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Chapter: 2760

War tramples!

This is a necessary skill for warrior players and orc players.

But this skill was used by shark hawk at this moment, but it didn't feel against it at all. Instead, it was quite... Silky!

The silk slipped to Chu Jing and didn't react. He was restrained by the air wave and fell into vertigo.

"GAHA ha! Despicable adventurer, you're finished!"

Seeing that Chu Jing was under control, shark Haoke laughed and thought he had the winning ticket.

"Now, what last words do you have?"

He raised his huge fist and fixed it on Chu Jing's head, as long as he fell.

With his attack power, it's easy to kill Chu Jing in seconds.


He is not anxious.

"Hawk, you can't kill me."

Although he was dizzy, Chu Jing's face was very calm and said so.

"Can't kill you? Stupid adventurer, what do you think you are!"

In the roar, the shark's fist fell heavily on Chu Jing's head.


The imaginary picture of a broken mind did not appear.

Shark man hawk's huge fist and arm passed through Chu Jing's head and body.


Shark man Haoke was stunned, and then he found that Chu Jing's body had changed a little, becoming hazy and ethereal, just like a virtual shadow.


Shark man Haoke immediately realized that Chu Jing had entered a special state, apparently because he had released another life-saving skill.

"Damn adventurer, why are you so tenacious!"

Shark hawk was warm and angry again, with thick smoke on both noses.

Chu Jing kept drifting away and his face was grim.

General players play boss, basically taking advantage of the boss does not pay attention to steal damage.

It's easy for ordinary players to output boss.

But what about shark hawk?

He is not the kind of traditional boss who stands and gets beaten.

He is quick and quick, and his melee ability is very outstanding because of the skill of "shark fighting".


Even if his blood line is not much.

Chu Jing tried very hard to hit him.

Chu Jing even had the illusion that he was fighting with top martial monks and gladiators.

"A boss who can fight skills is really difficult. It seems that he has to be extra serious."

Thinking so, Chu Jing's body slowly became bright from transparency.

This is a precursor to the end of reification.

"GAHA ha, human, your skills are coming to an end, and you are still going to die!"

Shark man Haoke saw this and laughed excitedly. His huge fist was ready to hit Chu Jing again.

I don't know.

Chu Jing's powerful dagger suddenly released a burst of bright light.

The light made the shark hawk's eyes white, as if he were looking directly at the smoke bomb.

The hostages watching the war in the corner, even if they are far away, have a brief absence and tingling in their eyes when they see the light.

Blinding golden light!

This is an additional skill of powerful dagger.

Although not control.

But it has a similar effect to control.

The shark hawk who saw the blinding golden light directly entered the blinding state.

Chu Jing didn't say a word. His figure flashed and reached the side of shark Haoke.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss!"

The dagger of powerful people in the left hand and the bloodthirsty Mandala in the right hand.

Two short melee weapons brought Chu Jing excellent attack speed.

Just a moment.

Chu Jing stabbed shark hawk six times!

It was these six times that made the shark hawk's blood bar drop again, leaving only about 3000!

There are only eight million lives left.

It's as precarious as Chu Jing's only drop of blood. His life is hanging on the line!

"Ah! Damn it! You dare sneak on me! I'll kill you! Kill you!"

However, after the shark Haoke left the blinding state, he was angry and waved his hands. He had to fight with Chu Jing before he died.

"That's enough, hawk. I don't want to fight you to the end. Calm down! Let's talk!"

Chu Jing stepped back. His intention was to put shark Haoke into a state of near death.

Maybe in this way, Haoke can calm down and chat with Chu Jing.

As for killing shark hawk?

Knowing that the shark didn't kill innocent people indiscriminately, Chu Jing still couldn't do such a thing.

"Talk to me? You don't deserve to be an adventurer! You're just a running dog of count zhanren. You should go to hell!"

Although only "dead blood" remained, shark man hawk was not afraid and did not take death to heart.

He roared and approached, and his huge fist fell on Chu Jing.


This time.

Chu Jing didn't dodge.

Instead, he stood there, raised his head and looked straight at the falling fist.

Seeing the huge fist, Chu Jing was about to be smashed.


Stop your fist.

The arms covered with green tendons were shaking.

Shark hawk stared at Chu Jing with an ugly face: "why don't you... Hide?"

"Hawk, I said, I don't want to fight you to the end. I just want to talk to you."

Facing the fist at the head, Chu was not afraid, and his face was very sincere.


Shark hawk was so angry that he was speechless.

If Chu was surprised and upright, he would fight a war.

He won't hesitate to kill.

But Chu Jing... Didn't he avoid his fist?

Such death seeking behavior makes it difficult for him to kill the following killers.

