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Chapter: 1402

『And we’ll have to end it there! Our tournament has come to a close! Thank you all for watching!!!』

Nei greets the camera while wiping off her tears.

『That was fun! Err. will there be another tournament like this?』

Saito-san asks Nei.

『Hmm, that depends on Edie! If she says that there will be another, then there will be』

Nei said.

『The next one should be a real women’s martial arts tournament in prime time』

『That’s right』

Rodulfo-san and Mimi-san are making noises from the side.

『I don’t mind going for another school swimsuit judo tournament. I can’t accept that I didn’t win due to the rules』

『I don’t care as long as I get to fight』

Poron-san and Grace Marinka also speaks for their convenience.

『Or so the beauty witch league says, but what about the high school girls?』

Nei turns her mic to Kudou Haruka and the girls.

『I’m ready for anything, I’ve decided to live my life as a martial artist. You too, Maria』

『Yes, Nnee-san! I won’t lose miserably like today』

Kendou Maria is Tendou Otome whose some of her karate techniques got sealed when her memory got altered.

In fact, she even mastered Qi techniques.

The truth is that she’s the type who overestimates herself too much due to her overly inclined personality, acting bossy among the Yakuza daughters.

Her karate skills got reduced and she’s training with Kudou Haruka, who has a serious personality.

She’s got a lot of people much stronger than her, and it’s been ingrained in her body, so maybe it’s about time we lift off Kendou Maria’s restrictions.

『I also will train more and more.』

Line Haruko-san’s also an earnest girl. Unlike her mischievous master.

『I’m ready to take on anyone’s challenge anytime!』

Mitama puts on her white uniform on top of her school swimsuit.


The spectators cheered.

『However, it’s only if Milord gives his permission!』

Lastly, Edie;

『The next one won’t be the school swimsuit judo tournament. We’re going to our match in Las Vegas USA! You can look forward to the show on New Year’s eve』

『Huh, it’s already settled, Edie-chan?』

Mimi-san’s surprised by Edie’s announcement.

『You can ask at Margo’s press conference next week!』

Edie smiles.

『I heard that it’s at the end of the year, but…』

『It’s finally here』

『I’m looking forward to it』

Rodulfo-san, Grace-san, Poron-san.

『Yes, we’ll be announcing some big news next week that’ll turn the Japanese martial arts fan upside down, look forward to it everyone!』

『I’m looking forward to it』

The camera goes back to Nei and Saito-san.

『That means you’ll see them all again next time! That’s our special emergency report program first chiki chiki doki doki school swimsuit judo tournament! Hanazawa real estate and Hanazawa Existence special! I’m Natou Nei, the host』

『And I’m Saito Yuki, her assistant!! Thank you for watching!』

『See you!』

Nei and Saito-san smile and the show’s over.

◇ ◇ ◇

Now that the school swimsuit judo tournament is over.

Customers rushed to our cafe.

Most of them are students.

The last day of the school festival is almost over, so the majority of the outside guests are leaving.

The only ones remaining on the campus are students who are looking forward to the after-party after this event.

「Yeah, it looks like all the souvenir pastries are sold out as expected」

Katsuko-nee looks up at the monitor that’s showing the front of the cafe and says.

「Let’s call it a day after we finish the pastries in the oven」

We also need to clean up our store before the after-party.

Even the tennis girls want to participate in the after-party.

「If that’s the case…I’ll start cleaning the work bench」

Ai said.

「Mana will help out」

「Me too…」

Mana and Haiji are free so they joined Ai in cleaning up.


「Huh? Everyone’s here it seems」

Yomi looked up at the monitor and said.

「Oh, they’re here indeed」

Mana said. I looked up at the monitor.

The cafe has Rei-chan, Nei, and Mitama.

Saito Yuki, who had been Nei’s assistant earlier today is also with them, dressed in her idol costume.

Saito-san’s manager, Fujimori-san is also here.

Then, Tsukiko and Igarashi Izumi too.

Then, a lot of students are following them.

「Edie-oneesama and the other martial artists are dismantling the ring」

Haiji said.

「The white tent they used as the waiting room had to be dismantled so that’s why the idol-san and her manager came over here」

Katsuko-nee said.

Our cafe terrace serves tea and bread.

Rei-chan’s a special guest so she doesn’t need to go with Edie and others to do the heavy lifting.

I assigned Mitama and Tsukiko to be Nei’s bodyguards, so they naturally came with Nei back here. Tsukiko also has to return Igarashi Izumi.

「I’ll take care of the rest here, take Eri-chan, Rie-chan, and Kinuka-chan to Nei-chan’s place」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「No, but, I’ll bake the rest of the pastries and clean the oven」

I feel sorry that I’m the only one not working

「Just go, Onii-chan」

Mana smiled.

