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Chapter: 2601

"The Second Prince is walking toward us!"

Several girls looked at Ye Yu excitedly, wanting to greet him, but his aura was too strong and they could only look at him.

Then, the tall and cold man walked up to Editor Ning under their gaze.

"I came to pick you up from work."

The man’s deep and magnetic voice sounded.

The girls widened their eyes.

The woman the Second Prince confessed to on TV yesterday that made them jealous was Editor Ning?

Oh my god, if it was really Chief Editor Ning, they decided not to be jealous or hate her!

Only a beauty like Chief Editor Ning was worthy of the Second Prince!

They were going to change from girlfriend fans to couple fans!

Ning Yuan and Ye Yu’s dark and narrow eyes met. Seeing the flash of gentleness in his eyes, she smiled. "Feifei is treating me to a meal. I’ve agreed with my colleagues to eat hot pot together."

The moment Ning Yuan finished speaking, several girls interrupted her.

"Chief Editor Ning, go and have dinner with the Second Prince. It’s alright!"

Ning Yuan’s smile widened. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, yes. You look so good standing with the Second Prince. You’re so compatible!"

Gu Fei nodded at Ning Yuan. "Go. I’ll entertain these women who have just fallen out of love and are back together!"

Before Ning Yuan could say anything, Ye Yu grabbed her slender hand and led her to the car.

After getting into the car, Ning Yuan found a bouquet of beautiful pink roses in the back row. She was slightly surprised. "For me?"

"What else?" Ye Yu picked up the flower and handed it to Ning Yuan.

Ning Yuan hugged the flower and took a deep breath.

There was a small box in the middle of the bouquet and Ning Yuan took it out in confusion.

Realizing what was inside, her heart beat faster.

Ning Yuan lowered her eyes, her long and thick eyelashes fluttering slightly. She put down the bouquet and opened the box.

Inside was a dazzling pink diamond.

The pink diamond was the rarest and most precious colored diamond in the world. It was bright and sparkling.

The blood in Ning Yuan’s body surged. She looked up at the man with deep eyes. "Why did you suddenly give me a ring?"

Ye Yu’s scarlet lips curled up slightly. "What do you think?"

Ye Yu’s eyes on her darkened and his voice became deeper. "Are you getting married?"

Ning Yuan’s heart was beating extremely fast.

Her mind was blank. She was so excited and happy that she almost said yes.

"You said you wanted to pursue me, why are you doing it before we even start?"

She had never been pursued by him and wanted to experience that process.

A helpless and doting smile appeared on Ye Yu’s lips. "It’s the same even after you get married."

"How is it the same? If you’re not willing, then forget it." Ning Yuan smiled brightly. "I will always meet a man who is willing to pursue me."

Ye Yu’s expression darkened. He grabbed her hand and put the pink diamond ring on her slender fingers.

"Wear the ring. Let’s see which man dares to pursue you."

Ning Yuan glared at the man speechlessly. "Overbearing! How can you be like this?"

Ye Yu grabbed Ning Yuan’s slender wrist and pulled her into his arms. "You’re wearing a ring. It’s the same if I chase after you slowly."

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