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Chapter: 2759

"Ding Ding!"

After three crisp sounds.

Three arrows fell to the ground from shark hawk and were all broken.

Three low damage points also appear on the head of shark hawk.




With Chu Jing's current output capacity.

Three arrows fired in a row, which only caused 30000 damage.

This is definitely a "humiliating" event.

But Chu Jing was not surprised.

Instead, notice that there are more options of "rough skin and thick meat" in the panel and skill bar of shark hawk.

The skin is rough and the flesh is thick. As the name suggests, those with this skill will have amazing skin and flesh defense.

Also has the ability to absorb additional damage.

This is also the reason why Chu Jing caused slight damage to shark Haoke.

But even if you don't lose much blood.

After being shot three arrows by Chu Jing.

Shark hawk, who also entered the rage mode, roared, "the little adventurer dares to resist. Hawk is going to smash your head!"

In the sound of "click".

The floor cracked again.

Shark hawk's calf muscles jerked up.

His whole body was tense and seemed to jump up in the next second and rush to Chu Jing.

"Hua Hua!"

Thumb missiles with blue tail flame flew towards shark hawk.

"Pa Pa Pa Pa!"

Shark hawk punched out with a fist, and his movements were as beautiful as those of a karate master.

A layer of fist awn flies out from the front of your finger and detonates a thumb missile.

If it's an active explosion.

The power of thumb missiles is still considerable.

But once the thumb missile is forced to explode, its power will be greatly reduced.


The explosion of thumb missiles did not set off any waves.

Instead, it is the fist awn that brings fierce boxing style.

It blew a thumb missile away and went to the crowd in the corner of the warehouse.

"Woo woo!"

"Help! Help!"

"I don't want to die! I don't want to die!"

The trapped people lying on the ground watched the thumb missile fly, but they could not break free from the rope, let alone climb up from the ground. They were all crying in despair.

"It's over!"

And watch the thumb missile fly to the crowd.

Chu Jing's face also changed slightly.

He's watching how to beat shark hawk.

I didn't notice and made an own dragon.

It's alright now.

The thumb missile is very close to the crowd.

With Chu Jing's speed, we can't catch up.

If the thumb missile explodes.

I'm afraid many people in the crowd will get hurt.

When Chu Jing was depressed.


A whoosh.

A blue figure appeared in front of the hostage with a wide chest, thus blocking the thumb missile.


The active explosion of the thumb missile triggered a small piece of fire and swallowed up the blue figure.

When the fire disappears, a 50000 damage value will appear on the top of the blue figure.

The blue figure, that is, shark hawk, frowned and looked at the transformer.

"This adventurer is hateful. Why are you so hateful with a machine? I... Want to smash you!"

The next second, shark hawk continued to bounce and rushed to transformers.

"Da Da!"

His fist is very fast.

After bringing out a fist shadow, they all fall on the chest of transformer.

The huge body of the transformer was beaten and retreated.

Fortunately, his blood line didn't drop much.

Because when shark hawk beat transformers.

The spirit of light was not idle and hid in a corner to add blood to the transformer.

As a result of this.

Transformers can keep the blood line safe.

"Ah ah!"

Although the "good brother" is all right, Congcong can't bear to see transformers beaten.

Angry, she strode and rushed to Haoke.


The ice crystal magic hand like a palm fan smashed the shark hawk.

Shark hawk's body was shocked, and a layer of ice crystal quickly spread from his shoulder to his whole body.

Take advantage of this gap.

A bang.

The fist of the transformer falls on the shark hawk and completes the counterattack.

Shark hawk was beaten back.

"Ah ah!"

"Click, click, click!"

Congcong and transformers made a voice at the same time.

The "brothers and sisters" were obviously inspired by transformers.

Chu was surprised to see this scene, but shook his head slightly.

The shark man Hawk has no brain.

But the combat effectiveness is still very strong.

No worse than the two king level bosses he killed.

Even stronger.

"I have to do it!"

A slight sigh.

When transformers and congcongcong fight shark hawk.

Chu Jing took out the Bauhinia Flower of the dead spirit and shot wildly behind the shark hawk.

Although bows and arrows are ranged damage, they can also trigger the "back stab" skill.

So Chu Jing's every arrow falling on shark hawk can cause good damage.

"Go away!"

Shark hawkburn is teaming up with Congcong and transformers.

But he felt the stabbing pain in his back and waved his arm.

Congcong and transformers are repulsed, and shark Hawk has no time to turn around.

The little girl and the big man rushed up again.

There is a gap in the shoulder of the transformer.

A mechanical whip extended out and quickly landed on shark hawk. It was entangled three times on the left and three times on the right.

