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Chapter: 710.1

Chapter 710: Blessings in disguise, I’m free (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu was blessed in disguise!

No, it can’t be called in disguise, Lin Chujiu didn’t cause any trouble, she just got lucky.

The medical system alarmed again, causing Lin Chujiu to have a splitting headache. It wasn’t that Lin Chujiu didn’t do a good job, but that the medical system received too many updates on the patients’ recovery at a time. The medical system couldn’t handle it for a while, so… …

Lin Chujiu was tragic!

The moment the soldiers woke up, the news filled up. After the peak period, the medical system received fewer updates, and Lin Chujiu’s head didn’t hurt so much.

Knowing the cause and effect, Lin Chujiu burst into tears, but she couldn’t say anything in public, she could only curse in her heart: As expected, it’s a half-finished product, and it’s life-threatening. If I can go back, I must beat up all the people who developed it, until they can no longer take care of their lives!

When the recovery update was getting less and less, the pain became bearable. When Doctor Shi finished diagnosing the pulse, there was only a throbbing pain, like a hammer hitting the body. Although it was also very painful, it was much better than the previous pain of being stabbed by a knife… …

Lin Chujiu took a long breath and seemed to be a little more energetic, but everyone could still see from her subtle expression that she was still enduring the pain of her headache.

After Doctor Shi finished the pulse diagnosis, several doctors behind him all looked at him. Even Xiao Tianyao’s eyes fell on him. After becoming the center of attention in an instant, Doctor Shi can’t feel proud of himself at all. He just wanted to cry now, because…

He couldn’t diagnose why Lin Chujiu had headaches, so what will he say?

He secretly glanced at Lin Chujiu, and then at Xiao Tianyao. Doctor Shi hadn’t figured out what to say when Xiao Tianyao swept his sharp eyes over him. Doctor Shi knelt on the ground with a plop and cried: "Wangye, this old one is incompetent, and didn’t have enough knowledge. I can only diagnose that wangfei is very weak, and there are still unresolved poisons on her body, but I don’t know why wangfei has a headache."

Lin Chujiu was weak and the remaining poison was still not clear. It was diagnosed by Imperial Doctor Zhu. He just copied it and said it as if he was not aware of it from the beginning. After all, he was only able to diagnose her with a weak body.

"You, say, what?" Xiao Tianyao said each word with greeted teeth. Everyone knew that he was not happy.

Doctor Shi couldn’t wait to faint, but in front of Xiao Tianyao’s coercion, he had to continue: "Wangye, this old one is incompetent, and can’t diagnose the cause. I am asking wangye to let others try it." A deadman doesn’t die, and he has no choice.

"Are you sure they can diagnose it?" Xiao Tianyao was not happy, very unhappy.

Lin Chujiu was in so much pain but these people said they couldn’t diagnose it?

"This…" Although a dead man doesn’t die, he can’t push his friends into the pit.

*Plop* Before Doctor Shi could finish his words, all the military doctors behind him knelt and said tremblingly: "Wangye, we old doctor’s medical skills are far inferior to Doctor Shi. Doctor Shi can’t find out, what more of us." They wanted to go and try, but they didn’t have the guts.

Also, what he said was true. Their medical skills are indeed not as good as Doctor Shi’s. They were military doctors, trying their best to work in the military camp, if they were capable doctors, why would they work in the dangerous army camp?

Do they think everyone has the heart to sacrifice and dedicate oneself like Imperial Doctor Zhu?

If they had good medical skills, they would open a business and stay in the capital and just treat those wealthy people. Why would they stay in the military camp and bandage the wounded soldiers all day long?

"Since you are all incompetent, benwang…"

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