「Mitama-chan just appeared on TV so, it won’t look weird if Eri-chan and Rie-chan appear here. Kinuka-chan’s also bad at cleaning up

「It’s a disgrace」

Kinuka bows to Mana.

Kinuka and Mitama are bad at housework.

「Besides…Yoshida-kun, shouldn’t you go…and pick Megumi-chan?」


「You’ll dance with Megumi-chan… at the closing party…right?」

AI looks at me gently.

「Dance? What?」

I don’t know.

「Oh? Do they still do folk dance at the closing party?」

Katsuko-nee asks Ai.

「They do…I heard」

Ai’s also a freshman so it’s her first time in this school festival

「Oh, is it that scene where they gather around a campfire after the school festival is over and the lovers dance around the flames?」

Mana joins in.

「I heard…they banned fires…because burning produces dioxin」

Ai replied.

「But…it seems…dancing among lovers…is still something they do」

So it’s that kind of event.

「I’ve also heard about it. It’s already been five years however」

Katsuko-nee smiles with a bit of sadness.

Shirasaka Sousuke kidnapped Katsuko-nee when she was a freshman, so she heard stories about the school festival, but she hasn’t experienced it

「That’s why…Yoshida-kun, and Megumi-chan, has to dance」

Ai said.

Everyone in school knows Megu and I are engaged.

It would be weird if we don’t appear at that event.

「I think Megumi-chan’s…waiting for Yoshida-kun to pick her up」


「The event starts…with the boy…inviting the girl…to dance」

I see. I’ll have to go to Megu in the women’s track and field club.

I have to ask her for a dance in front of the other students.

「Right, Megumi-chan’s a normal girl so she’d love to attend this kind of event」

Katsuko-nee looked at me.

「Sorry, I know that she’s a handful, but go to her, Onii-chan. Please」

Mana bows her head to me for Megu, her sister from a different mother.

「I got it, I’m going out」

I took off my apron and was ready to get outside.

「Oh, take Anju-chan as your bodyguard. we’ll be okay here」

Katsuko-nee told me.

Right, Rei-chan, Mitama, Kinuka, and Haiji are here.


I open the door to the break room and call Kurose Anju, who’s checking out the monitoring system.

「Kurose-san, I’m going out, come with me」

「Ah, yes, certainly」

Kurose Anju will be my full-time bodyguard from now on, so she jumps out.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Here you go!」

Kana-senpai’s serving coffee and bread to Rei-chan and Saito-san’s group at the cafe.

「Our pastries here are delicious. Try it out」

Nei recommends the pastry to Saito-san.

「Ah, thank you! I’ll eat then」

Saito-san takes a bite.

「Yuki, it may look like you’re a bit dumb, but you should put your mouth close to the pastry and munch it down. That way, you’ll look cute」

The manager told her.

「That’s not a way to get a job as a food reporter!」

「Okay, I get it」

Saito-san gives the bread a big bite like a child

I see. The silly image sure looks cute.

「Huh? This is delicious!」

Saito-san’s making a surprised face.

「Oh, true. Isn’t this just from the refreshment booth at the school festival」

The manager also takes a small bite and she’s also surprised by the taste.

「Oh, that’s because the pastries here are freshly baked from the bakery there」

「Our school’s got this baking course for those who want to open a bakery in the future. And that’s baked by students of that course」

Nei explained. Kana-senpai added.

「My, is that so?」

「Oh, just in time. Nobu! They say that your bread is delicious!」

Kana-senpai noticed me.

There are too many spectators that they didn’t notice me until I was nearby.

「Aaah, Yo-chan!!!」

Nei stood from her seat and jumped at me.

「Thanks about the choir club! Thanks! Onee-chan’s really happy!!! I love you!」

She embraces me with her voluptuous body.

「Hey, hey!」

「Bu, bu, bu!!」

The boys boo me, but…

「Shut it! This is just an expression of love between siblings. You all can just shut up.」

Nei scolds the spectators while still hugging me.

「Err. Is he Natou-san’s brother?」

Saito-san’s surprised.

「Yes, that’s right! I love Yo-chan」

Nei, I think that’s enough.

Their stares scare me.

「Err, we’ve met earlier, haven’t we?」

Saito-san remembers me.

I was there with Margo-san earlier.

「Yes. It’s Yoshida」

So, I named myself.

「Huh? But why is Natou-san’s brother with Yoshida-saan?」

「Oh, about that, my relative’s dad’s cousin’s son’s mother’s granddaughter in previous life married a college junior who got married, divorced, remarried, eloped, and went to Okhotsk to see the northern lights and the result was the Great Buddha in Ueno park」

Nei laughs it off.

