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Chapter: 712.2

Chapter 712: Farewell, the financial power (Part 2)

But he will never agree to be brought to the capital, which will delay his business.

Although the mines of black ores have collapsed, there were still many things that need to be dealt with as the person in charge on the bright side. If he will be taken to the capital by Xiao Tianyao, no one will be in charge of the mines.

When the people from the central empire came to investigate but didn’t see him, they will think that the cause of the collapse of the mine was due to his negligence.

"I don’t know, I didn’t hear wangye mention it. But wangye might not embarrass you too much. After all, you are the eldest prince of the central empire. Even if wangye hates you, he won’t kill you with one knife. You can rest assured." Lin Chujiu said. However, even she doesn’t believe her words, lest Xuanyuan Zhi.

"If Xiao Tianyao care about this prince’s identity, he would not detain this prince. This prince hasn’t forgotten it even if I had a head injury." Xuanyuan Zhi said. Speaking of Xiao Tianyao, he couldn’t help but gnash his teeth.

Lin Chujiu pretended not to see it, and in order not to open Xuanyuan Zhi’s wound with anger, Lin Chujiu deliberately changed the topic.

"Eldest prince, you should know exactly when you will be poisoned. I have prepared some medicine for you. Start taking it half a month before the poisoning. If the effect is good, the poison may not onset. If the effect is not good, you may feel uncomfortable, but it will not be fatal." Lin Chujiu opened the medicine box and took out two rows of medicines.

"The blue liquid bottles, take it half a month before the poison occurs, drink one bottle a day. Drink it when you wake up in the morning, on an empty stomach." Lin Chujiu put it in front of Xuanyuan Zhi, and then took out a small row of red medicine bottles: "The red liquid bottles, drink it when the poison strikes. You can take more than one bottle a day, but not more than 3 bottles."

Originally, intravenous infusion had the fastest effect when the poison broke out, but only God knew where Xuanyuan Zhi was when the poison broke out. No need to think about intravenous infusion, oral medicine would be the best. It was just the effect will be slow.

"These medicines…" Xuanyuan Zhi looked at the transparent vials and his eyes lit up.

Such a beautiful glass bottle was very rare in the Central Empire.

"The bottle is beautiful, right? It’s useless no matter how beautiful it is. It’s only used to store medicines. You have to pay me back a lot later, otherwise, those medicine bottles won’t be filled again." There were glazed products in this world. Their quality was not bad. Su Cha has a shop for making glass medicine. Those small medicine bottles were not much different from the medicine bottles she took out, but they were very expensive. Most people use them as decorations.

To hide the medical system, she spent a lot of money and ordered a batch of small glass medicine bottles outside, but she didn’t use them to store the medicines but put them in the medical system. As for what their use will be?

It may be to collect dust.

"I can’t tell you’re worth a lot of money." Although Xuanyuan Zhi was the eldest prince of the central empire, he has no title and no fief. And because he hasn’t married yet, he hasn’t built his mansion yet. He can only get his monthly allowance.

Xuanyuan Zhi had the title of the eldest prince, but he was very poor. Seeing Lin Chujiu, a small pry princess, who was rich and took out a row of glass bottles, Xuanyuan Zhi was sour.

"I am an only child of my mother, and I am Xiao Wangfu’s main wife. Do you think I will be poor?" This was the difference between getting married and not getting married. Once you get married, you have financial freedom.

However, all the money in Lin Chujiu’s hands was left by the mother of the original owner. Her money has nothing to do with Xiao Wangfu… …

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