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Chapter: 2594

Ning Yuan was about to leave the terrace when she heard Ye Yu’s words and staggered.

The man’s strong hand grabbed her waist in time.

It was not too intimate. After the gentleman stabilized her, he let go.

It was only a few seconds.

Ning Yuan was in a daze and did not notice the slight pain in her head.

Ye Yu had a hand in his pocket and looked at Ning Yuan, who had her eyes lowered and was thinking about something. He said in a low voice, "It’s cold. Go in early."

With that said, he entered the banquet hall first.

Ning Yuan looked up at his tall and cold figure, her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Why was he explaining to her that she was not his girlfriend?

Did it matter if she misunderstood or not?

Ning Yuan shook her head, reminding herself to stop fantasizing about things that did not belong to her.

Meeting Ye Yu at the charity banquet was just a small interlude. Ning Yuan did not let her thoughts run wild and focused on her work.

It was already the end of the year and Ning Yuan was busy with work. She had to go to Luo City for a business trip.

Xie Ancheng got his assistant to buy her a first class ticket. After getting on the plane, Ning Yuan sat by the window.

She looked at the documents for the business trip for a while before someone sat beside her.

Ning Yuan looked up subconsciously.

What she saw made her freeze slightly.

Ning Yuan had seen Jiang Yan’s speech on TV many times. He was elegant and handsome, his eyes serious and firm. One look and she could tell that he was a very righteous man.

He was not the man who had eloped with her mother back then.

Ning Yuan did not know why a man like him would be with her mother. She felt that he would find a woman from a scholarly family to be his wife!

Of course, this was only Ning Yuan’s doubts and she would not show it in front of Jiang Yan.

Besides, Jiang Yan probably did not know about her relationship with his wife!

Perhaps sensing that Ning Yuan was looking at him, Jiang Yan glanced at Ning Yuan.

He nodded gently. "You’re the anchor who interviewed the Second Prince, right?"

Ning Yuan was a little surprised. She did not expect Jiang Yan to know her.

She smiled. "Hello, Director Jiang."

"She’s a very good girl."

"Thank you for your praise. I still have a lot to learn and work hard on."

After chatting for a while, Ning Yuan found that Jiang Yanrui was knowledgeable and had the charm of a mature man.

Ning Yuan did not know why such an outstanding man would raise a daughter like Jiang Bei’er!

After the plane took off, Jiang Yan read a book while Ning Yuan wrote a proposal on her laptop.

After flying for about an hour, the air stewardess came to deliver lunch to the passengers.

Ning Yuan had a bowl of seafood rice and she smiled at the air stewardess. "I’m sorry, I’m allergic to seafood. Can you give me something else?"

The moment Ning Yuan finished speaking, Jiang Yan’s deep voice sounded. "I’m allergic to seafood too. Let’s change to something else!"

The air stewardess was stunned for a moment before she hurriedly apologized to Jiang Yan and Ning Yuan.

After changing the food, Jiang Yan and Ning Yuan chatted for a while.

Ning Yuan did not like Jiang Bei’er at all, but she felt that Jiang Yan was a very upright elder.

The flight to Luo City took three and a half hours.

Ning Yuan was a little sleepy after eating.

She lowered the seat, put on her eye mask and closed her eyes to sleep.

She did not know how long she had slept, but she vaguely heard a low groan.

Ning Yuan took off her eye mask and looked at the man beside her.

Jiang Yan held his chest, his face slightly pale. His fingers wanted to press the button to call the air stewardess, but it was so painful that he could not even reach out his fingers.

"Director Jiang, what’s wrong?"

Jiang Yan frowned and said weakly, "Miss Ning, my heart hurts. Please help me take the medicine in my bag."

Ning Yuan hurriedly stood up and took Jiang Yan’s bag, then found the medicine inside.

After Jiang Yan swallowed two pills, his expression softened.

"Miss Ning, thank you so much."

"It’s nothing, you’re welcome, Director Jiang!"

Before they got off the plane, they left their contact details.

Ning Yuan had been on a business trip in Luo City for three days. She did not expect to meet Jiang Yan again on her way back.

Jiang Yan treated Ning Yuan as his savior and let her look for him if she encountered any difficulties in the future!

The day after Jiang Yan returned to the capital, Madam Jiang received a call from a gossip reporter.

"Your husband cheated on you. I have the photos."

Madam Jiang was stunned. After communicating with the reporters, she asked them to send the photo to her phone.

The photo was taken secretly on the plane. Jiang Yan had his head lowered and was talking to a woman with long hair.

He could not see the woman’s front, but from her beautiful side profile and slender figure, he could tell that she was a young and beautiful woman.

Why did he look a little familiar?

Madam Jiang enlarged the photo and her hand holding the phone trembled slightly.

Madam Jiang had an indescribable feeling in her heart. Ning Yuan looked like her and was the type Jiang Yan liked. Could it be…

Madam Jiang wanted to take the photo to question Jiang Yan, but she calmed down very quickly.

What could such a photo prove?

Not only would Jiang Yan not admit it, he would even think that she was being unreasonable!

All these years with Jiang Yan, she was famous for being virtuous, gentle and considerate.

Madam Jiang gave the gossip reporter a sum of money and asked him to give her the photos.

She knew that Ning Yuan had blocked her number. She changed her card and sent a message to Ning Yuan.

When Ning Yuan received the message from Madam Jiang, she was in a meeting.

She froze for a few seconds when she saw the message.

"I plan to bring your grandmother to stay with me. If you have any objections, we can meet in the afternoon."

It was the address of the meeting.

Ning Yuan took a deep breath and replied with a ‘okay’.

Ning Yuan understood her grandmother. She was unwilling to leave Wutong Town and live with Mrs Jiang!

Ning Yuan arrived on time.

Madam Jiang had arranged to meet at a Japanese restaurant. She had booked a private room and Ning Yuan was brought into the private room by the waiter.

Madam Jiang was wearing a branded suit, her hair tied into a bun as she sipped her tea elegantly.

Seeing Ning Yuan coming over, a smile appeared on her lips. "Yuanyuan, you’re here."

Ning Yuan sat opposite Madam Jiang.

"Did you get Grandma’s permission to bring her here?"

Madam Jiang poured a cup of tea for Ning Yuan, a faint smile on her lips. "I’m her daughter. If she doesn’t listen to me, who will she listen to?"

"Don’t you know how much Grandma suffered and cried when you ran away with someone? Now you’re pretending to be filial to your daughter. If you agree, will your husband and daughter agree?"

"Yuanyuan, I know you hate me. Do you want to take revenge on me now?"

Ning Yuan’s long eyelashes fluttered and her eyes turned red. "Revenge? What revenge did I take?"

"Did you break up with the Second Prince to seduce Jiang Yan?"

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