「Only the face is left now, but the body was offered up during the war. But, they say that the head doesn’t fall off anymore, so now it’s a good luck charm or something for the exams, that’s the Great Buddha of Ueno. Yo-chan, let’s go visit that place next time」



「Excuse me」

「Excuse me」

Rie and Eri come in.

「Aaaah, the twins I always see on TV!!!」

Saito-san shouts in surprise.

「Move. move. move. move」

Kinuka appears in front of them.

「What’s wrong, why are you so displeased Kinuka?」

Mitama asks Kinuka.

「Eh, eh, eh, wait, is she?」

「Indeed, my little sister. She’s stealth Kinuka」

「I’m stealth Kinuka」

Kinuka puts on the ninja hood she wears on TV.

「Wow! It’s the real deal!」

Saito-san sure watches Yukino’s show.

「Onee-sama, it’s unfair that you get to have fun by yourself!」

「That’s my duty, I don’t want to hear Kinuka’s complaints」

Mitama stared at her sister.

「But, I know that you won’t be satisfied with that so I’ll play with you to your heart’s content. Come!」

「Ready yourself, Onee-sama」


「Mitama and Kinuka started their street performance at the front of the cafe.」

「anjou arts, fire top! Choiyaaa!!」

「Vacuum hell top! Mirror Wind!」

Mitama turns the tip of her sword to a huge spinning top.

Kinuka handstands on Mitama’s head and spins herself around.

「Waaaa! Wow! Amazing!!」

Saito Yuki-san claps her hand to the performance of the Anjou sisters.


Tsukiko approached me.

「I’ll take Igarashi-san to the mansion」

Oh right, Marika and Matsumoto Maki-san already went back to the mansion with Minaho-neesan earlier.

「Reika-oneesama will give us a ride」

If Rei-chan’s driving, then there should be no problems.

「Yeah, do that」

I looked at Igarashi-san.

She’s got a gloomy look on her face.

「Don’t worry, you’ll get to see Matsumoto-san soon, also, you have a good voice」

I praised Igarashi Izumi’s voice.


Igarashi Izumi’s under Tsukiko’s control so she can’t respond further.

「Ya-chan, I’ll go pick Megu up」

「Oh right. Yeah, it’s about time. Go, Yo-chan」

Nei finally let me go.

「Take care of Megu-chan. Onee-chan will talk with Saito-san for now」

Saito Yuki-san belongs to the female talent division that Minaho-neesan took away from Death Star Productions

I’m going to Death Star Productions tomorrow, so…

She’s going to ask Saito-san and the manager about the internal affairs of the company.

「Yeah, I’m heading out, Onee-chan」

「Take care! Yo-chan!」

◇ ◇ ◇

I went to the ground where Megu’s staying.

Behind me is Kurose Anju, my bodyguard.

Well, which route should I pick?

For now, I want to check on Edie’s situation so I’ll leave the school building, to the schoolyard, and then to the ground.

Oh, the sky’s getting dark.

The day’s about to end.

Going out to the schoolyard, the aftermath of the school swimsuit judo tournament from earlier is still lingering.

However, both the ring and the platform are already half dismantled and loaded into the trucks.

It’s easily constructed and easily deconstructed.


Edie noticed me and came running.

She’s no longer in her school swimsuit and judo uniform.

She’s wearing her school uniform and is working.

「I watched it. That was fun」

I told Edie, and she was happy.

「I’ve been checking on the net, and their reactions were great. It went well」

She already looked it up.

「Takasaki told Margo that she needs a little more popularity in Japan before going to the US.」

Takasaki, the Yakuza Margo-san talked to when it comes to the martial arts entertainment industry.

「Otherwise, they can’t buy broadcast rights to Japan at a good price」

I see. Women martial arts only has a few fans in Japan.

「She got told that she need a wider audience to get a prime-time broadcast.」

Edie said.

「That’s why we had Nei, Mitama, and Reika appear on air to get our names and faces out there」

Today’s school swimsuit judo tournament is a news hook.

The broadcast will get viral on the net and the participants today will get talked about.

Even non-martial artist fans are also interested in Edie and the group.

「This should be fine. What’s left is for Margo to do the talks」

「I see. Edie must have it hard too」

I pat Edie’s head.

「Yeah, I worked hard, Darling!」

Edie smiled.


「So, I have a request, Darling」


「It’s about Haruko」

Edie looks at Line Haruko-san cleaning up the ring.

「She’s not going to school right now」


Haruko-san doesn’t get along with her father so she’s living in Rodulfo Seiko-san’s gym.

Naturally, she’s not going to high school.

「I want Haruko to enroll in our school」

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