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Chapter: 2596

Ning Yuan, who was lying on the sofa with no strength to move, heard Ye Yu’s words and her mind buzzed and turned blank.

Was what Ye Yu said true?

She was Jiang Yan’s daughter?

Madam Jiang was not her biological mother?

Ning Yuan’s eyes were filled with tears and she bit her lip, her heart seemed to be clenched tightly by an invisible hand.

It made it hard for her to breathe!

Dr Li, who was brought over by Ye Yu, had already tested the tea in the cup.

"Your Highness, there’s poison in it."

Ye Yu’s well-defined face was as sharp and cold as an ice blade. He looked at Madam Jiang with sharp eyes. "What else do you have to say?"

Jiang Yan, who had rushed over, happened to hear Doctor Li’s words.

He received a call from Assistant Su and learned that there was something important to tell him, so he rushed over!

"Who are you trying to poison?" Jiang Yan walked in front of Madam Jiang and picked up the two reports.

Madam Jiang pounced over, not wanting him to see, but Jiang Yan took a few steps back with the report.

Seeing that Jiang Beier was not related to him by blood and Ning Yuan was his biological daughter, Jiang Yan felt like he had been hit in the head.

The daughter he had raised for more than twenty years was not his biological daughter!

And his biological daughter had never been raised by him!

Jiang Yan looked at Ye Yu with trembling lips and asked hoarsely, "Your Highness, what on earth is going on?"

Ye Yu turned back and looked at Ning Yuan, who was pale on the sofa. He frowned and said, "After Ning Yuan had a miscarriage, I found that there was a herb in Grandma’s chicken soup that could make people miscarry."

"That kind of medicine is similar to tonic. If you don’t look closely, you won’t be able to tell that it was caused by a miscarriage."

"At that time, I tested Grandma and she didn’t know about this." Ye Yu looked at Madam Jiang with his dark eyes, his voice seemed to come from his throat and was extremely cold. "Grandma’s tonic was brought from her hometown. It’s impossible for someone to tamper with the things that the old lady has packed."

"So I asked Assistant Su to investigate and found out that Madam Jiang went to Wutong Town!"

Ning Yuan opened her mouth and tears fell from her eyes uncontrollably.

She did not expect that the miscarriage was related to Madam Jiang!

No wonder her stomach started to hurt after drinking Grandma’s chicken soup that night…

"How could a biological mother be so ruthless to her own daughter? I got suspicious and asked Assistant Su to investigate Mrs Jiang."

"A while back, Madam Jiang went to Director Jiang’s deceased wife’s grave and said some things to show off." Ye Yu then looked at Ning Yuan, who was on the sofa. "I helped you up and took a strand of your hair from the charity banquet."

"I was only suspicious at first, but I didn’t expect the results to be similar to what I guessed!"

Madam Jiang wanted to defend herself, but Jiang Yan raised his hand and slapped her face.

"No wonder you’re so good to Belle. She’s your biological daughter!" Jiang Yan was trembling with anger.

Madam Jiang got up from the ground and wanted to hug Jiang Yan, but he pushed her away ruthlessly. "You vicious woman!"

Madam Jiang shouted hoarsely, "Jiang Yan, I loved you when I was young. Everything I did wrong was because of you!"

Jiang Yan shouted angrily, "Everything you’ve done is for yourself. Yunmeng, you’re selfish and vicious. You’ll do anything to achieve your goals. I must be blind to have married you!"

Jiang Yan looked at Ye Yu, whose expression was cold. "Your Highness, I’ll leave this vicious woman to you!"

Hearing this, Madam Jiang trembled.

She could imagine the consequences of letting Ye Yu deal with her!

"Jiang Yan, we owe each other a lot. Please plead with the Second Prince on account of me taking care of you all these years…"

Jiang Yan interrupted Madam Jiang angrily. "If the Second Prince hadn’t found out about your true colors, you would have destroyed Ning Yuan’s throat today. It’s not like you don’t know how important her throat is to an anchorwoman. You knew that she was my biological daughter, but you wanted to destroy her. Have you considered my feelings?"

Madam Jiang looked at the coldness in Jiang Yan’s eyes and knew that he would not give her another chance.

She knelt down and hugged his calf with both hands. "Jiang Yan, I can go to jail, but you raised Belle since she was young. Although we’re not related by blood, she called you Daddy for so many years. You wouldn’t be so ruthless to chase her out, right?"

Jiang Yan pursed his lips tightly. "I won’t chase her out, but I will send her abroad!"

"Jiang Yan, you can’t do that to Belle…"

Jiang Yan shook off Madam Jiang’s hands that were hugging his calves and turned to look at Ning Yuan, who was on the sofa.

Jiang Yan’s eyes turned red.

No wonder they could not eat seafood when they ate on the plane.

No wonder he had a feeling of wanting to dote on her the first time he saw her.

So, she was his biological daughter!

Tears fell from Jiang Yan’s eyes. He took a few steps forward and walked to the sofa, saying with a trembling voice, "Xiao Yuan, I’ve made you suffer for so many years. Daddy will make it up to you in the future!"

Looking at Jiang Yan, whose face was covered in tears, Ning Yuan’s emotions surged.

Everything that happened today was too unreal for her!

It was like an unrealistic dream!

Ning Yuan closed her eyes, her long and thick eyelashes fluttering. "I need time."

Jiang Yan nodded. "Okay, I won’t force you."

Ye Yu got someone to detain Madam Jiang.

Ning Yuan’s head was heavy and she fell asleep not long after.

Ye Yu sent her back to Yuhua International.

When she woke up again, it was already the next morning.

Auntie Wang was sitting by the bed. Seeing that she had woken up, she said happily, "Miss Ning, you’re awake. Are you feeling unwell anywhere?"

Ning Yuan shook her head. "I’m fine."

"His Highness and Director Jiang came over last night. They didn’t sleep the entire night and are sitting in the living room."

Ning Yuan rubbed her eyes and got up from the bed.

After washing up in the bathroom, Ning Yuan changed and went downstairs.

Seeing her come down, the two men got up from the sofa at the same time and looked at her.

"Xiao Yuan, are you going home with Daddy today?"

Jiang Yan looked at Ning Yuan uneasily, afraid that she would refuse.

Ye Yu frowned. "I think she’s fine staying here."

Jiang Yan did not agree. "She has a father like me now. Of course she has to stay with her family. Besides, she’s a single girl. People will gossip if she stays here."

Jiang Yan looked at Ning Yuan. "Daddy wants you to acknowledge your roots and ancestors. You’ll be the young lady of the Jiang family in the future. No one can bully you."

Ye Yu’s expression darkened. Why did he feel that Jiang Yan’s words were directed at him?

If it was not for him, could he have found this daughter?

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