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Chapter: 1049

Fairy Messenger

Chapter 1049 Fairy Messenger  'The surface!'

When the dark elves heard Leon's claim, they immediately revealed surprise and astonishment on their faces.

However, it only lasted a moment before they were filled with doubts and suspicions.

"Impossible. How can there still be living people on the surface?" the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf denied Leon's claim.

Nevertheless, Leon didn't find it surprising.

The dark elves' doubts were exactly the same as Elder Evergreen and his people when Leon first met them and told them about the surface.

However, the dark elves were even more reclused than Elder Evergreen's village.

The dark elves practically lived in a different world; any mentions of the surface in their clan were pretty much non-existent.

None of them had seen the surface, and very few had even heard of it.

Although the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent and the other dark elves doubted Leon's claim, they didn't feel like he was lying, nor did they sense any falsehood in his words.

The person seemed to be telling the truth, but how does that even make sense?

"You're really from the surface? How can you prove it?" the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf asked.

"How to prove it, huh?" Leon smiled amusedly before saying, "Well then, let me ask you this; when was the last time you've seen a human and a winter cat?"

"Our clan hasn't seen or heard of any human in several thousand years. As for the… adorable winter cat called Rainshine beside you, we have no records of such a creature," the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf replied before suddenly adding, "However, that doesn't prove anything."

"It doesn't?" Leon raised an eyebrow with growing interest.

"Of course not!" the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf firmly said.

"The abyss domain is a boundless world. We, who live in the abyss, have yet to explore all of it due to the dangers. Even so, we are at least aware that other many other races live in the abyss domain, even if we have no contact with them."

"As such, just because humans and winter cats are unfamiliar around here, it doesn't prove that you two are from the surface; you two could have come from another sector," the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf stated.

In another word, the dark elf admitted that they were ignorant. However, the dark elf wouldn't blindly believe in Leon's words because of it.

"I see. You made a reasonable point," Leon nodded with acknowledgment before saying, "Let's just say that where I came from isn't important. What's important is why I am here."

"That's right. Why did you come to our clan?" the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf asked after nodding.

The dark elves were all curious whether Leon truly came from the surface or not. However, since it couldn't be proven, they didn't want to waste time dwelling on it.

At the same time, even though Leon could prove it, he also didn't want to waste time doing so.

It was as he said; it was not important—at least, not at this point in time.

"I came for two reasons. First, I wish to establish a friendly relationship and trade with your clan. It would be beneficial to both of us. And second, I wish to learn about your clan's history in the abyss domain," Leon stated.

"You want to learn about our history living in the abyss…?" the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf slightly smiled and said, "You do sound more and more like someone from the surface."

"That is because I am," Leon calmly asserted with confidence.

The Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf quietly smiled without commenting on Leon's claim before asking, "Since you want to trade with us, what do you wish to trade?"

"Before that, I want to ask if you have enough authority to make such important decisions on behalf of your clan?" Leon calmly asked.

"I don't!" the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf furrowed his brows and said, "Only our clan leader or his representative can make decisions on behalf of the clan."

"If you want to meet our clan leader, I can take you to see him. But considering we can't trust you yet, you must agree to wear these tier-5 shackles before I can take you to meet the clan leader."

"Since you wish to build a friendly relationship with our clan, you will agree to this, won't you?" the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf asked.

Leon frowned while looking at the tier-5 silver shackles in the dark elf's hand. Even Paragons would have trouble breaking free from it. 

"You want to shackle someone who came to build a friendly relationship with your clan? Isn't that the same as spitting on my good intention?" Leon asked coolly.

"Please don't be offended. We are just taking precautions to guarantee our people's safety," the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf stated before adding, "And to build a friendly relationship, we have to build trust first, no?"

"That is true," Leon calmly nodded before adding, "However, I believe a healthy relationship requires mutual trust. Besides that, do you dare to put those shackles on me?"

As Leon asked that question, he revealed a portion of his Peak Paragon-level aura.

In that instant, the expressions of every dark elf in the area changed immediately upon sensing Leon's mighty aura.

None of them expected Leon to be so powerful.

The Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf quickly felt sweaty from nervousness and did not know what to do.

While the Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf was caught in a dilemma, a tiny fairy with glittering green light arrived.

"Captain Dhithres, I've come to deliver the clan leader's instructions. The human and winter cat are to be escorted to him. Furthermore, they must be treated with utmost respect along the way," the green fairy stated.

"I hear and obey, FairySorrell," Captain Dhithres answered respectfully while feeling relieved in his heart. Fairy Sorrell's arrival was timely.

Meanwhile, Leon silently studied the tiny fairy with interest.

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