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Chapter: 2587

Ning Yuan had exquisite makeup on her face, her red lips bright, her eyes cold and her aura strong.

Ning Shiyu looked at Ning Yuan’s eyes that seemed to want to swallow her alive and a chill ran up her spine.

She stepped back unconsciously.

She retreated to the door and wanted to open it, but found that it was locked from the outside.

Ning Shiyu’s heart thumped crazily. She put her bag in front of her and glared at Ning Yuan guardedly. "What do you want to do?"

Ning Yuan stood in front of Ning Shiyu, took out her phone and showed her Su Wenwen’s photo. "Did you ask her to give me a fake B-scan?"

Ning Shiyu’s heart tightened and her eyes sparkled. "I don’t know what you’re talking about… Ah!"

Before she could finish, there was a pain in her scalp.

Ning Yuan grabbed her long hair, her beautiful face cold. "You’re good at seducing men, but you faked the ultrasound scan and even knew in advance that I couldn’t keep the child. It’s definitely not your doing. Tell me, who told you to do this?"

Ning Shiyu’s scalp hurt terribly. She threw her bag at Ning Yuan, who waved the bag away and took out a sharp dagger.

The sharp side of the dagger was pressed against Ning Shiyu’s delicate face. Ning Shiyu felt a chill and her body stiffened, not daring to move.

"Ning Yuan, killing people is illegal…"

"You also know that killing people is illegal? Then what about the child in my stomach? How innocent is he?" Looking at Ning Shiyu’s pale face, Ning Yuan smirked coldly. "From the moment the doll was auctioned, someone had planned everything carefully and was sure that something would happen to my child!"

"Ning Shiyu, I’ll give you one chance. If you tell me who’s behind this, I’ll spare your life! If you don’t, you, your mother and your father will all suffer!"

Ning Shiyu was shocked and panicked. She kept shaking her head. "What does your child’s death have to do with me? I really don’t know. Ning Yuan, don’t accuse a good person!"

Ning Shiyu’s delicate skin was cut by the sharp blade.

Scarlet blood seeped out.

Ning Shiyu’s pupils constricted in fear. She wanted to scream, but her throat seemed to be grabbed tightly by an invisible black hand. She looked at Ning Yuan like she was looking at a monster.

Had this woman lost her mind after losing her child?

"Are you still unwilling to say it? Do you think the person behind you has more power or the Second Prince has more power? The Second Prince was the one who wanted to bring you here today. I came myself to leave a way out for you."

Ning Shiyu’s heart was in her throat.

Glancing at the sharp dagger in Ning Yuan’s hand from the corner of her eye, her legs trembled. "You don’t have a child anymore. The Second Prince won’t want you anymore. Ning Yuan, don’t scare me!"

Ning Yuan smirked and laughed softly.

"Not many people know that my child is gone. If you know it so well, do you still want to continue protecting that person? Alright, I’ll tell the Second Prince that you caused me to lose my child!"

Ning Yuan took out her phone and called Ye Yu in front of Ning Shiyu.

The call went through after two rings and the man’s deep and cold voice sounded. "Do you need my help?"

Ning Yuan was about to speak when Ning Shiyu nodded at her with a pale face. "I’ll talk, I’ll talk!"

"It’s alright. I’ll contact you later."

Ning Shiyu was shocked. Ning Yuan had a miscarriage and Ye Yu did not dump her?!

And from his tone, it seemed like he was going to stand up for her anytime!

How would Ning Shiyu dare to offend Ye Yu? She said with tears streaming down her face, "I don’t know who that person is either. He used an anonymous number to call me. He transferred a sum of money to my overseas account and asked me to get someone to get a fake ultrasound scan for you. I’ve told you the truth. Ning Yuan, let me off!"

Ning Yuan knew Ning Shiyu’s personality too well. She reached a hand out to her. "Even if it’s an anonymous number, you should have recorded it."

It was impossible for a person like Ning Shiyu to not leave evidence.

Ning Shiyu looked at Ning Yuan, who knew her like the back of her hand. She wanted to shake her head, but when she met Ning Yuan’s sharp gaze, she slowly bowed and took out her phone from her bag.

She sent a recording that had been processed by a voice changer to Ning Yuan’s phone.

Ning Yuan received the recording and pushed Ning Shiyu away, walking out.

In the underground parking lot of the clubhouse, a black Bentley was parked at the left turn of the elevator exit.

Ning Yuan opened the back door and got in.

Ye Yu sat at the back smoking. He had taken off his suit jacket and was wearing a black shirt with the top three buttons unbuttoned. His exquisite collarbones were slightly exposed and his facial features looked hidden under the smoke.

Seeing Ning Yuan get into the car, he pinched the stub and looked at her with his dark eyes. "How is it?"

Ning Yuan played the recording on her phone.

But the other party used a voice changer and could not hear the original voice.

"Although I know computers, I don’t know how to process voice-changing recordings."

Ye Yu took Ning Yuan’s phone and said in a deep voice, "I’ll do it."

He turned on his laptop and directed the recording into the computer.

Ning Yuan sat by the side and watched his slender hands typing on the keyboard.

Ning Yuan looked at the dazzling code on the screen and was secretly surprised.

He was actually a computer expert. He was way better than her.

In less than twenty minutes, the recording restored the voice that had been processed by the voice changer.

Hearing that voice, Ye Yu frowned.

Assistant Su, who was driving in front, also furrowed his eyebrows.

Only Ning Yuan’s expression was cold, as if she had already guessed who the mastermind was.

"I’ll send you back to Yuhua International first," Ye Yu said in a deep voice.

Ning Yuan leaned against the chair and nodded slightly. "Okay."

After Assistant Su sent Ning Yuan back to Yuhua International, he looked at the man behind through the rearview mirror. "Your Highness, are you going to the Yu family?"

The Bentley stopped in front of the Yu family villa.

Principal Yu was not at home. The butler heard the sound of the car and came out. Seeing Ye Yu getting out of the car, he greeted him warmly. "Your Highness, you’re here."

Ye Yu’s facial features were well-defined and his dark eyes were cold. "Is Yu Guan at home?"

"Miss is at home. If she knows that you’re here, she will be very happy."

Ye Yu pursed his lips tightly and walked into the living room. The butler did not know if he was hallucinating, but he felt that Ye Yu had a murderous intent on him this time.

Yu Guan, who was upstairs, was delighted when she found out that Ye Yu had come personally.

After touching up her makeup, she changed and went downstairs happily.

Ye Yu stood in front of the French windows, one hand in his pocket, the side of his face as cold as a knife. Hearing the sound of the stairs, he turned back to look at her.

Yu Guan’s legs went weak when she met his extremely cold gaze.

Her excited mood was gone, leaving only panic and uneasiness.

He seemed to be up to no good!

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