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Chapter: 1403

「 I want to help Haruko get into our school 」

Edie considered it.

「 I get how Edie feels. I don’t mind asking Minaho-neesan, but… 」


「 But I still think that we shouldn’t push that forward unless Line Haruko-san expresses her desire to go to school 」

We shouldn’t decide for her

「 Yeah, I think so too 」

Edie nods.

「 If possible, I want Haruko to be interested in our school after seeing today’s school festival 」

Edie smiled gently.

「 But, Haruko’s occupied with the match until a while ago. That’s why she still hasn’t seen the school at all 」

But, it’s a school festival.

「 I’d like to give her a little tour of the school after taking down the ring 」

The school festival is almost over.

The booths and exhibits are cleaned up.

「 We still have the post-event. Just have her watch the after-party 」

I suggested.

「 Is that okay? The closing party? 」

The after-party is supposed to be the current students that stay behind.

「 I’ll deal with that. Rather, if we want Line Haruko-san to see our high school, then it’s better to do it at the after-party when there are no outside guests, just the current students 」

「 Right, I think that gives better influence if she wants to choose this high school or not 」

Edie nods.

「 Oh right, the cafe’s closing soon so you can take Haruko-san there before it does 」

I looked at the clock and said.

「 Everyone’s still there right now 」

Nei, and Saito Yuki-san and everyone’s there.

It would be easier for Line Haruko-san to stay with the people involved with the school swimsuit judo tournament.

「 Okay, I got it, Darling! I’ll take Seiko and everyone there too. Haruko has to get Seiko’s permission to go to high school 」


Line Haruko-san’s currently living in Rodulfo Seiko-san’s gym, so of course, we also have to talk to her.


「 Still, Edie’s amazing for being considerate to so many people 」

Even the school swimsuit tournament today…

The girl assassins watching the TV show at the mansion just discovered that there’s a way to live as a martial artist.

Margo-san’s reason for establishing the martial arts show in the U.S. was to raise its profile in Japan and to get higher TV rights.

Then, to think that she’s also going to use this opportunity to introduce our school to Line Haruko, who isn’t attending any school because of her problems with her father.

「 Nonono, It’s nothing amazing. I’m just doing what I can, just like Darling 」

Edie said.

「 No, I guess not. I’m doing what I know that I can do, but attempts what he can’t, and forces it so he can do it 」

Edie smiles.

「 I’m not like that 」

I deny it.

I’m not that great of a person

「 You are. Darling, you need to be more confident in yourself! 」


「 It’s easier if you have confidence, but don’t overdo it. Don’t forget that we’re always following behind you Darling 」

Edie smiles and then she speaks to Kurose Anju, standing behind me.

「 Anju, be sure to guard Darling okay? 」

「 Y-Yes, I understand 」

Kurose Anju bows to Edie.

Kurose Anju understands Edie’s position in our family and her strength.

As a bodyguard, Kurose Anju’s a quiet, and a little too good-natured girl, but she’s smart. She’s got an eye for people.


I wonder why Kurose Anju’s been standing far behind me?

She’s a bodyguard so this kind of distance shouldn’t be a problem.

「 Edie, what should we do with this? 」

Monkey Mimi-san calls Edie from the tent that’s being dismantled.

「 I’m going now. Give me a second 」

Edie waved her hand at Mimi-san.

「 See you later! Darling! 」

「 Yeah, good job, Edie 」

I lightly hugged Edie in the shadows of the schoolyard as the sun is setting.

Despite her curvy fully toned and well-trained body, Edie’s lightweight and small when hugged.

「 Don’t worry! I’m doing fine, go to Megumi’s place now 」

「 Yeah, I’ll go pick her up 」

Edie runs to Mimi-san.

Megu’s next.

I went to the women’s track and field.

◇ ◇ ◇

When I finally reached the women’s track and field club ground.

The sun’s already set, and the sky’s getting darker.

