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Chapter: 2757

That's it.

Because of Tianzhu Su Xiaomei's help.

Chu Jing smoothly entered Liana's home.

The poor woman was younger than expected, and although she was thin and weak, her size was not vague.

A gold coin is definitely not expensive.

Chu Jing, who was pure in thought, was not interested in the matter.

After Tianzhu Su Xiaomei coaxes the obscene man away and closes the door.

Liana sat on the bed and looked at Chu Jing in panic. She always felt that this guest was different from other adventurers.

"Liana, I heard that Hassan was a little unhappy when he came to you last time?"

Chu Jing directly indicated his intention.

However, liana's pretty face turned white in an instant, and she shook her head crazily and said, "I don't know anything! I don't know anything! Please don't ask me!"

Chu Jing patted Liana on the shoulder and asked softly, "liana, don't be afraid, my count zhanrence's men are here to solve a trouble on the island."

Hearing the word count zhanrence, liana was in a stable mood, but she was still a little afraid and whispered, "are you really... The count's men?"

"For this man, of course."

Nearby Tianzhu Su Xiaomei said with a smile.

Liana stared at Su Xiaomei in amazement and said in her heart that this girl is so beautiful. She is also a woman. Why is she so ugly?

Inexplicably, she also believed Su Xiaomei's words and gradually trusted Chu Jing.

Chu Jing was speechless about it.

It seems that the charm value is also useful for the same sex!

"Well, liana, please slowly tell me what happened at that time."

Chu Jing struck while the iron was hot and asked in a gentle voice.

Liana nodded gently and then told the story.

The story is actually very simple.

On that day, liana received Hassan, the butcher, as usual.

Just in the process, she accidentally saw some scales on Hassan's back, just like fish scales.

When she accidentally touched it, she also touched something like a tail behind Hassan.

At that time, Hassan became angry and scolded her not to say anything, or he would kill all her family.

"That's what happened at that time. I didn't mean to deliberately annoy Hassan..."

At the end of the story, liana said cautiously, still in fear.

"Liana, thank you for telling me so much. Take the money."

Chu Jing handed Liana the money bag he had just obtained from the fruit stall owner.

Liana opened it curiously and was shocked when she saw a piece of golden flowers inside: "this... I can't want it!"

She had never seen so much money in her life, nor had she taken so much money from any man.

For a time, tears were red, grateful and moved.

"Liana, take the money and live a good life in the future."

Chu Jing patted Liana on the shoulder and left with Tianzhu Su Xiaomei.

Liana looked at the purse and still kept crying.


See Chu Jing and Tianzhu Su Xiaomei come out.

The wretched man smiled and came over: "how's it going? My wife's strength?"

This is naturally said to Chu Jing.

He saw that Chu Jing had a good relationship with Tianzhu Su Xiaomei.

I feel that if I please Chu Jing, I can please Su Xiaomei.

Chu Jing said indifferently, ignoring the obscene man, but looked at Tianzhu Su Xiaomei with deep meaning in her eyes.

"I know."

Tianzhu Su Xiaomei smiled and nodded, then looked at the wretched man and said, "in order to thank you for your generosity, I've decided to give you a job. You can go to Castle mountain to find the Lord count, and just say I arranged for you."

"What?! can I really work for the count? Thank you, girl. Thank you very much!"

The wretched man was so excited that he suddenly didn't realize that the trip might kill him.

The wretched man left excitedly.

Tianzhu Su Xiaomei sighed: "Chu, as a player, you are so kind. Is it necessary for us to take care of such small things? Moreover, this is a virtual world. In the real world, people who are more miserable than Liana exist... You should learn to accept it."

Chu Jing thought and said, "there are so many unfair things that I can't manage, but it's too much to help some tragic people I foresee without spending too much effort."

Tianzhu Su Xiaomei was speechless, as if she really didn't go too far.

"Well, Su Xiaomei, let's kill."

Chu Jing said faintly and quickly went to the market.

With information from Liana.

The butcher Hassan is disguised by the shark man.

This is basically a stone hammer.

And set goals.

Chu Jing can also concentrate on assassinating.

However, when Chu Jing returned to the market, he found that Hassan was missing.

After asking the NPC in the market, I learned that Hassan closed the stall in advance for some reason.

"Why did this guy close the stall in advance? Was it an accident? Or did he find that I wanted to trouble him?"

Chu Jing thought secretly, but didn't think much. After asking the location of Hassan's house, he started sneaking away.

In order to avoid being delayed by Tianzhu Su Xiaomei.

Chu Jing let the latter stay in place.

Choose to go alone to assassinate.

Tianzhu Su Xiaomei is even dissatisfied.

But he didn't disobey Chu Jing and waited in place.

Not long.

Chu Jing arrived near Hassan's house.

Relying on his latent skills, Chu Jing reached the window of the house smoothly.

There was no figure in the room.

Hassan, the butcher, doesn't seem to be at home.

Chu Jing, with patience, started camouflage and searched at the door for a while.

Make sure there are new traces left.

It must have been Hassan's home not long ago.

"Hassan did come back, but there was no figure of him in the house. Why? Is there another mystery?"

As a sneaking expert, Chu Jing was not stupid enough to enter from the front door.

Fortunately, this house has a chimney.

Chu Jing climbed up the roof and slowly climbed down the chimney to the hall of the house.

The hall was quiet.

Chu Jing continued to open the disguise and reached a corner of the hall with the help of the clue of the red line.

"There is a mystery."

Chu Jing groped, the floor suddenly opened, and a road to the ground appeared.

Chu Jing kept vigilant and went down the channel. After entering the underground, he came to a place similar to a warehouse.

After seeing the scene in the warehouse, Chu Jing was completely stunned.

This warehouse with hundreds of square meters is very crowded.

It's not that there are a lot of sundries and other things in it.

But in this wide space, there are hundreds of bound people.

These bound people, obviously not dead yet, were tied hands and feet, with panic on their faces, lying on the ground unable to move.

"What is this?" When Chu Jing was stunned, he saw a familiar figure walking in the room with a barrel in his hand, and didn't forget to chatter and abuse.

"A bunch of stupid humans! You shouldn't eat food! Forget it!"

"Hum! You should be glad that Merck is not a real butcher, otherwise you would have died!"

"But if you live, you will only consume my food. I have almost nothing to feed you! It seems that I must find a chance to kill the beast of zhanrensi these days!"

While walking and abusing, the figure picked up a mass of disgusting things and roughly threw them on the ground.

The sticky stuff landed right in front of every trapped person's mouth.

"Wheeze, wheeze!"

All kinds of voices came.

I saw that one trapped person, even if the action was difficult, but also opened his mouth and was constantly swallowing those sticky things.

Chu Jing was sure that these sticky things were the food of the trapped people.

Although it looks disgusting.

But the trapped people undoubtedly eat very delicious.

Because they are too hungry.

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