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Chapter: 2595

Although Jiang Yan was middle-aged, he was not fat or bald.

He was handsome and elegant, knowledgeable and his rich experience formed a strong aura.

When he was overseas, many girls who liked uncles took the initiative to approach him.

But Jiang Yan had strong principles and would never show mercy outside.

It was the first time Madam Jiang had seen him so enthusiastic about young women.

Their conversation seemed to be quite pleasant and the smile on his face was sincere.

Ning Yuan was shocked by Madam Jiang’s words.

He actually suspected that she had seduced Director Jiang?

Ning Yuan’s heart tightened and a suffocating feeling spread from her heart to her limbs.

Although she had long stopped asking her mother to like and dote on her, how could she say such shameless words to hurt her?

Did she not consider her feelings at all?

Even if he did not raise her, he still gave birth to her, right?

How could there be such a mother in the world?

Ning Yuan’s eyes turned red. She could not control her sadness and disappointment!

She looked up slightly, forcing back the tears that were about to fall from her eyes.

He did not want to cry in front of her.

Ning Yuan took a deep breath and looked up at Madam Jiang. "Are you not confident in yourself or your husband?"

Madam Jiang looked at the faint mockery on Ning Yuan’s face and she frowned. "Ning Yuan, it’s my fault for not teaching you well, but don’t go around seducing men with this seductive face. You will get old one day!"

Ning Yuan felt that she could not breathe.

Was this really something a mother should say?

Ning Yuan was trembling with anger and her blood seemed to be frozen.

She could not communicate with Madam Jiang anymore.

If he said another word, she would probably die from anger!

Ning Yuan stood up with her bag and said with cold eyes, "When you eloped with a man, Grandma didn’t treat you as her daughter. If you force her to come to the capital, we’ll fight a lawsuit and meet legally!"

"Your husband is the director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you don’t care about his reputation, you can do whatever you want!"

With that said, Ning Yuan wanted to leave the room.

But she had only taken two steps when she felt dizzy.

Ning Yuan staggered, her body turning weak and her vision turning blurry.

Madam Jiang got up and supported Ning Yuan.

Ning Yuan wanted to push her away, but she could not exert any strength.

She was forced onto the seat by Madam Jiang.

Ning Yuan looked at Madam Jiang’s face and frowned. "What are you doing?"

Madam Jiang picked up the cup of tea she had poured for Ning Yuan and pinched her chin with her other hand. "Your mouth is so eloquent. Tell me, what will happen if you can’t speak?"

"You can pose a threat to Belle even after leaving the broadcasting company. It seems like you’ll only settle down when you can’t be an anchor anymore!"

Ning Yuan widened her eyes and looked at Madam Jiang in disbelief.

Jiang Beier was not her biological daughter and she was her biological daughter. How could she treat her like this?

How could she be so cold and vicious?

"Y-You…" Ning Yuan was so angry that she could not say a complete sentence. Her heart felt like someone had stabbed it with a sharp sword.

She never thought that not only did she not love her daughter, she was also a vicious woman!

Ning Yuan’s eyes were red. She wanted to sit up, but her body was weak…

Madam Jiang tightened her hold on Ning Yuan’s chin. Just as she was about to pour the tea down her throat, the door to the room was kicked open from outside.

Madam Jiang’s hand trembled.

She looked up at the door.

Ye Yu, who was wearing a black coat and exuded a cold and sharp aura, walked in.

Seeing Ye Yu, a bad feeling rose in Madam Jiang’s heart.

How did he know that she and Ning Yuan were here?

Ye Yu strode over and reached out his hand, taking the cup from Madam Jiang’s hand.

Ye Yu raised his hand and another man in a white coat came in from the door, carrying a silver suitcase.

Madam Jiang seemed to have thought of something and wanted to take the cup back, but Ye Yu raised his leg and kicked her chest.

Madam Jiang took a few steps back and fell to the ground.

She pointed a trembling finger at Ye Yu. "H-How dare you treat me like this?"

How was this the Second Prince who had a faint smile on his face when he received her and Jiang Yan? At this moment, he was like Hades!

Ye Yu ignored Madam Jiang and strode towards Ning Yuan. He took off his black coat and wrapped it around her trembling body.

"Doctor Li, check her first."

Dr Li examined Ning Yuan and said, "There are sleeping ingredients in the incense. Miss Ning is fine."

Ye Yu nodded and pulled the weak Ning Yuan into his arms.

Mrs Jiang wanted to leave when he was not paying attention, but when she reached the door, Assistant Su and two bodyguards blocked her way.

"What are you doing?" Madam Jiang was furious.

Ye Yu carried Ning Yuan to the sofa and lay down, his dark eyes glancing at Madam Jiang coldly. "Even a vicious tiger won’t eat its cubs. Even if she’s not your biological daughter, you were the one who took her away and raised her. Can you bear to be ruthless to her?"

Her face paled. "I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!"

Hearing Ye Yu’s words, Ning Yuan’s eyes widened slightly.

He just said that Madam Jiang was not her biological mother?

Ye Yu took a document from Assistant Su and threw it in front of Madam Jiang. "This is the DNA comparison between Ning Yuan and you. Do you think it’s a mistake made by a professional organization?"

Madam Jiang did not pick up the DNA test report and looked at Ye Yu with a pale face. "You really dare to make up any lie to be with her!"

Ye Yu threw another document to Madam Jiang. "Ning Yuan is Director Jiang’s daughter, and Jiang Bei’er is your biological daughter!"

Madam Jiang trembled and took a few steps back, almost losing her balance.

She looked at Ye Yu in disbelief, not understanding how he knew about this.

"You and Director Jiang’s deceased wife look a little alike. You were friends once and you had a crush on Director Jiang for a long time. Back then, you had a child with his deceased wife on the same day and his deceased wife bled to death. You had evil intentions and swapped the two children without anyone knowing. Because they both have B-type blood, Director Jiang never suspected Jiang Beier’s identity all these years!"

"After you eloped with someone, you met Director Jiang, who was a diplomat abroad. You did all you could to attract his attention and became his wife to raise your daughter!"

Madam Jiang kept shaking her head, breaking down a little. "It’s not like that, it’s not like that!"

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