The women’s track and field team also finished their event at the school festival. Where they measure track records of those who came from outside, and the current students who wish to join the club.

The equipment put on the ground is getting cleaned up too.

「 Err. 」

I sift through the girls in the club as it’s dim.

「 Ah, it’s there 」

All the track and field girls are assembled at the entrance to the grounds.

「!! 」

I noticed someone behind and then…

Kurose Anju’s standing a few meters behind me as usual.

「 … 」

Ah, she’s hiding behind a tree

I wonder why?

Is that her way of being considerate?

I don’t get it.

「 Oh, you’re here Baker-kun 」

「 Megumi, your prince has come to pick you up! 」

Seeing me, the track and field club girls said.

「 I knew it, you’re going to dance at the closing party, right? 」

Our school had this unwritten rule where sweethearts dance a folk dance at the after-party

「 U-Uhm, I’m… 」

Megu looked down in embarrassment.


「 What? Yamamine won’t dance? 」

Takeshiba-san, the head of the athletics club comes with a grumpy look on her face.


She’s got this unbelievably tough personality so she might hate these kinds of events.

「 What’s going on, Yamamine? 」

Takeshiba-san stares at Megu.

「 U-Uhm, I… 」

Megu falters.

The other members of the club gathered and quiet down.


「 U-Uhm, Captain, I’m sorry to ask but aaaah, I want to go to dance too 」

Another member raised her hand.

「 Huh? 」

Captain Takeshiba stares at the club member, but…

「 Err, I’m already in my third year, I’m retiring from the track and field for the school festival, and so, uhm 」

The senior club member speaks to Takeshiba-san with desperate determination.

「 Sorry, I kept it a secret until now but I’ve been dating someone since this spring! 」

「 Eeeeeh?! 」

Only a third of the track and field club members were surprised.

Meaning, that the rest, especially the seniors know that she had a girlfriend already.

「 A-And so, this is my last school festival, and my only chance to get a dance with him! So, uhm, I, Akamatsu Akemi, want to dance! Please let me dance! 」

In the end, she spoke like it was a campaign speech.

「 So, who are you dancing with? 」

Takeshiba-san asks Akamatsu-san.

「 Aaah, my boyfriend’s Kiyoshiba Kiyoshi. Please give us your warm support, I’ll appreciate it 」

Akamatsu-san looks like she’s about to pee herself.

「 U-Uhm, I’m sorry. Actually, me too 」

Another member speaks up.

「 Me too, I’m actually dating Yoneya Yoshiyo-kun 」

「 Ueeeeeeeeeeee?! 」

This time, everyone apart from Takeshiba-san raised their voice in surprise.

「 Hey, Masami? Since when? 」

「 You never told us! 」

「 Err. Uhm, it was starting yesterday 」


Yesterday was the first day of the school festival.

「 Uhm, he called me at the back of the gym during the break time and he confessed to me. Teehee 」

「 That’s not a "Teehee" moment! You just gave him an okay right there Masami? 」

「 Yes, you need to explain yourself! 」

Their curiosity won over their fear of Takeshiba-san

The club girls crowd Masami.

「 No, well, Yoneya says "Now that STAP has broken up, it’s not a bad idea for the two of us to date each other, right?" so suddenly 」

「 I don’t get it 」

「 I get that, that kind of flow is common 」

「 Really? 」

「 It’s a high-level theory where since the improbably has happened, and so the probability is also possible! 」

「 Oh, it’s that pattern where a scammer tells you good stories and you keep nodding until you get to buy some feather blanket or something, right? 」

「 Yonaye-kun’s not like that 」

Masami-san’s getting angry at the girls.

「 Then he says "Do you think it’s a good idea for us to start dating or not? Try giving me your honest opinion," so I agreed. Ahahaha 」

Misami-san laughs suddenly.

「 I said "I guess we could try," but still…ahahahaha. for now… 」

「 You’re so easy 」

Captain Takeshiba’s voice is heavy.