After all, he believes that a soldier must kill a soldier, not an unarmed man.

Enemy of any race!

For so long.

Shark man hawk followed his faith.

Never killed innocent people indiscriminately.


Seeing Chu Jing who gave up resistance, shark man Haoke was hard to fight.


The angry shark hawk wants to be furious and kill, but he can't.

He could only stare at Chu Jing and shouted, "why do you want to do this?"

"Hawk, after seeing who you are, I decided to let you go."

Chu Jing said solemnly.

Shark hawk couldn't help laughing angrily: "adventurer, are you an idiot? You were almost killed by me just now. Do you have the face to say such words?"

Chu Jing looked as serious as ever, although he didn't speak.

But shark hawk was inexplicably angry and embarrassed.

Think about it.

Just now Chu Jing was able to attack six times in a row at the moment when his shark hawk became blind, leaving him more than 3000 HP.

Is this an accident?

Of course not.

Hawk can see it, too.

Chu Jing didn't kill him on purpose.

It's deliberately leaving a trace of life for his shark hawk.

If Chu Jing wants to.

He shark hawk, may have died long ago!

"Aren't you... The running dog of count James? Didn't you come to kill me? Why did you do this to me?"

At the thought of this, the anger in the shark's heart disappeared, and his face became decadent and depressed, so he stared at Chu Jing.

"Hawk, I'm not the running dog of James. I'm from the monarch of Chaoge. I'm here to manage everything here."

"You've caused trouble. I'm supposed to kill you and solve the trouble."

"But there is often more than one way to solve problems in this world."

Speaking of this, Chu Jing stretched out his hand and said with a smile, "Haoke, you are a good man, so I want to solve your 'trouble' in other ways."


Shark hawk glared.

"Hawk, how about if you agree not to cause trouble on the rocky island and I let you go?"

Chu Jing's voice just fell to the ground, and shark hawk angrily interrupted: "don't have a dream, adventurer. I'm here to kill the beast of zhanrensi! He destroyed my hometown and must pay the price of death! I won't leave until I finish the task!"

With the words of shark hawk, the system prompt appears at the same time: "warning, shark Hawk has entered a state of excitement. Your words and deeds may irritate him. Please be careful."

Chu Jing ignored the system prompt and asked, "Haoke, although your hometown has been destroyed, are your people still alive?"

"Most of them are still alive!"

After the shark man hawk answered, he roared, "this is not the reason why I let James go!"

"No, hawk, you're mistaken. I'm not saying that the actions of count zhanrens are not sinful enough for you to kill him, but I want to say that if you continue to kill count zhanrens... It will only affect your people."

Chu Jing's words made Haoke look stiff: "what are you talking about?"

"You know, in Chaoge, the status of nobility is very high. Any killing of nobility is a serious violation of the law."

"The king of Chaoge attaches great importance to the law. If you know that you killed zhanrens, do you think he will let your people go?"

Speaking of this, Chu exclaimed, "at that time, no matter where you and your people escape, the monarch will order the pursuit. Maybe the Royal Falcon will be arranged..."

Hearing the five words of the Royal Falcon, shark hawk turned pale.

In the waters ruled by Korea and Colombia.

Everyone has heard of the Royal Falcon.

I also know that this warship is very scary.

Can destroy everything.

And noticed the face of shark hawk.

Chu Jing knew that his reasonable plan was half successful.

Chu Jing patted the back of shark Haoke's palm and said seriously, "Haoke, so I told you to stop planning, not to protect count zhanrens, but to protect your people."

"Then what should I... Do? Just let James go?"

Shark man hawk's face was angry and shouted reluctantly.

Chu was surprised and thought, "Haoke, if count zhanrens really did a lot of evil things, I will kill him in the future."

"You? You're a running dog. You'll kill that beast? Do you think I believe it?"

Shark hawk questioned.

Chu Jing didn't speak.

The calm shark hawk turned a little red again.

Although unwilling to admit it.

But he also knew that Chu Jing was not an ordinary player.

It's very kind of him.

OK, when you can kill hawk, be calm and reasonable.

"Hawk, I hope you believe me, because I'm here to help the monarch. If I finish this task, the monarch will trust me and I can get a good position. It's just a piece of cake to kill a mere zhanrens."

Chu Jing's brainwashing ability is still the same as that of the past.

As he spoke.

Shark hawk was stunned and finally asked, "are you really... Going to help me kill the zhanrensi beast?"

"If his crime is enough for him to be sentenced to death, I will certainly kill him and won't put your people in trouble."

Chu Jing vowed, and shark hawk nodded, "I trust you."


A "poof".

The whole warehouse was shocked.

Like a mountain falling to the ground.

Shark man Haoke knelt in front of Chu Jing on one knee.

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