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Chapter: 2577

Ning Yuan pursed her red lips, her expression indifferent.

He was not angry or jealous.

It was a calm and indifferent emotion.

Ye Yu stood up from the sofa, his tall body blocking her, not letting her leave.

"Aren’t you going to ask me the reason?"

Ning Yuan said, "What’s there to ask? You know your boundaries in everything you do."

It shouldn’t be like this!

He had seen his older brother and sister-in-law, Tiantian and Gu Yang. When they were jealous of each other, they would become different no matter how calm they were usually!

It was a concern and nervousness for the other party.

Ye Yu glanced at the calm Ning Yuan, his slender fingers lifting her chin. "Don’t you want to know who that woman is?"

Ning Yuan blinked. "Who?"

Ning Yuan’s smiling face tensed up.

"What did you do with her tonight?"

Seeing Ning Yuan start to ask, a smile appeared in Ye Yu’s dark eyes. "Are you nervous?"

"Yes, yes, yes. I’m so nervous. Tell me quickly, did she throw herself at you?"

Ye Yu’s calloused fingers caressed Ning Yuan’s face and he said in a deep voice, "No, I had dinner with his parents tonight. When I entered the room, she almost fell. I walked behind her and helped her out of courtesy."

"I saw the Madam Jiang you said was pretty tonight." Seeming to have noticed something, Ye Yu raised Ning Yuan’s small face with his long fingers. "Why do I feel that you look a little like Madam Jiang?"

"Who looks like her?" Ning Yuan slapped Ye Yu’s hand away and suddenly lost her temper. "I look like my father."

Ye Yu stretched out his long arm and pulled Ning Yuan into his arms, his large hand holding her slender waist. "Your temper will grow when you’re pregnant."

How would she dare to slap his hand away so hard in the past?

Ning Yuan put her hands on Ye Yu’s shoulders and pushed him. "Go and take a bath. I can’t stand the smell of another woman’s perfume on you."

The second half of her words pleased him.

Ye Yu came out in a black robe after taking a bath.

Ning Yuan was reading at the head of the bed. Hearing sounds, she looked up at him.

The belt of his robe was not tied tightly and the collar was slightly opened, revealing a small part of his chest muscles.

Ning Yuan suddenly felt that the book in her hand was not good to look at.

She still liked the handsome and stylish Second Prince.

Her mood would be better when she saw him.

She half knelt on the bed, took the towel from him and wiped his soft black hair.

When she was almost done, she said, "Can you stay away from Jiang Beier in the future?"

Ye Yu turned back to look at her, his expression unreadable.

Ning Yuan could not see what he was thinking, but his dark eyes were fixed on her face.

Ning Yuan’s scalp turned numb from his stare and she rubbed her face against his shoulder. "Just treat it as me being jealous, okay?"

"No, no. I don’t like Jiang Bei’er. She’s young, pretty and has a slender waist…"

"Ah, why are you tickling me? Don’t tickle me there!"

Ning Yuan grabbed his hand, but he was faster than her. She could not win him and suddenly held her stomach and groaned.

Ye Yu put his hands on the top of Ning Yuan’s head and looked at her scrunched up facial features. He asked in a deep voice, "What’s wrong?"

A trace of nervousness appeared on Ye Yu’s handsome face. He pushed himself up and reached out his long arms to carry her. "I’ll take you to the hospital."

Ning Yuan hugged his neck with both hands and said with a bright smile, "I lied to you. Who asked you to always scratch me?"

Ye Yu’s cold expression eased a little. "Are you really fine?"

He then put her back on the bed, his hand caressing her flat stomach. "If he dares to be naughty, let’s see how I’ll deal with him after he comes out."

"He hasn’t matured yet. Maybe he’s a little princess? You can bear to tidy him up?"

A faint smile appeared on Ye Yu’s face. "Little Princess is the best. She’s as cute as her aunt."

At the mention of Tiantian, Ning Yuan could not help but smile.

He lifted the blanket and lay beside her, and she snuggled into his arms.

He caressed her soft long hair and asked in a low voice, "What happened in the afternoon that made you unhappy? Auntie Wang said that you ate very little."

Ning Yuan snuggled into his arms. "I watched a movie in the office in the afternoon. It was a tragedy and I was just a little sad."

Ye Yu could feel that she was not telling the truth, but he would not force her.

Ning Yuan thought that she would not be able to sleep at night after what happened today, but leaning in Ye Yu’s arms and smelling his fresh and pleasant scent, she slowly fell asleep.

Because of the interview with the financial tycoon, Mo Chen, and Principal Yu, the ratings of Ning Yuan’s show kept rising.

At the end of the month, she received a bonus.

Ning Yuan knocked on Gu Fei’s table. "Come to the mall with me in the afternoon?"

"You’re treating me to a big meal?"

"Alright, after having a big meal, accompany me shopping for a while. I want to give him a gift."

Gu Fei rubbed her arms. "I smell the sour smell of love."

Ning Yuan smiled but said nothing.

They drove to a high-end mall in the capital.

After having Chinese food at the western restaurant in the mall, Ning Yuan and Gu Fei went to one of the flagship stores on the fourth floor.

Seeing the two beauties coming in, the staff welcomed them warmly.

Ning Yuan liked a pair of cufflinks. They were black with gold and looked dignified and domineering. They suited Ye Yu’s style very well.

"How much is this pair of cufflinks?"

"Miss, you have good taste. This pair of cufflinks is our new treasure. It costs five hundred thousand dollars."

"Alright, help me pack it."

Gu Fei tugged at Ning Yuan’s sleeve and pulled her aside, whispering, "Are you crazy? You bought such an expensive cufflink for him. Your reward is only 200,000 dollars. Aren’t you going to pay 300,000 dollars?"

"In my opinion, can you give me a thermos flask or a bouquet of flowers?"

Ning Yuan pursed her red lips. "I wanted to give him a gift before, but I didn’t succeed. The bonus this time and the one from last time are just enough for a pair of cufflinks."

If he was an ordinary person, the price of the cufflinks would indeed be too expensive. However, he was the Second Prince. If he bought something inferior, it would seem like it was not worthy of his status.

Gu Fei wanted to say something when a delicate voice suddenly sounded. "This pair of cufflinks is very unique. How much for a pair?"

"Hello, five hundred thousand."

"It’s not expensive. Pack it up for me."

Ning Yuan and Gu Fei turned around at the same time and saw a girl in a white coat standing in front of the cabinet with a smile on her pretty face.

Ning Yuan furrowed her eyebrows. She did not expect to meet Jiang Beier here.

At this moment, the staff’s voice sounded. "I’m sorry, but this pair of cufflinks has been bought by that lady."

Hearing this, Jiang Beier glanced at Ning Yuan unhappily.

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