「 Ah, I’m sorry. Captain 」

Masami-san shrinks.


「 I also have another matter I have to report to Captain!! 」

Another girl raised her hand.

「 What? Tsukamoto? 」

「 Yes, well, I’m…no, I, Tomoko Tsukamoto’s curious in this one guy 」

Tsukamoto-san speaks with pride.

「 And! I want Captain’s blessing! U-Uhm, t-the guy a-asked me if I want to dance with him. No, he asked if I want to do the folk dance with him. No, I mean, he said "If I don’t get to dance with Tsukamoto, then I’ll slice my stomach here!" so he forced me 」

So it wasn’t a confession but coercion.

「 And so, Captain, please let this Tsukamoto leave without saying anything! Please 」

Tsukamoto-san prostrates herself.

The wind blew on the ground.

「 I’ll ask you, Tsukamoto, who’s that guy? 」

Takeshiba-san asks.

「 First year, class third. Aoba Shigeaki! 」

Tsukamoto-san looks up at Captain Takeshiba.

「 Huh, Tsukamoto-san, you’re going to be Aoba-kun’s girlfriend? 」

Another girl mutters.

「 What? 」

Tsukamoto-san’s startled.

「 No, it’s Aoba-kun, right? That guy’s been lovey-dovey with his girlfriend since middle school. 」

「 Yeah, he’s famous. His GF was Aikawa-san from the gymnastics club, right? 」

「 They were my juniors since middle school so I know them 」

「 The two are inseparable 」

「 Yeah, no way 」

「 The two of them are head-over-heels 」


「 Then get him to slice his belly 」

Hey, Tsukamoto-san?!

「 Ignore her, is there anyone else who wants to go dance with someone?? 」

Captain Takeshiba asks the girls.

「 Ah, y-yes. Me 」

「 Hey, Mihoko, we have the opportunity, so tell them 」

「 I-I’m sorry, I Suzuki Mihoko have a boyfriend! 」

Then, another two girls with boyfriends raised their hands.

「 Nobody else? 」

Takeshiba-san stared at everyone’s faces.

Nobody else raised their hand.

「 Very well, follow the track and field spirit, and keep your interactions as a couple in moderation. Remember, the track and field gods and I will not forgive anyone who strays off the path! 」

「 Takeshiba-san, track and field gods? 」

One of the members asked unconsciously.

「 Barbora Spotakova 」


「 The world record holder in javelin, Barbora Spotakova, and I will throw our spears hard at those who have an indecent love affair 」


「 For now, those who will be dancing shall run around the ground three times! Go! 」

For now, Takeshiba-san gave permission to those dancing.

「 T-Thank you! Akamatsu Akemi’s running! 」

Akamatsu-san toko the lead and started running.

「 Hamada Masami will run too! 」

「 Suzuki Mihoko will run!! 」

The girls who just told everyone they have boyfriends started running.

「 Uoooooooooooohhh!! 」

Tsukamoto-san, who just got broken-hearted before the confession, runs while shouting loudly.

Megu’s still confused.

「 Megu, go run 」

I went to Megu and grabbed her hand.

「 Are you sure, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu looked me in the eye and asked.

Oh, right.

Megu feels sorry for Ai and Edie, the other girls in the school.

「 Just go run for now. You won’t get anything if you don’t run 」

I pulled Megu’s hand and started running.

「 Okay 」

We ran three laps on the ground together with the girls while holding hands.

◇ ◇ ◇

Haa, haa, haa, haa.

I’m not in the track and field, and I’m also wearing my school uniform, so it was hard to run at the same pace as the girls.

「 That’s three laps. 」

I managed to reach the goal while my sweaty hands hold Megu’s.

The other club girls finished running before us.

「 Yeah, I saw it. By the way. 」

Captain Takeshiba watches us reach the goal from behind.

「 Who are you? 」


I turned around.

