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Chapter: 2578

Jiang Beier looked at Ning Yuan.

She was wearing a red shirt and a white A-line dress, her figure slender and graceful.

Her long hair was tied into a low ponytail and she had light makeup on her face. She was a dazzling woman.

However, her clothes were not a luxury item.

She could not even wear luxurious clothes, how could she have the cheek to spend five hundred thousand dollars to buy a pair of cufflinks?

Was he trying to puff himself up at his own cost?

Jiang Beier smiled coldly. "Did she pay?"

The staff looked at Jiang Beier, who was dressed in branded goods and whose bag cost hundreds of thousands. She shook her head. "No."

"In that case, this pair of cufflinks doesn’t belong to her. Wrap it up for me!"

Gu Fei had never seen such an arrogant customer. There were more than one pair of cufflinks in the store. What was she taking from them?

Gu Fei rushed over and glared at Jiang Bei’er angrily. "Do you know first-come-first-served? Do you think others don’t have money?"

Looking at the angry Gu Fei who looked like she wanted to fight, Jiang Beier frowned unconsciously. "Isn’t this the best mall in the capital? Why are there such low-class customers?"

Ning Yuan walked over in her high heels. She pulled Gu Fei and looked at Jiang Bei’er with her beautiful eyes. "What’s the quality of a customer who takes what others like?"

Ning Yuan did not want to talk to Jiang Beier anymore. She looked at the staff who looked troubled. "Wrap it up for me!"

Jiang Beier laughed mockingly. "Wrap it up for me. I’ll buy it for double the price."

Gu Fei was furious. So what if she was rich? She was rich too.

Ning Yuan pulled Gu Fei and shook her head at her.

Originally, the cufflinks were only worth this price. It was really not worth it to spend a few times more money to buy it.

"Feifei, I’ll settle it myself."

Jiang Beier had grown up abroad and was very familiar with all kinds of luxury goods. Gu Fei was rich, but this beautiful woman should be an ordinary office worker.

To be able to take out 500,000 dollars to buy a pair of cufflinks, he might have been booked by a rich person. Otherwise, how could he have so much money?

"If you can’t take out three times the price, this pair of cufflinks will be mine." Jiang Beier was sure that Ning Yuan could not take out that much money.

Ning Yuan ignored Jiang Bei’er and took out a gold and black card from her bag.

"With this card, as long as I like something from the store, it will be given to me first." Ning Yuan’s expression was calm and she said calmly, "Besides, according to the rules of your mall, you can’t raise the price as you please."

When the staff saw the gold card Ning Yuan handed over, her gaze on her immediately became more respectful. "You’re right. According to the rules, no matter who offers the highest price, they have to sell it to the person with this card."

Jiang Beier was shocked when she saw the black card in Ning Yuan’s hand.

On the upper right corner of the card was a line of English words. It was clearly the symbol of the royal family.

How did this woman get a royal card?

Ning Yuan followed the staff to the cashier counter.

Jiang Beier bit her lip and tears filled her eyes, looking extremely aggrieved.

The sound of high heels sounded and a soft voice that was as gentle as a woman from Jiangnan sounded. "Bei’er, are you done?"

Jiang Bei Er turned back and looked at the beautiful and elegant woman, her tears almost falling. "Mommy."

Seeing that Jiang Beier was about to cry, the woman walked quickly to her and held her hand, asking with concern, "Bei’er, what’s wrong?"

"Mommy, I liked a pair of cufflinks, but that sister insisted on snatching them from me."

Following the direction Jiang Beier was pointing at, Madam Jiang looked at the cashier counter.

From her slender and tall back, one could tell that she was an elegant and beautiful girl.

"Good girl, it means that you’re not fated to have that pair of cufflinks. You can look at other things."

Jiang Beier bit her lip pitifully. "But I like that couple." Jiang Beier shook Madam Jiang’s hand and whined, "Mommy, can you help me?"

Madam Jiang patted Jiang Beier’s hand lightly and walked towards the cashier counter.

"Miss, I’m really sorry. Can I ask you for a favor…"

Ning Yuan had already tensed up when Madam Jiang entered the store to talk to Jiang Beier. Now that she was talking to her and understood what she meant, she felt like a basin of cold water had been poured over her head.

Her voice was still as gentle and soft as she remembered, but she knew that she was only treating her as a stranger now.

Her gentleness was only for Jiang Beier.

Ning Yuan took a deep breath, suppressing the rising and falling emotions in her heart as she slowly turned to look at the woman beside her.

Just as Ye Yu had said, her eyes were very similar to Madam Jiang’s.

The moment their eyes met, their emotions were complicated.

Madam Jiang’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, her expression surprised and happy. She took a step forward, wanting to hold Ning Yuan’s hand, but seemed to have thought of something and stopped on the spot.

Seeing her hesitate, Ning Yuan’s heart turned cold and her lips curled into a mocking smile. "Madam, forgive me for not being able to help you. I’ve already bought the cufflinks. If your daughter wants them, she can find a brand and ask them to make a pair for you!"

The staff who had packed Ning Yuan’s bag said, "Our brand’s cufflinks are unique."

Ning Yuan smiled brightly. "Then I have no choice."

Without waiting for Mrs Jiang to say anything, Ning Yuan carried the bag and left the branded store with Gu Fei.

Madam Jiang was stunned for a moment. She looked at Ning Yuan’s back and wanted to chase after her, but then thought of Jiang Beier. She took out a card and handed it to her. "Mommy will pay for everything you bought today."

Jiang Beier forced a smile.

Gu Fei was pulled out by Ning Yuan.

When they arrived at the underground parking lot, Ning Yuan pulled Gu Fei behind a pillar.

After a while, that noble and elegant wife chased after her.

She looked around but could not find the person she was looking for. She took out her phone from her bag and made a call.

It did not seem to go through. She stood on the spot, frowning and sighing.

After the rich lady entered the elevator again, Ning Yuan and Gu Fei walked out from behind the pillar.

After getting into the car, Gu Fei looked at the depressed Ning Yuan and asked carefully, "Do you know that woman?"

Ning Yuan’s throat was a little hoarse. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end, she only said, "A former neighbor. Later, she abandoned her family and eloped with someone."

"Ah, hearing her soft voice, I thought she was a good woman!" Gu Fei shook her head. "However, she doted on that girl too much. I could tell at first glance that she was her stepmother and did not dare to offend that girl."

Ning Yuan lowered her thick and long eyelashes, a mocking smile on her lips.

Ye Yu was discussing the economic problems of the previous quarter with Feng Chen and Ye Ze.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated and he received a message.

[You have spent 500,000 POS at 12.58 p.m. on the 18th of the 8888th.]

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