Congcong is more straightforward. His two prosthetics cooperate with the ice crystal magic hand to hold the shark Haoke tightly, so that the latter can't turn around and ice crystals condense on him.

"You... Go away!"

Shark hawk was furious, beating Congcong and abusing him.

His strength can easily suppress Congcong and transformers.

But the defense of the little girl and the big man is also amazing.

With the help of the spirit of light.

It's OK to hold shark hawk for a while and a half.

And this half meeting is enough to create a good output environment for Chu Jing.

Chu Jing's pressure free output, each arrow can accurately hit shark hawk's back and trigger additional damage of "back stab".




Due to the passive existence of shark hawk's skill of "rough skin and thick meat".

Chu Jing's output limit still can't exceed 100000.

But at least there are about 50000.

Considering Chu Jing's arrow speed is extremely fast.

Almost every second, you can shoot several arrows.

So in less than a minute, Chu Jing played more than three million dozen!

It's an exaggeration!

"Damn it! Damn it!"

The more blood strips fall, the more anxious shark Hawk is.

Crazy abuse.

He slapped Congcong away.

Hit the transformers to the ground again.

"Dang Dang!"

He didn't rush to attack Chu Jing, but suppressed the transformers with his body.

Punch after punch on the head of transformers.

The skull is a fragile part of any creature, and transformers are no exception.

Therefore, under the violent beating, its blood bar decreased rapidly, and even the spirit of light could not stop the decline.


Another punch.

Poor transformer, the blood strip is completely empty, and there is no light in his eyes.

It's dead!

"Hahaha! Haoke is invincible, Haoke's is invincible!"

Shark hawk got up quickly and his face was full of excitement.


His eyes fell on the spirit of light in the corner.

"Little girl, are you hindering me? You forced me!"

Talking room.

Shark hawk slammed his fist into the ground.

"Puff, puff, puff!"

At the foot of the light spirit, a large amount of water rises out, like a barrier, isolating the light spirit.

When the four barriers are connected.

Above the head of the spirit of light, there is also water flowing, which turns into a barrier.

——Water system spell, water cage: active skill, which can control the enemy in the way of water prison!


The spirit of light is in this barrier and cannot leave, and its skills are blocked by the barrier.

"Ji Ji!"

The spirit of light was so anxious that he kept shouting.

"Hum! I won't kill you, but if you help this adventurer again, I don't mind killing you!"

Shark hawk said to the light elf in the water prison, suddenly turned around and slapped out.

In the sound of "click click".

All the arrows that came were broken by his palms.


Look at the shark in the distance, the fierce one will be finished soon

Words fall in an instant.

Shark man Haoke rushed all the way to Congcong.

"Ah ah!"

Congcong's eyes are red and obviously angry.

In the clamor, she and shark hawk started hand to hand combat mode.

But without the help of the spirit of light.

Congcong was crushed by shark hawk in all attributes, and soon fell to the ground and was difficult to get up.

"Bang bang!"

Shark hawk starts the rampage mode, and his fist falls on Congcong like a storm.

When there are not many Congcong blood lines.

A sign of dizziness and weakness appears on its head.

Obviously, it is the sequelae of shark hawk's fierce attack.

"Hum! You're the only one left!"

Shark hawk didn't choose the tail mending knife to end Congcong's life.

Determined that the latter had no combat effectiveness, he suddenly got up and smashed the arrows again.

At this moment, because Chu Jing stole too much damage.

Shark man hawk's blood strip is almost only hundreds of thousands left.

For a boss.

There is no difference between hundreds of thousands of HP and residual blood.

However, shark man Haoke was not afraid. Instead, he was full of fighting spirit and looked at Chu Jing: "now, how can you play with me without the help of a running dog?"

"Click" twice.

Shark hawk's calf Achilles tendon bulges again.

The floor was shattered by his force.


His body was like an arrow off the string, so he rushed to Chu Jing.

So fast, almost blink.


His fist also hit Chu Jing's body.


But Chu Jing didn't die, but turned into a smoke.

In the smoke, a piece of wood exploded on the way down.

Double wood!

The firelight of the explosion knocked out tens of thousands of damage points of shark hawk.

But because there is more than toughness.

He didn't go into vertigo.

Instead, he seemed to feel it and swung his fist behind him without thinking.


Almost at the same time, Chu Jing, standing behind shark man Haoke, was about to see the powerful dagger put into the former's back.

However, when the arm was thrown, Chu Jing blinked and disappeared in place again.

When he reappeared, he had reached the side of shark hawk.

The dagger was still as tricky as a snake and stabbed the shark hawk under his arm.

"Get out!"

Shark man hawk seemed to have expected. One foot was raised high and suddenly fell to the ground.


A layer of air waves, centered on his foot treading on the ground, washed away and hit Chu Jing.

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