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Chapter: 1240

Chapter 1240

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Minhui

The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (119)

Recently, the Anti-Vampire Alliance has been restless.

When Lewis was released, he brought back Arthur’s promise of peace.

But many people held deep prejudice against vampires.

They expressed great resentment towards this proposal, which clearly favored humans more.

They truly felt that Arthur was trying to deceive them in order to completely wipe them out.

Fortunately, Lewis’s identity was special. His father was the founder of the Anti-Vampire Alliance, and his mother was of human nobility.

He had also made countless contributions to the Alliance.

As such, his voice on the proposal carried great weight.

He wanted to make peace. Since he was young, he had seen enough blood and slaughter, and he was unwilling to let his descendants continue to live in the shadows of massacre.

There was another important reason: he didn’t want Bai Weiwei’s efforts to be in vain.

When he was hung up and tortured, he thought that he would undoubtedly die.

But then in his daze, he suddenly saw Arthur sitting in front of him and lifting his chin.

His chilling gaze carried a look of scrutiny.

Lewis thought that he was here to finish him off.

Instead, Arthur frowned in bemusement. "Why does she stand with you all? She was born human, but doesn’t put the superior Blood Kin in her eyes and insists so adamantly on joining you."


Bai Weiwei?

Lewis opened his mouth and answered dryly, "She didn’t join us. She was just used by me."

Arthur’s gaze lazily moved up. "Oh, you have such deep affection for my woman."

Lewis bit his lip. The unspoken affection in his heart made him feel a bit guilty.

Arthur touched his chin. "I see you have good vision. My baby has always been admired by many people. It truly vexes me."

Lewis had no reply. He didn’t have the habit of chatting idly with vampires.

Arthur casually sliced him with another blood blade, injuring him even more severely.

"I’m here today to talk to you about peace."

Lewis coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Coming here to discuss peace involved slicing him with a blood blade, injuring him even more, and waiting for him to die?

Arthur didn’t cdare whether Lewis died or not. After finishing discussing his plan, he casually carved two more marks on Lewis’s face.

Although men didn’t care about their faces, and modern technology could easily restore his appearance, Arthur was mentally ill and seemed to find him particularly displeasing to the eye.

Why was Arthur discussing peace as he tortured him?

Did he have dual personalities?

Lewis wondered, was this a new type of torture?

But as he was dying, Arthur waved a hand. "Once everyone is released, think carefully on the plan we negotiated just now. In any case, there are still a hundred years to discuss it slowly. Remember to go back and tell everyone that I suggested it. It’d be best to have my name written clearly on the treaty."

Lewis: ???

This sort of peace treaty was undoubtedly a betrayal of Blood Kin.

Shouldn’t vampires normally hide their contribution?

How come there was a vampire who wanted to clearly announce it to the world?

Did he pull a muscle in his brain?

It wasn’t until Lewis was carried out that he realized that Arthur was serious.

When he turned his head, Arthur was sitting out in the sun with his back to him, but his figure was unspeakably thin and haggard.

He heard Arthur’s mocking sneer.

"I really am crazy. I’ll do anything, just to keep her from crying."

Lewis knew who the "her" Arthur spoke of was.

Arthur’s voice gradually weakened. "When we’ve made peace, will you always pay attention to me? Will you love me…?"

Though his tone was flat and calm, Lewis could hear the sad grievance hidden within.

It was later that he understood–this proposal had been made at Bai Weiwei’s request.

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