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Chapter: 2586

Looking at the man standing by the bed with a cold and dark face, Ning Yuan’s heart tightened.

Her hands under the blanket clenched into fists slightly. She met his deep and dark eyes and said hoarsely, "I’ve always felt sorry for Tiantian. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to touch you. She trusted and was so friendly to me, but I used her and lied to her."

Ye Yu’s jaw tightened and his eyes softened. "You should rest well now. We’ll talk about other things after you’re discharged."

Ning Yuan pursed her pale lips, her throat dry and hoarse. It took her a while to find her voice. "The child is gone… How about we forget about it?"

He pursed his thin lips tightly and looked at her with a gaze that was like a sharp sword. "What do you mean?"

"You know that we got together because of our children."

Ye Yu said nothing and there was a stiff silence in the air.

Ning Yuan lowered her thick and long eyelashes, her fingers interlaced together. "I might not be able to get pregnant in the future."

Ye Yu’s eyes darkened and he went to the window and was silent for a while. Ning Yuan did not know what he was thinking. Although he did not say it, she knew that he still liked children.

He had a noble status and could have any woman he wanted. Why should he be with a woman who could not have children?

After some time, Ye Yu’s deep and cold voice sounded. "The doctor said that it’s not absolute. Don’t think too much now and take care of your body."

Seeing his cold expression, Ning Yuan did not say anything.

Even if she wanted to talk to him, this was not the time.

After Ning Yuan fell asleep, Ye Yu received a call from Assistant Su. There was progress on the B-scan.

Ye Yu walked out of the ward and went to the director’s office.

"That day, there was a pregnant woman who came for a pregnancy test. Seeing that Miss Ning was tall and beautiful, she stared at her a few more times and happened to remember the nurse who gave Miss Ning the B-scan."

Ye Yu sat on the leather sofa in the director’s office, his long legs crossed elegantly. His face was cold and his thin lips opened slightly. "Who is it?"

"She said that she used to be a nurse at the Royal Hospital, but she left later. Her name is Su Wenwen."

Hearing this, the director immediately called the supervisor of the HR department over.

After a while, Su Wenwen’s information and photos were found.

"Find out where Su Wenwen is." Ye Yu took the photo and went to the ward where Ning Yuan was.

Gu Fei came to visit Ning Yuan. Looking at Ning Yuan’s pale face, she said with heartache, "How did this happen?"

Ning Yuan said, "We’re not fated."

Gu Fei sighed. "What about the Second Prince? Does he know?"

The moment Ning Yuan finished speaking, she heard steady footsteps.

Gu Fei looked at the faint shadow under Ye Yu’s eyes and the redness in his eyes. She wanted to ask him why he did not take good care of Ning Yuan, but after seeing his condition, she swallowed her words.

He did not look like he was having a good time.

"Yuanyuan, I’ll come and see you next time." Gu Fei could tell that Ye Yu had something to say to Ning Yuan alone.

After Gu Fei left, Ye Yu showed Ning Yuan Su Wenwen’s photo. "Was she the one who gave you the ultrasound scan?"

Gu Fei did not remember what Su Wenwen looked like at first, but when she saw the photo, the nurse’s vague outline appeared in her mind.

Ye Yu’s expression darkened.

"When we find her, we’ll know who’s scheming against you."

A dark glint flashed past Ning Yuan’s eyes. Actually, she could vaguely guess who would plot against her!

After all, there were only a few people who saw her as an eyesore.

Ning Yuan looked at Ye Yu’s well-defined handsome face and said softly, "Thank you for not suspecting me at all."

If it was any other man, how could they not suspect her?

After all, she had ulterior motives when she first approached him.

It was very likely that a person like her wanted to rise through the ranks.

Ye Yu sat by the bed, his long fingers caressing her thin face.

"I knew what you were thinking from the start." His voice was low and hoarse, as if it came from the depths of his throat. "If I wasn’t interested in you at all, you wouldn’t be able to climb into my bed even if you were a goddess."

Ning Yuan rubbed her face against his palm and the guilt in her heart became heavier.

Assistant Su had already found Su Wenwen’s whereabouts. He came into the ward and said in front of Ye Yu and Ning Yuan,

"She’s an orphan. She went abroad after giving Miss Ning a fake ultrasound scan. It might take some time to find her."

Ning Yuan looked at Assistant Su. "The surveillance cameras were broken that day. Are there any surveillance cameras opposite the hospital or on the road?"

"Assistant Su, give me a computer."

Ye Yu looked at Ning Yuan. "Rest well. I’ll investigate this matter."

"It’s alright. Let me take a look myself."

Seeing Ning Yuan’s insistence, Assistant Su had no choice but to give her a laptop.

Ning Yuan looked at the surveillance video on the road that day and her slender and fair fingers tapped on the keyboard. After about five minutes, a white sports car appeared on the screen.

The white sports car drove into the hospital, but the surveillance cameras in the hospital were broken that day and she could not see the person in the car.

Ning Yuan then zoomed in on the scene before the sports car drove into the hospital. The driver was wearing a hat and mask, but there was a thin bracelet on his wrist.

Ye Yu looked at the surveillance video. "Are you sure?"

Ning Yuan nodded. "I’ve seen her wearing this bracelet before." Biting her lip, Ning Yuan looked at Ye Yu. "Let me settle the feud between me and Ning Shiyu myself, okay?"

Ye Yu was silent for a few seconds before he said in a deep voice, "If there’s anything I need help with, you have to say it in time."

Ning Yuan stayed in the hospital for seven days and returned to Yuhua International to rest for ten days.

Now that her body was fine, Ning Yuan asked Gu Fei to help her. After Gu Fei followed Ning Shiyu’s whereabouts for two days, she sent a message to Ning Yuan.

That night, Ning Shiyu went to the clubhouse to have a date with her new rich second-generation heir boyfriend.

With the Ning family’s status in the Capital, she could not enter the clubhouse, but her rich boyfriend had gotten her a card so she could come.

The moment she entered the room, a uniformed staff came over and welcomed her warmly into a private room.

Ning Shiyu thought that the staff had brought her to meet her boyfriend and entered the room. Seeing that the lights were not turned on, she turned them on. "Brother Wen, are you there?"

The moment the lights were turned on, the door was closed and Ning Shiyu heard a soft lock sound.

Ning Shiyu looked back and then at the sofa. When she saw the person sitting on the sofa, her eyes widened. "Ning Yuan, why are you here?"

Ning Yuan was wearing a long red dress today. Her long hair was draped over her shoulders and her bright and beautiful eyes were cold. She got up and slowly walked toward Ning Shiyu.

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