Then, I see someone behind me a few meters behind.

Kurose Anju’s there.

「 Err, aaaah, uhm 」

This girl received orders to be my bodyguard. Wait.

She was running behind us while hiding behind the trees?

For the whole three laps?

「 I-I’m sorry for the late introductions! I-I’ve been assigned as Kuromori-sama’s personal bodyguard recently, Kurose Anju 」

Kurose Anju’s a timid girl.

She lost to Captain Takeshiba’s stare and introduced herself while trembling.


「 Kuromori, who? 」

In school, my name’s Yoshida Yoshinobu

I don’t use Kuromori Kou here.

「 Aaaaaah, I mean… 」

This is bad. Kurose Anju might blurt out something unnecessary

「 Kuromori’s the name of our shop 」

Suddenly, a familiar soft voice can be heard from outside the grounds.

「 The name on paper is Schwarz Wald, but the regular at the store calls it Kuromori-san 」



「 Yoshida-kun! Yoshida-kun! Yoshida-kun!!! 」

Nagisa’s daughter, Mao-chan, runs to the ground with a smile.

「 Oh, Mao-chan 」

I hurry and picked Mao-chan up

「 Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun Yoshida-kun 」

Mao-chan clings to me while giggling.

Nagisa must’ve strictly told her not to call me Papa here.

Is this okay?

「 Hello, I’m Yoshida-kun’s relative. Mao 」

Mao-chan introduces herself to the club girls.

「 I’m sorry about my daughter 」

Nagisa also got to the ground.

Oh, Luna’s behind Nagisa.

Luna’s using her Miko power to stop Mao-chan from saying anything weird.

「 This is nostalgic. I’m an alumnus of this school 」

Nagisa, just like Katsuko-nee, got kidnapped in her first year in this school.

「 Sorry, I wanted to be here in time for the school festival, but I had an urgent guest, that’s why I’m late 」

Nagisa said.


「 I’m Katagai Nagisa, I run the flower shop called Schwarz Wald in the neighboring town. Our kids seem to have been in your care 」

「 Katagai Mao! 」

Mao-chan greeted together with Nagisa.

「 Ah, I know about that one. It’s a huge flower shop! 」

「 Oh, I’ve bought flowers from Schwarz Wald too! 」

Nagisa’s flower shop is also famous around here.

「 What are you doing Anju-san 」

Luna goes to Kurose Anju.

「 I’m sorry about her, she’s a relative of ours. She’s in her third year in middle school, and she’s applying to this high-school next year so she came here to check out the school, but Yoshinobu-kun and Megumi-chan were there, so she must’ve been so happy to see them that she ran with them 」

Nagisa made some absurd explanation, but…

「 Geez, what a troublesome sister 」

Luna uses her Miko power to convince the track and field girls.

「 I-I see. I guess there’s no helping it 」

Takeshiba-san accepted.

「 Let’s go, the folk dance will be fun 」

Nagisa smiled gently.

「 I heard that the after-party is only for students, but I’m a former student and a relative of these kids, so it’s okay, right? 」

Behind Nagisa is Luna, taking control of everyone.

「 I-I think? I don’t think it’s a problem 」

Captain Takeshiba gave her approval.

「 Thank you, let’s go then. Yoshinobu-kun, Megu-chan, also 」

Nagisa doesn’t know Kurose Anju’s name yet.

「 It’s Kurose Anju 」

「 Oh right, let’s go 」

「 If you’d excuse us then, Takeshiba-san, everyone. Let’s go Megu 」

「 O-Okay, excuse us 」

We bow our heads to Takeshiba-san.

「 Oh right, I’m going too Captain! 」

「 Good Work! 」

「 Good Work! Excuse us! 」

All the other members of the club who are attending the dance also went to their boyfriends.

「 Oh, take care, I’ll review today’s performance the day after tomorrow. Dismissed!! 」

Takeshiba-san speaks to her club members with a confused look.

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