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Chapter: 760

Chapter 760


Lebron nodded and accepted the Sword of Examination from Hyeonu.

‘He has grown this much already.’

Unlike his casual appearance, Lebron’s heart was beating fast. Hyeonu’s growth was so fast. In fact, Lebron was going to teach Hyeonu another skill even if he failed to draw the Sword of Examination. Hyeonu was the only successor. The sooner he passed everything to Hyeonu, the sooner the moment of freedom would come to Lebron.

‘Still, isn’t this too fast?’

Yet apart from that, Hyeonu’s growth was clearly abnormal. The time it took for Lebron to draw the Sword of Examination was 10 years. He was able to draw it only after10 years of rolling like a dog under John Blake.

‘Nevertheless, it is better to be fast than slow.’

Hyeonu’s rapid growth was never bad. It was just surprising.

"Originally, it was time to learn Cutting the Moonlight and Land of Mirrors, but... I’ll teach you something else." Lebron once again spoke to Hyeonu.

"Thank you, Teacher." Hyeonu bowed with sincerity toward Lebron.

[Your class has changed to ‘Commander of the Knight of Keon (True)’]

[All stats will increase by 350 respectively.]

A message window appeared in front of Hyeonu that informed him of the fifth class advancement. There were two short sentences.

‘The fifth class advancement...’

Still, that alone was enough for Hyeonu.

His heart was overwhelmed. He was the first player to do the fifth class advancement. Of course, Hyeonu was also the first one to do the fourth class advancement. However, it was a very small difference at the time. Now it was different. It was overwhelming. It was reminiscent of a few years ago when he was called meleegod instead of Alley Leader.

‘Status Window.’

Hyeonu wanted to quickly see what changed.

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 400

Class: Commander of the Knights of Keon (True)

Title: One Who is Qualified and 43 others.

Stats: Strength: 1,970 (+7,550)  Agility: 2,493 (+7,650)  Physique: 1,641 (+7,700)   Magic Power: 2,870 (+7,900)  Fighting Energy: 2,057 (+7,750)  Dignity: 1,549 (+7,550)  Killing Intent: 350 (+7,550)

Remaining stat points: 0

Retained Attributes: Chaos]

Hyeonu was welcomed with numbers that were different from when he checked not long ago. This was the dignity of the fifth class advancement. Hyeonu was about to get ahead several steps faster than before.

‘The most important thing is the skill.’

Hyeonu removed the status window and looked up. Something more important than the stats increase remained.

"What I am going to teach you this time is called the essence of the skills that the knight commander can learn."

Lebron glanced at Yeongchan and started talking. He didn’t seem to care much about Yeongchan’s presence. However, Yeongchan avoided this place on his own. It was because he thought it was polite. It was respect for Lebron and respect for his friend, Hyeonu.

Yeongchan stepped back very quietly and left the training field. Both Lebron and Hyeonu felt Yeongchan’s actions, but they pretended not to know. They focused on each other.

"In a way, you can think of it as what you have been taught so far is for this moment."

Hyeonu’s expectations grew bigger at Lebron’s words.

‘How good is the skill for him to say that?’

Hyeonu had learned many things since becoming a Knight of Keon. The skills alone reached nearly 10. Most of them were magic power-related skills. He couldn’t help feeling excited when he heard it was all a preparation for one thing.

"This was taught to me by my master and commander, Duke Blake. Just as I learned it, you will learn it."

Lebron's explanation was grand. The more he did so, the greater Hyeonu’s expectations grew.

"What is it, Teacher?"


"Keon? Isn’t that the name of the knights division?"

"That is why we are called the Knights of Keon. It is due to this."

Lebron reached out one hand toward Hyeonu. Magic power swirled on Lebron’s hand, creating a small sphere. It gave off an overwhelming force just by looking at it.

‘What is this?’

Hyeonu’s eyes widened at the energy that seemed to squeeze his entire body.

[You have been exposed to the vigor of Lebron, the number one knight of the empire.]

[Due to the influence of fighting energy, you have resisted the vigor of Lebron, the number one knight of the empire.]

[Resistance has failed.]

[Due to the influence of fighting energy, you have resisted the vigor of Lebron, the number one knight of the empire.]

[Resistance has failed.]

[Due to the influence of Immovable Heart, you have resisted the vigor of Lebron, the number one knight of the empire.]

[Resistance has failed.]

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has entered the ‘stunned’ condition.]

Hyeonu couldn’t do anything. He had to stand still and watch Lebron’s actions.

"Keon is the most violent form of magic power. You don’t need a sword. You don’t have to stretch out your fist. It is enough as long as you have strong willpower."

The magic power sphere, which had been rotating on Lebron’s palm, soared high into the sky. The sphere rose to the point where it couldn’t be seen at all and exploded. There was a roar reminiscent of thunder.

Hyeonu got goosebumps on his arms. It exploded from so far away it couldn’t be seen, but the aftermath alone was this much.

‘This is what I will learn?’

A slightly different feeling from goosebumps came over Hyeonu. Such a powerful skill would soon become his own. Pleasure started to flood in at this thought.

