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Chapter: 2598

Jiang Yan threw the two paternity test reports to Jiang Beier.

When Jiang Beier saw the DNA report, she laughed and shouted, "It’s not true. It must be that b*tch, Ning Yuan…"

Jiang Yan interrupted Jiang Bei’er’s unfinished words angrily. "Shut up!"

Jiang Beier’s face was covered in tears. She pulled Jiang Yan’s sleeve. "Daddy, I’m your daughter. Don’t acknowledge this b*tch!"

"Jiang Beier, she’s my daughter. If I don’t acknowledge her, who will I acknowledge?" Jiang Yan suppressed the anger in his heart. "Your mother is scheming and vicious, causing me to be separated from my daughter for so many years. I didn’t want to put all the blame on you, but you keep calling her a b*tch. You’re really like your mother, an ingrate!"

"If you don’t go abroad, don’t enter our Jiang family in the future. You’re no longer my daughter!"

Jiang Beier fell to the ground with weak legs.

She never thought that her world would change completely when she woke up!

In the end, Jiang Beier agreed to go abroad with Jiang Yan. If she lost Jiang Yan, she would lose everything.

But after leaving the country, Jiang Yan would still treat her as his daughter because he had raised her for many years!

After moving into the Jiang family, Jiang Yan transferred the property to Ning Yuan.

He brought her back to the ancestral hall of the Jiang family’s old residence to let her acknowledge her roots and ancestors.

After being busy for more than ten days, when Ning Yuan wanted to relax, she accidentally found out that Jiang Yan was going to announce to the public that he had acknowledged his biological daughter and was going to hold a banquet for her.

When Ye Yu found out about this, Assistant Su had already received an invitation from the Jiang family.

"Your Highness, I heard that many young talents from the capital were invited to this banquet. I heard that Director Jiang has another purpose and wants to find one for Miss Ning…"

Before she could finish, Ye Yu interrupted her coldly. "Which young talent is more outstanding than me?"

Assistant Su was stunned.

Although it was the truth, Your Highness, don’t you have to be a little humble?

Ye Yu stood up from the leather chair with a cold expression. "Does Director Jiang think that I’m not worthy of his daughter? Without me, how can he find his daughter?"

Assistant Su did not know what to say.

With His Highness taking action, the other young talents would probably only be cannon fodder!

Soon, it was the day of the banquet.

In the evening, Jiang Yan called the makeup artist and stylist over.

The number of guests downstairs gradually increased.

Ye Yu and Feng Chen came together.

Ye Tian, Xia Lu, Zhang Shan, and An Rui had also arrived.

Some time ago, Ye Yu had talked to Ye Tian. Ye Tian had understood Ning Yuan and the knot in her heart had been resolved.

She still hoped that Ning Yuan could make up with Second Brother!

Feng Chen and Ye Yu clinked their wine glasses and looked around at the young and handsome men who were rubbing their hands together. He said with a devilish smile, "These are all your hidden love rivals!"

Ye Yu did not care about these people at all.

The banquet officially started and Ning Yuan, who was dressed to the nines, came down from the second floor.

She was wearing a red gown. She was definitely a woman who could wear red with a unique aura. She was charming, sexy, and charming. Her long wavy hair fell over her shoulders and her red lips were dazzling. She attracted everyone’s attention the moment she appeared.

She held Jiang Yan’s arm and came down from the second floor.

Many young and handsome men were dazed.

Jiang Yan introduced Ning Yuan to the guest and revealed her identity.

After the speech, many young men surrounded Ning Yuan.

Seeing this, Ye Tian was even more anxious than Ye Yu. "Second Brother, go and talk to Yuanyuan!"

Ning Yuan finally walked out of the crowd of young talents and came to Ye Tian and the others. After chatting for a while, Ye Tian pointed to the backyard.

"My second brother went there. He doesn’t seem to be in a good mood."

Ning Yuan took her wine glass and went to the back garden.

She found Ye Yu by the pool.

There was a bottle of red wine at his feet and a wine glass in his hand. She did not know what he was thinking, but when she walked toward him, she had already drunk two glasses.

When she was about to drink the third glass, the glass was taken away from her.

He looked up at the woman standing in front of him, his lips pursed into a straight line.

"Why did you drink so much?"

"Shouldn’t I drink to drown my sorrows after being abandoned?"

Ning Yuan was stunned and glared at him. "Who dares to abandon you!"

Ye Yu looked at Ning Yuan and said nothing. Suddenly, his long arm reached out and grabbed her wrist.

Ning Yuan fell into his arms.

She struggled to get up and the next second, the man lowered his head and kissed her.

The faint smell of alcohol and tobacco on him entered her taste buds. It was unfamiliar and familiar, nostalgic and fluttering.

But her rationality was still there.

She put her hands on his shoulders, wanting to push him away.

"Second Prince, you’re drunk…"

"Call me Ah Yu." His lips pressed against her red lips, his voice low and hoarse with a trace of enchantment. "Make me drunk tonight."

She did not know where her rationality was going.

Before she could say anything, he kissed her again.

He only let go of her when she was almost out of breath.

Ning Yuan was afraid of being seen and pulled his hand away, standing up from his arms with her face red.

"I was the one who pursued you in the past and you never pursued me. Do you think I will agree to make up with you like this?"

He had always been smart. The moment she spoke, he found another meaning in her words.

"You want me to chase after you?"

"I…" Ning Yuan bit her lip, unable to say anything.

Ye Yu’s tall body stood up from the ground and he chuckled. "Okay, I’ll chase after you."

Ning Yuan’s long eyelashes fluttered and she turned to walk toward the banquet hall without saying anything to him.

Looking at her back, Ye Yu chuckled softly.

After returning to the banquet hall, no matter which young talent was chatting with Ning Yuan, she was distracted.

She glanced at Ye Yu from time to time.

He was tall, handsome and had an outstanding aura. It was hard to ignore him.

Jiang Yan observed Ning Yuan and found that her gaze was still attracted by Ye Yu and she sighed slightly.

Her daughter would probably not be able to escape the Second Prince’s clutches in this lifetime!

After the banquet, Ning Yuan took the initiative to talk to Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan promised her that he would not help her find young talents in the future. She would decide her own feelings!

After acknowledging her ancestors, Ning Yuan decided to return to Wutong Town.

Jiang Yan wanted to go back with her to visit Grandma, but he had too many things to do at the end of the year, so he could only go after the Lunar New Year.

Ning Yuan drove back herself.

She did not tell Grandma about her identity as she was afraid that Grandma would not be able to take it.

When they arrived at the small courtyard, Ning Yuan pushed open the door and walked in.

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