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Chapter: 2579

Feng Chen and Ye Ze saw that Ye Yu was suddenly silent and his dark eyes were staring at the phone screen.

They could not help but be confused.

The two of them were about to ask when they saw the thin lips of the man who had a cold expression just now slowly curl up.

Although the smile on his lips was not very big, Feng Chen and Ye Ze could feel that he was very happy.

"Second Brother, is there a happy occasion?" Ye Ze rarely saw Ye Yu smile. How happy must it be for him to look like this?

Ye Yu picked up his phone and showed it to the curious duo.

Ye Ze was confused. "Why are you so happy after being paid five hundred thousand?"

Feng Chen was experienced in love and soon understood what made Ye Yu happy.

She smacked her lips. "Is your Beauty Ning worth you being so happy over?"

The Second Prince, who could remain calm even when something big had happened, was laughing because of such a small matter. It was unbelievable.

Ye Yu leaned back against the chair, a faint smile on his lips. "It’s her first time spending my money."

The moment Ye Yu finished speaking, his phone rang again.

"You received 500,000 at 13:15 on the 18th, with a long balance."

Seeing this message, Ye Yu’s well-defined face darkened.

Feng Chen and Ye Ze stood up and glanced at their phone messages.

Both of them started to laugh ruthlessly.

"Tsk, it’s really rare to see someone like Beauty Ning now!" Feng Chen patted his thigh.

Ye Ze smiled regretfully. "Do I really have no chance?"

Ye Yu glanced at them coldly. "Shut up."

Seeing Ye Yu’s mood turn from good to bad, Feng Chen raised an eyebrow. "It’s nothing. Since she’s not willing to spend your money, you should spend some on her in other ways."

Ye Yu pursed his lips slightly, looking like he was waiting for Feng Chen to continue.

"For example, taking her to special places for dinner, watching the stars, drinking, chatting, and kissing."

Ye Yu said in a deep voice, "Is there a good place?"

"Yes, I’ll send you an address."

Because of the incident with Madam Jiang in the afternoon, Ning Yuan calmed down for a long time before her mood improved.

Actually, she understood everything.

She would feel better after thinking it through.

When it was time to get off work, Ning Yuan thought of the cufflinks she had bought for Ye Yu. It was rare for her to not work overtime.

She took the elevator down and met the producer of another program halfway.

"Xiaoning, it’s really rare to meet you in the elevator."

Ning Yuan smiled. "Does Sister Zhong miss me?"

"Yes, Sister Zhong misses you." Sister Zhong held Ning Yuan’s hand and said with a smile, "I have a nephew who came back from studying abroad and is good in all aspects. Xiaoning, do you want to meet him?"

Before Ning Yuan could say anything, she heard Sister Zhong say, "I’ve asked your colleagues in your office. You don’t have a boyfriend yet. Although there have been several rumors in the past, I know that they’re all fake."

Ning Yuan was very touched that Sister Zhong believed in her. When the rumors came out, many colleagues from the broadcasting company looked at her with prejudice.

"Sister Zhong, I appreciate your kindness, but I actually have a partner."

Ning Yuan said very softly.

Sister Zhong thought that Ning Yuan was embarrassed to talk about the blind date in the elevator and she said softly, "Let’s talk when we get out of the elevator."

The elevator stopped at the garage on the basement floor.

Sister Zhong took out her phone and flipped to a photo. "Xiaoning, look. This is my nephew. He looks good, right?"

Ning Yuan was a little helpless. "Sister Zhong, I’m not lying to you. I really have a boyfriend."

"How is that possible? If a beauty like you has a boyfriend, why haven’t I seen him pick you up at the broadcasting company?"

Ning Yuan said, "He’s usually busy with work."

"Xiaoning, Sister Zhong won’t harm you. My nephew is really good in all aspects…"

Before Sister Zhong could finish, a deep and cold voice suddenly sounded. "Ning Yuan."

Ning Yuan and Sister Zhong turned to look at the man not far away.

A black Bentley had stopped there and a man in a black coat was standing in front of the car, looking at her with dark eyes.

Sister Zhong was stunned.

She thought she was seeing things. If not, why would she see the Second Prince?

Ning Yuan did not expect Ye Yu to pick her up. He had not called or sent her a message before coming, which was completely unexpected.

When Sister Zhong saw Ye Yu, she went forward to greet him. "Your Highness, are you here to see the head of the broadcasting company?"

Ye Yu pursed his lips slightly. "I’m picking up my girlfriend."

Sister Zhong looked at Ye Yu and then at Ning Yuan, suddenly understanding something.

It turned out that Ning Yuan had not lied to her. She really had a boyfriend, and it was the Second Prince.

Ye Yu reached out his slender hand to Ning Yuan. "Come here."

Ning Yuan walked over and handed her hand to Ye Yu.

Looking at their clasped hands, Sister Zhong smiled awkwardly. "Xiaoning, I’m really sorry."

"It’s alright, Sister Zhong."

Ning Yuan let Ye Yu get into the car first. She walked in front of Sister Zhong and said softly, "Sister Zhong, my relationship with the Second Prince has not been made public. Can you keep it a secret for me?"

Through the half-opened car window, Sister Zhong looked at the cold man in the car. She could feel that the man was unhappy with her introducing a partner to Ning Yuan. She did not dare to stay any longer and left quickly.

Ning Yuan got into the car and looked at the noble and handsome man, asking with a smile, "Why did you suddenly come to pick me up?"

"I’m taking you somewhere."

Ning Yuan smiled and nodded. "Okay!"

Ye Yu held Ning Yuan’s fair hand, his rough fingers rubbing her hand. "Does someone from your broadcasting station often introduce men to you?"

Ning Yuan looked at his dark eyes and said with her scalp tingling, "No, Sister Zhong is still the first one today."

Ning Yuan leaned her face against his broad shoulders and looked at him with her beautiful eyes. "I’m not as handsome as you!"

The man’s expression eased a little, but his grip on her fingers suddenly tightened and her fingers hurt.

"Why did you return the money in the afternoon?"

Ning Yuan pursed her pink lips and hugged his arm, saying softly, "I gave you a bonus and wanted to give you a gift, but that store needs your card to have the right to buy first."

Ye Yu frowned. "It’s the same if you use the card I gave you."

"I know what you’re thinking." Ning Yuan looked at him with bright eyes. "I bought it for you with my own ability. How can it be the same as buying it for you with your money?"

Ye Yu smirked. "What did you buy?"

"I’m not telling you yet."

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