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Chapter: 713.2

Chapter 713: Account, now or never (Part 2)

Because of that meal, she almost died of poisoning.

She wouldn’t be so weak if it wasn’t for that damn meal!

In this account, she has to make it clear with Xuanyuan Zhi.

Lin Chujiu gritted her teeth and looked at Xuanyuanzhi. Her eyes were like knives. Xuanyuan Zhi felt his hair stand up when Lin Chujiu stared at him, but he still didn’t forget to defend himself: "What happened to that meal? Didn’t I also eat it myself. ?"

The pain Lin Chujiu endured, he also endured it. He was even more miserable than Lin Chujiu because he was injured at that time, which caused the poison hidden in the body to attack earlier.

"That is wangye’s arrangement, what does it have to do with me?" Xiao Tianyao was good at venting his anger for her, but she hadn’t yet done so.

"You, you… You, husband, and wife are bullies. I make a move once, why do you two make move one by one for revenge? Does it mean I can also take revenge on Xiao Tianyao when you poisoned me?" Xuanyuan Zhi had never seen such a shameless person before, it was so annoying. He regretted doing this errand.

No, he regretted provoking the couple Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu.

If he had known that this couple was so perverted, he wouldn’t come out to make the trouble even if they killed him. To keep the face of the central empire, he should have focused on digging the mines. He doesn’t have to worry about many things.

"As long as you have the ability, you are welcome to seek revenge from wangye. Fighting alone or fighting in a group is fine." Although, the previous events have proved that, whether fighting alone or in a group, Xuanyuanzhi was not Xiao Tianyao’s opponent.

"… …" Is it too late to pretend to have a headache and faint?

Xuanyuan Zhi looked at Lin Chujiu, wanting to cry without tears.

Lin Chujiu ignored it and asked ruthlessly: "Eldest prince, what do you say about the account between us?"

"What do you think? This prince doesn’t care about you anymore. Can you be a little bit more interesting, woman? Who is this prince? This prince is the eldest prince of the central empire. If you annoyed me, have you thought about your fate?" He has no way to pretend to be dizzy, he could only show a tough side. Unfortunately, Xuanyuan Zhi was lying on the hospital bed at this moment, with a big shaved head. He doesn’t look as noble as he spoke of.

"As long as I don’t go to the Central Empire, what can you do to me, Eldest Prince?" Lin Chujiu tapped the medicine box with her fingers. Her tapping has no regular pattern, which made Xuanyuan Zhi’s heart up and down.

Lin Chujiu didn’t speak for a long time. Xuanyuan Zhi couldn’t hold back and took the initiative to say: "Tell me, what do you want?" He had to bow his head under the eaves.

Wait, Lin Chujiu just waits for him, once he returns to the central empire, he will never let Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao go!

This couple was too hateful.

"I haven’t thought about it either." Lin Chujiu shook her head calmly. Her visit to Xuanyuan Zhi was a temporary decision, so how could she think so much in a short moment?

Xuanyuanzhi’s eyes lit up: "You haven’t thought about it, then let’s talk about it later. We will have the opportunity to deal with each other in the future."

"No, there won’t be such a good opportunity in the future. We must end this matter today." Just kidding, Xuanyuan Zhi was the eldest prince of the central empire. If he hadn’t fallen into Xiao Tianyao’s hands, how would she be able to handle him?

Now that she has a chance to settle the account with Xuanyuan Zhi how could she miss this opportunity? It was now or never. And she decided to settle accounts today… …

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