"However, the limitations are as great as strong power. It has a structure where the user is bound to suffer damage themselves."

Hyeonu looked at Lebron. It was only a little bit, but he couldn’t erase the feeling of paleness.

‘There is definitely a risk.’ 

The strength didn’t come out of nowhere. Due to the risks, such power was given as compensation.

"That is why I had to draw the Sword of Examination, Teacher." 

Hyeonu realized why he had to draw the Sword of Examination. He had to be able to deal with magic power well to be able to use ‘Keon.’

"That's right. Drawing the sword is the minimum condition to learn Keon." Lebron approached Hyeonu. "Turn around. I’ll pass on Keon to you. There is no need to drag it on longer."

Hyeonu quickly turned around. There was no reason to hesitate when he was being passed the skill.

"Focus. Focus on the movement of magic power." Lebron placed his palm on Hyeonu’s back. Then he started to inject magic power into Hyeonu’s body.

‘Focus, focus.’

Hyeonu looked at how Lebron’s magic power moved through his body.

‘It is definitely passing through.’

Lebron’s magic power moved like a storm through Hyeonu’s body.

‘Am I losing health?’

Hyeonu felt his health decreasing as Lebron’s magic power moved. It wasn’t just that. A powerful vigor was flowing through his whole body. Hyeonu raised one hand without realizing it. Purple magic power poured like lightning from Hyeonu’s fingers.


Hyeonu looked at his fingers again and again like it was something he couldn’t believe.

[A skill has been created.]


[A magic power management method learned only by the commander of the Knights of Keon. It has difficult acquisition conditions. It gnaws at the user’s life as much as its strong power.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Epic

Skill Proficiency: F

The effect of magic power is increased by 300%. Health will decrease in proportion to the magic power used. There is a certain chance that it will cause the ‘destruction’ abnormal condition (However, the higher the number of magic power-related skills and their skill proficiency, the lower the amount of health that is reduced).]

‘I am speechless.’

Hyeonu laughed when he saw the description of the skill in front of him.

He thought it would be powerful, but he never imagined it would be this much. It increased the effect of magic power by 300%. It might be an epic skill, but it was still an overwhelming figure that was hard to understand.

‘The problem is that I will lose health...’

It needed to be accurately identified. Hyeonu could recover his health and magic power thanks to the effect of items, but if he used Keon too much and Hyeonu’s health wore out all at once...

‘Recover and log out immediately to sleep.’

"Teacher, how much pressure does Keon have on the body?" Hyeonu questioned Lebron first before experiencing it with his body.

There was someone who was already aware of it, so it was ignorant to do it recklessly.

"Honestly, it isn’t big. It is just a bit annoying." Lebron made a face like it was insignificant.

"Even so, won’t the dust gather and become a great mountain?" Hyeonu asked once again.

Lebron’s answer was too easy-going. "Why do you think you will fight until the dust becomes a mountain? You just have to end it on the spot."

Lebron’s answer in return was even more spectacular. Finish it before too much health ran out.

‘I’m an idiot for asking.’

Hyeonu shook his head with a light sigh.

Lebron’s answer should only be considered as a very small reference point.

"Is there anything else? A tip to help boost health... or something to rapidly improve my physical abilities..."

Hyeonu showed regret. He got a ridiculously good skill, but in the end, it was just one reward.He thought it was a bit shabby for a reward obtained from the fifth class advancement.

"There is. Of course there is." Lebron nodded. There was such a secret.

"Teach me quickly, Teacher." Hyeonu approached Lebron.

"Train hard. If you reach the limit and cross it, you’ll be fine someday," Lebron said while smiling at Hyeonu.

"Teacher!" Hyeonu shouted at Lebron’s extremely principled answer. Hyeonu already knew this method. It was also the answer that Hyeonu didn’t want the most.

"It is a joke, a joke. Still, why are you acting so heated toward your teacher? There is no respect."

Lebron sighed. However, Hyeonu ignored him and let out a bigger sigh. The two of them continued to sigh at each other.

"Damn guy. There is no such sloppy thing. Who raised you like this?"

Lebron eventually raised the white flag first. It was natural for a teacher to give it to his disciple.

‘I thought I could tease him for a while...!’

However, Hyeonu was worse than Lebron thought. He was quick to notice. It was clear that he noticed that Keon alone lacked something.

"This is really the last thing."

Lebron took out a small box and threw it toward Hyeonu.

"What is this?" Hyeonu barely caught the box and asked.

"Don’t pretend you don’t know. It is what you wanted." Lebron snorted as if Hyeonu’s attitude was terrible. "Then go first. You should think about your friend waiting outside."

Lebron waved like Hyeonu was bothering him and sat in the center of the training hall before closing his eyes.

"Teacher’s love for your disciple—I’ll receive it happily."

It was only then that Hyeonu smiled and put the box into his inventory. Then he briefly said goodbye to Lebron and exited the training ground.

‘If you knew whose gift that is... you wouldn’t be so happy.’

"Huhu... Huhuhu..." Lebron burst out laughing when he saw Hyeonu disappear.

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