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Chapter: 2589

When Ye Yu went downstairs to the master bedroom on the second floor, Ning Yuan was folding clothes. There were many clothes and daily items she usually wore in the suitcase under her feet.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, she turned around.

Ye Yu was dressed in black and stood at the door, looking at her with dark eyes.

Ning Yuan’s breathing tightened.

However, she adjusted her emotions very quickly and smiled at him. "You’re back?"

Ye Yu walked into the room and closed the door.

There was silence and coldness in the air.

Ning Yuan lowered her eyes and continued to tidy her clothes.

Ye Yu walked to the bed and stood a few steps away from her.

Even without looking up, she could feel his gaze on her.

She thought that he should know some things.

However, this was within her expectations. From the moment he went to find Yu Guan, she had already mentally prepared herself.

But when she really faced him, her heart still tightened.

Ye Yu stared at her beautiful face and said in a low voice, "Why are you packing your things?"

Ning Yuan put down the clothes in her hand and looked up. "I plan to move away."

Ye Yu’s jaw was clenched tightly, his thin lips pursed into a straight line.

Although he did not say anything, the thick and cold aura around him froze the surrounding air.

Ning Yuan looked at his dark eyes and took a deep breath, saying, "Yu Guan should have told you, right?"

He did not speak and the atmosphere became even more oppressive.

Ning Yuan did not want to make things difficult for him.

Her family background, her genetic history, and all other aspects were not suitable for her to be with him.

"Actually, I should have told you long ago, but I couldn’t say it." Ning Yuan looked at his well-defined handsome face and felt a bitterness in her heart. She had long reminded herself not to be too greedy. Otherwise, she would be in pain and reluctant to part with him. "My father inherited the family history of mental illness. I might be like that when I’m thirty years old."

"The child I gave birth to might inherit that it’s actually good for both of us without the child."

"Although I’m not clingy, you’re a prince. If I really want to marry you, I’ll be under a lot of pressure. I don’t have a family background and you’re usually busy with work. Even if I enter the royal family, I’ll be attacked and laughed at. As time passes, I’m not sure if I can bear it. Our family’s illness will act up if we’re agitated or under a lot of pressure…"

Ye Yu moved closer to the bed. Ning Yuan lowered her long eyelashes and looked away slightly when she saw his long legs.

He stared at the soft and thick hair on her head and bent down slightly, his slender fingers lifting her exquisite chin.

"Have you thought it through?"

Ning Yuan’s breathing tightened and she nodded at him, her voice slightly hoarse. "I’ve thought it through."

Ye Yu let go of her chin and walked to the French windows, saying in a low and magnetic voice, "You don’t have to move away."

Ning Yuan looked at his tall and cold back and her heart seemed to be beating wildly. "I’m not staying here…"

Before she could finish, she was interrupted by his cold voice. "I’m leaving."

She blinked blankly, her heart sinking to the bottom and breaking into pieces!

She knew that she was from a different world from him. She had told him that she wanted to cut ties with him, but now that he had really cut ties with her, her heart still felt sad and constricted!

She knew that he was making it up to her!

He turned his head and looked at her quietly with his dark eyes. "The house will be transferred to you and Auntie Wang will stay here to take care of you. Take the black card."

Ning Yuan wanted to say that she did not want any of it, but she knew that he would feel guilty if she did not want it.

She took out the black card from her bag and tried to hold back the tears in her eyes. "I’ll accept everything else, but I don’t want this card!"

She smiled and tried to make herself look more carefree. "This villa and the sports car you gave me. I’m considered a rich woman in the capital and my life will be better in the future."

He looked at her with his dark eyes and did not take the black card.

Ning Yuan stuffed the card into his palm. "Then, can I pack my things?"

Ning Yuan found his suitcase and put his clothes and daily necessities in it.

After she was done, she looked at the man who was smoking in front of the French windows and said softly, "I’ve packed your things."

Ye Yu stubbed out his cigarette and glanced at Ning Yuan. He walked to her side and reached out his long arm, pulling her into his arms.

Ning Yuan leaned her chin on his shoulder and smelled the fresh scent of tobacco on him. She felt choked up and her eyes turned red, almost crying.

"You’ll find someone a hundred times better than me in the future." She reached out her hands and hugged his thin waist lightly.

It was probably the last time she would hug him in this life. Emotions surged in her heart. She could not bear to part with him, she was greedy and bitter… But she knew that she could not be reluctant.

He held her with one hand, his slender and well-defined hand holding the back of her head and gently caressing her hair.

After about a minute, he let go of her and went out of the bedroom with his suitcase.

Ning Yuan bit her lip and stood still in the room. She only walked toward the window when she heard the sound of the engine coming from downstairs.

The black Bentley had already turned around and was slowly driving out of the villa.

Ning Yuan closed her eyes and her tears fell uncontrollably.

She cupped her mouth, her slender shoulders trembling slightly.

There seemed to be a hole in her chest and it hurt terribly.

She was prepared to separate from this relationship at any time and kept reminding herself not to be too serious.

However, who could remain rational in front of the handsome and charming him?

Auntie Wang was downstairs and after seeing Ye Yu leave with his suitcase, she felt a little uneasy.

She went upstairs to look for Ning Yuan. Seeing her standing in front of the French windows with tears streaming down her face, she knocked on the door. "Miss Ning, I can tell that His Highness cares about you. Call him and he will come back…"

Ning Yuan’s tear-stained eyelashes fluttered and she said hoarsely, "I won’t call him and I don’t want him to come back. Auntie Wang, it’s alright. This is the best ending for us. Being entangled will only make it harder for me to let go in the future!"

Auntie Wang sighed and said nothing more.

Assistant Su looked at Ye Yu, who was smoking another cigarette and said carefully, "Your Highness, do you really want to be separated from Miss Ning?"

Ye Yu leaned back against the chair, his deep voice slightly hoarse from the smoke. "Investigate her family’s situation."

Assistant Su nodded. "Okay."

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