Jin Sungwoo is the President of Sohyang Palace, a personal image consulting agency. He is called the genius who can make anyone beautiful. Then one day, Kim Sukyung, a country bumpkin, appears in his office. He has never seen such an unfashionable woman in his life.

As her consultant, Sungwoo decides to transform Sukyung into a modern woman. He works to change both her appearance and her old-fashioned ideas.

Kim Sukyung is a naive girl who has lived all her life for her step brother Jaewon, who isn’t biologically related. She has been in love with him for a long time, but when she realizes Jaewon feels embarrassed by her appearance, Skyung decides to transform herself.

Here in this novel, a woman is reborn into a whole new person. A brand new woman who now only exists for one man…

He is the sculptor Pygmalion, and she becomes his sculpture Galatea.

Chapter : 6.1


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