelashes fluttered nonstop.

Finding the chance to speak, she pushed his shoulder. "Aren’t you afraid that Grandma will see?"

"Weren’t you the one who seduced me first?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Who asked me to take off my clothes?"

"I’m just afraid that you’ll catch a cold in your wet clothes."

Looking at his unreadable expression, Ning Yuan was embarrassed. "If you want to wear it, I won’t force you."

He let go of her slender waist and unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

Ning Yuan turned her back and did not look at him.

He handed her the wet shirt and after she took it, she went into the bathroom.

After drying her clothes, Ning Yuan took them out.

Ye Yu sat by the bed with an old cardboard box at his feet.

There were stacks of letters in the cardboard box. Seeing this, Ning Yuan walked over quickly. "Why did you take out the things under the bed?"

Ye Yu narrowed his dark eyes. "These are all love letters you received?"

Ning Yuan had indeed received it. When she came back a while ago, she had tidied up her old belongings and found a box of love letters. She had received them when she was in school.

Ning Yuan handed him the shirt. "You should have received more than me when you were in school."

The man snorted. "Naturally."

Ning Yuan said, "Yes, yes, yes. Your Highness is a charmer."

Ye Yu stood up and his tall body approached Ning Yuan. He was not wearing a shirt and his firm and muscular chest and abdominal muscles were exposed. Ning Yuan was forced to step back. "Can you put on your clothes before coming over?"

"Why are you blushing? It’s not like you haven’t seen it before."

Ning Yuan ignored him. Anyway, he could say things that would make people blush with a serious expression. She opened his shirt and put it on for him.

He really opened his arms and did not move his fingers, letting her put them on for him and button them up one by one.

When she was buttoning the last button, Ning Yuan suddenly realized that even if they were just interacting normally, he could still make her blush and her heart beat faster.

She probably cared and liked him more than she had imagined!

In the past few days, she had thought about many things. Since she had already decided to keep the child, she did not want anything to happen to the child during this period.

She did not want to be in a bad mood.

Some things had to be resolved.

"Actually, I came back the day before because someone splashed red paint on my father’s tombstone."

Hearing this, Ye Yu frowned and his cold aura appeared. "What happened?"

"I did, but I can’t find out who did it. I have a guess in my heart." Ning Yuan looked up, her beautiful eyes meeting his dark ones. "Can you believe me once?"

Ye Yu pursed his lips into a straight line. "When did I not believe you?"

"You just have to cooperate with me. You don’t have to investigate on my behalf. If I’m wrong, you can help me."

Ye Yu knew that she was not just a pretty face. She had her own thoughts and opinions. He looked at her deeply and said nothing, nodding silently.

After breakfast, Grandma called Ye Yu aside and talked to him for a while.

Ning Yuan stood in the main room, wanting to eavesdrop but not daring to. She paced back and forth uneasily.

After about half an hour, Ye Yu came out.

Ning Yuan looked at him with no fluctuation of emotions. He was still unfathomable.

Ning Yuan went forward and blinked at Ye Yu. "My Grandma didn’t say anything, right? Actually, you don’t have to worry. I’ll explain to Grandma after giving birth."

Ye Yu’s originally calm face darkened.

His deep black eyes looked at Ning Yuan like a sharp sword. "What’s the explanation?"

Ning Yuan was speechless.

Before returning to the capital, Ning Yuan hugged her grandmother’s arm, reluctance in her eyes. "Grandma, are you really not going to the capital with me?"

Grandma shook her head. "This is Grandma’s roots and I don’t want to go anywhere. I was worried when you were in the capital, but with Xiao Ye taking care of you in the future, I can rest assured."

Seeing the change in Grandma’s attitude, Ning Yuan was a little curious. "Grandma, didn’t you think that I wasn’t worthy of him?"

"Actually, I’m really happy that you found such a good boyfriend. I thought that children from prestigious families would treat relationships as child’s play, but after talking to him, I realized that he’s different. He said that he doesn’t have the time to play with women’s feelings and has always treated you as his future Princess Consort."

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