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Chapter: 710.2

Chapter 710: Blessings in disguise, I’m free (Part 2)

"Wangye!" Lin Chujiu was receiving alarms from the medical system. When she realized something was wrong, she busily said to Xiao Tianyao: "Wangye, I’m fine." Lin Chujiu was lost in thoughts and didn’t hear Xiao Tianyao’s words, but she could guess seven or eight points about what it was.

"Are you okay?" Xiao Tianyao’s anger subsided a little and looked down at Lin Chujiu in his arms.

Only a quarter of an hour had passed, but Lin Chujiu seemed to be fished out of the water. Her face was as white as paper and her lips redden in bitting. She looked like a frightened bunny, which looked lovely.

"I’m alright. I said that this is an old problem that doctors can’t cure. If it could be cured, I would have cured it long ago." The pain in her head was gone, but Lin Chujiu was still very weak.

The wave after wave of pain just now exhausted all her energy. However, the pain this time was worth it. Even if she has suffered this time, she will no longer have to worry about the medical system getting in her way.

That’s right!

The medical system just received a large number of recovered patients. These people were not the injured soldiers in the wounded barracks, but the soldiers who drank cold cold medicines.

Although the medicine Lin Chujiu prepared yesterday was not enough for hundreds of thousands of people, it was enough for a few thousand people.

As long as Lin Chujiu treats 3,000 people according to the medical system, she will no longer be controlled by the system. And just now, Lin Chujiu accomplished this goal.

As long as she can get rid of the restraint of the medical system, let alone a quarter of an hour of pain, even another quarter of an hour’s pain, Lin Chujiu will endure it!

Thinking that she will no longer be asked by the medical system to treat people in the future, nor she will be forced to treat those she doesn’t want to treat or to treat those she can’t guarantee a cure, Lin Chujiu was full of joy when she treated patients.

Lin Chujiu was happy. Her face brightened by three points and her eyebrows curved into happiness: "Wangye, I’m really fine. Let them go and don’t delay their work."

Although Lin Chujiu was now too thin and her smile was not as pleasing to the eyes as before, Xiao Tianyao still felt comfortable looking at it.

"Go back." When Xiao Tianyao saw Lin Chujiu’s smile, the worry and anger in his heart disappeared. He mercifully let go of Doctor Shi and others.

"Thank you for wangye’s grave, thank you wangfei for saving our lives." Doctor Shi and the others kowtowed and ran out as if they had been granted amnesty. They ran so fast in fear that they would be stopped by Xiao Tianyao if they step a bit too late.

The whole room was empty in an instant. In the huge room, there were only Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao, and Lin Chujiu was still in Xiao Tianyao’s arms.

"Wangye, let me down." Although Xiao Tianyao’s embrace was not as cold as others, Lin Chujiu was still unwilling to rely on him.

She has legs, she can stand, she can walk, and she can sit by herself.

"Mmm." Xiao Tianyao replied, but he didn’t move, he still sat there like an old man.

Lin Chujiu tilted her neck, looked up at Xiao Tianyao, and happened to meet Xiao Tianyao’s gaze… …

There was no such thing called ‘sparks’, nor the legendary thing electric shock-like feeling. The two of them just stared at each other so quietly. No one knows how long they stared at each other. Anyway, by the end, both of them were tired. Especially Lin Chujiu, who kept her neck up, and it was sour.

Lin Chujiu retracted her gaze and put her fingers on Xiao Tianyao’s chest: "Ahem, wangye let go of me, I’ll come down by myself."

Xiao Tianyao didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu would suddenly touch him. His body instinctively tensed and stiffened, and then… …

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