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Chapter: 2588

Yu Guan looked at the cold aura exuding from the man and could not help but panic.

She glanced at the butler, signaling him to inform her father to come back.

She had a bad feeling in her heart. Ye Yu should know something and came to trouble her!

But she could not understand. The friendship she had with him for so many years could not be compared to that vixen, Ning Yuan?

Yu Guan walked to the living room uneasily. She made a cup of tea for Ye Yu and brought it to him.

"Your Highness, please have some tea."

Ye Yu’s dark and cold eyes swept towards her and Yu Guan’s heart trembled, forcing herself to calm down.

She handed him the teacup.

Ye Yu raised his hand and threw the teacup in her hand to the ground.

With a loud bang, the cup broke into pieces and the shards fell to the ground.

Yu Guan’s calf was splashed by the hot water and she took a few steps back.

"Does it hurt?" The man spat out coldly.

Yu Guan nodded. Before she could say anything, the man reached out and grabbed her slender neck.

It happened too quickly and Yu Guan did not expect it at all. His fingers tightened and she found it hard to breathe.

Yu Guan grabbed his arm, wanting him to let go, but compared to his strength, she was like an ant shaking a tree.

Her slender body kept retreating until she was in front of the French windows. There was no way out!

Because she could not breathe, her face turned red and her mouth opened and closed. "W-Why?"

Ye Yu looked at her coldly. "You harmed my child and you’re still asking me why?"

Yu Guan kept shaking her head. "I didn’t… I didn’t…"

Ye Yu took out his phone with his other hand and played the recording of her conversation with Ning Shiyu.

Yu Guan widened her eyes slightly, panic appearing in her eyes.

"You knew about the report in the ultrasound room in advance without seeing it. That means that you already expected that you wouldn’t be able to keep the child." His voice was dark and cold, his eyes dark and he looked at her like she was a messenger from hell. "The medicine sprayed on the teddy bear can cause the fetus to be underdeveloped. You’re really scheming!"

Yu Guan felt her neck hurting more and more. She could not breathe and she started to roll her eyes. Just when she thought she would die under his large palm, he suddenly let go of her.

Yu Guan fell to the ground weakly, holding her chest as she coughed violently.

Ye Yu stood not far away from her, looking reserved and exquisite. Yu Guan’s tears followed his perfectly ironed pants and looked up at him, her eyes red. "You actually treated me like this…"

She was really hurt. As his personal secretary, she took good care of him and could handle everything for him.

Her father was his teacher, but he did not care about their past relationship and almost strangled her to death just now!

How could Yu Guan feel good about this?

Ye Yu looked down at Yu Guan, his voice deep as if it came from the depths of his throat. "How many dividends did you get from working by my side? Accepting bribes privately is enough to send you to jail for decades!"

Yu Guan was about to say something when an angry shout came from the door. "You actually accepted bribes? You said that you bought a house overseas some time ago. Isn’t that money shady?"

Yu Guan stared at the angry Principal Yu, furrowing her eyebrows tightly. "Dad, don’t talk nonsense!"

She was careful and never left any evidence behind.

Even if she did, Ye Yu would not be able to find any evidence.

Principal Yu had always been open and frank. When he walked in, he seemed to have not seen the strangulation mark on Yu Guan’s neck and slapped her ruthlessly.

"I watched the Second Prince grow up. I know his temper very well. He would never wrong a person!"

Yu Guan covered her red and swollen cheek and looked at Principal Yu with tears in her eyes. "I’m your daughter. Shouldn’t you believe me?"

"You have to take responsibility for your mistakes."

Yu Guan’s lips curled into a mocking smile. She covered her face with her hands as tears fell from between her fingers.

"My biggest mistake was falling for him!" Yu Guan pointed a trembling finger at the expressionless Ye Yu. "Everything I did was for his own good. If he can find a woman who is worthy of him, I will give him my sincere blessings!"

"But Ning Yuan can’t!" Yu Guan stood up from the ground, looking at Ye Yu with trembling lips. "Her giving birth to your child is your biggest problem."

"Didn’t she tell you about her situation? Her father is a mental patient and she has a history of mental illness. The child she gives birth to will be in the same situation as their family!"

"I didn’t expose this matter or tell anyone else in the royal family because I hoped that she would confess to you and not leave a stain in your life!"

Yu Guan looked at Principal Yu with red eyes. "Dad, was I wrong to do this? I did it for his own good!"

The moment Yu Guan finished speaking, she received another slap from Principal Yu.

"You’re wrong. You don’t have to point fingers at the Second Prince’s feelings! You’re just satisfying your selfish desires in the name of doing good for him!"

Yu Guan’s body trembled terribly.

Principal Yu looked at Ye Yu, whose expression was cold and he did not know what he was thinking. He said gently, "Ah Yu, can you talk to me in my book?"

Ye Yu followed Principal Yu into the study.

They chatted for more than thirty minutes before coming out.

Principal Yu looked at Yu Guan, who was sitting on the sofa with tears still lingering on her face. He said with a serious expression, "Pack your things. I’ll send a car to send you back to the countryside later. Reflect on yourself in the ancestral hall and you’re not allowed to return to the capital for five years!"

Yu Guan widened her eyes and looked at Principal Yu in disbelief. "I’m not going back!"

The Bentley drove steadily on the road.

Assistant Su looked at the calm man in the back row. "Your Highness, is it true that Yu Guan accepted bribes?"

Ye Yu raised his slender fingers and pressed his temples. Yes, but the amount was not big. Even if she did not get rid of the evidence, she could not go to jail for a few years."

Assistant Su nodded thoughtfully. "Principal Yu asked her to go back to the countryside, eat vegetarian food and pray every day, and reflect on her ancestors’ memorial tablets. This is undoubtedly a torture for her."

Assistant Su felt that it was more torturous than going to jail!

"Send a few more secret guards to guard her. Don’t let her leave."

Assistant Su drove back to Yuhua International. Along the way, Ye Yu rarely spoke and was unusually silent.

Ye Yu got out of the car and entered the villa.

Seeing him return, Auntie Wang walked over and said to him, "Your Highness, I saw Miss Ning packing her things upstairs."

Grandma had returned to Wutong Town two days ago. Ning Yuan had packed her things and was probably leaving.

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