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Chapter: 2568

Yu Guan went to the office and watched as Assistant Su drove away with the document file.

Yu Guan sent a message to her assistant, her lips curling up unconsciously.

The more that vixen Ning Yuan wanted something, the more she would make her unable to get it.

After a day of work, Yu Guan received a message from her assistant.

Room 1092 in the bamboo forest in the south of the city had been taken.

Ye Yu had gone to the neighboring city for an inspection this morning and would only return in two days.

What choice would she make if she used the bamboo forest to negotiate with Ning Yuan?

Yu Guan drove to the bamboo forest.

From afar, she saw a slender figure at the entrance of the bamboo forest.

Yu Guan did not get out of the car but made a call.

She quietly admired Ning Yuan’s sad appearance for nearly ten minutes in the car.

Yu Guan pushed open the door and got out.

As she got closer, she saw the dazed and sad expression on Ning Yuan’s face.

The sadder she was, the happier Yu Guan was.

Perhaps feeling her gaze, Ning Yuan slowly turned back and their eyes met.

Ning Yuan’s long eyelashes fluttered and she greeted Yu Guan with a slightly hoarse voice, "Miss Yu, why are you here?"

Yu Guan stared at Ning Yuan’s depressed face for a while, her lips curling up slightly. "Everyone cherishes the old, especially places with childhood memories."

"How did Miss Yu know that there are memories of my childhood here?"

Yu Guan clearly did not want to talk to Ning Yuan anymore. The two of them had fought more than once and they understood each other’s thoughts.

"Miss Ning, I won’t beat around the bush with you. I’ve already bought this house."

Ning Yuan widened her eyes slightly, looking extremely surprised.

"Why did Miss Yu do this?"

Yu Guan looked at Ning Yuan’s expression and said with a cold expression, "Miss Ning, I thought you had thought it through after talking to you last time. I didn’t expect you to make a comeback."

Ning Yuan smirked lightly. "If I make a comeback and anger you, will you get someone to splash paint on my father’s tombstone and buy the house with my memories?"

Yu Guan did not deny or admit it.

She had always looked down on Ning Yuan and felt that such a woman was not presentable.

"If you want this house, I can transfer it to you. But you have to leave the Second Prince."

Ning Yuan sighed. "But he didn’t let me leave. I returned to Wutong Town and he chased after me."

Hearing Ning Yuan’s words, Yu Guan’s expression darkened and her eyes turned cold. "The Second Prince was only charmed by you for a moment. As long as you leave him for a period of time, he will be able to get back on track!"

"Miss Yu, who are you to make decisions for the Second Prince’s life? To be honest, the Queen doesn’t think that I’m not worthy of the Second Prince. What are you forcing me to do all day? Do you think he will look at you again if you chase me away?"

In the past, Ning Yuan respected Yu Guan as Principal Yu’s daughter and had given in to her several times, but she had not taken it to heart. She had not expected this woman to become worse and cross the line!

"As expected, your aura is different now that you’re pregnant with a dragon." Yu Guan looked at Ning Yuan mockingly, as if she was looking at a lowly woman who had risen through the ranks because of her stomach. "Your background is not equal to the Second Prince. You don’t have your family to support you and will be bullied often in the future."

"You have to bear all the consequences of forcefully taking a man who doesn’t belong to you."

Yu Guan clapped her hands and the sound of an excavator suddenly came from not far away.

Ning Yuan turned back and saw two excavators driving over. She frowned. "Yu Guan, do you want to tear the house down?"

"Miss Ning, I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it."

Ning Yuan pursed her red lips tightly. "Aren’t you afraid that the Second Prince will know your true colors?"

"I’m doing this for his own good!"

"For my own good?" Suddenly, a deep and cold voice sounded.

Yu Guan looked up and her eyes widened slightly when she saw the man walking out of the house.

"Your Highness, didn’t you go to the neighboring city?"

Ye Yu looked at Yu Guan coldly, his face sharp and his jaw clenched tightly. "Who asked you to interfere in my matters with Ning Yuan?"

Yu Guan looked at the dignified man with sharp eyes and her heart trembled.

"When women appeared around you in the past, I was the one who helped you clean them up. You allowed it."

"Secretary Yu, with your eyesight, can’t you see that Ning Yuan is different from other women?"

Hearing Ye Yu’s words, Ning Yuan’s heart skipped a beat.

Her ears that were covered by her long hair turned slightly red.

Why was this man so charming when he was serious and dignified?

Yu Guan was in a different mood from Ning Yuan. She had never seen Ye Yu speak so sharply, at least not to her.

She knew that he only treated her as his teacher’s daughter, as his colleague and friend, but she could not control her heart!

She had liked him for many years!

"Ning Yuan did all she could to climb into your bed. She wanted to use you to climb up the ranks. Her family background is not good and she doesn’t deserve you in any way. Your Highness, you can’t be blinded by her!"

Ye Yu furrowed his eyebrows. In the past, he had saved a lot of trouble when Yu Guan was able to help him clean up the women around him. He was very supportive of her working ability.

But she did not expect that his indulgence would make her change her mind.

"Secretary Yu, you have to understand that without my indulgence, how could she have climbed into my bed?"

Yu Guan took a step back with red eyes.

The blood drained from her face and she paled a little.

Yes, if he was unwilling, who could force him to do anything?

But, did he really fall for Ning Yuan?

"When I allowed you to help me clean up the women around me in the past, I only allowed you to use legitimate methods and not these sinister ones."

Ye Yu’s gaze was sharp and he had the strong aura of a superior. "Go to the office to pack your things and reflect on yourself at home."

"Also, apologize to Ning Yuan."

Yu Guan trembled. "I won’t apologize to her. I did everything for you!"

"In that case, don’t appear in front of me again." Ye Yu walked forward and grabbed Ning Yuan’s hand, leading her to her car.

Yu Guan looked at their clasped hands and her tears fell. She shouted at Ye Yu’s back, "Do you think she really likes you? Do you know how she forgave you the last time she broke up with you? Does she dare to tell you her secret?"

Ye Yu’s tall body stiffened, but he quickly pulled Ning Yuan into the car.

Ning Yuan looked at the man’s cold and sharp face and felt a little uneasy.

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