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Chapter: 769

Chapter 769

Hyeonu glanced at his smartphone and moved his fingers up and down.

‘How can there be no one?’

Hyeonu was shocked by the news of Yeongchan’s sudden trip and scoured his contacts to look for someone to travel with. However, there wasn't anybody available. First of all, the friend who was closest to Hyeonu was Yeongchan. The friends who were going on a trip with Yeongchan were Hyeonu’s close friends. They were the ones he spent his immature teenage years with.

‘Hyung-nim is in China. The kids are in the midst of preparing for the Spring League...’

He wasn’t pushed by anyone when it came to the depth of his relationship, but his connections were narrower than anyone else.

‘There is really no one.’

He could already see the end. Of course, he wasn’t without names in his contacts. Due to the nature of his career as a streamer, Hyeonu was unable to travel for long periods of time. 1 night and 2 days or 2 nights and 3 days was the limit.

‘Overseas isn’t possible.’

This meant there were limits to his choice of destination. The further he went, the longer it took to travel. In the worst case scenario, the trip would end just by going there and back. In the end, the remaining options were domestic travel, or Japan or China.

‘The people in South Korea...’

There were only a few people in South Korea who could travel with Hyeonu.

"There is really no one."

However, those Hyeonu contacted were busy. There was no one who wasn’t busy. They apologized to Hyeonu like they had made an appointment.

‘I have to go since I’ve already said it.’

Now it was a matter of pride. Not travelling was not an option. He had to go by himself.

‘Is there really no one?’

Hyeonu once again glanced at the contacts stored in his smartphone. It was with a handful of hope.

"How could there be no one?"

No. He had seen it many times, but it wasn’t that there was no one.

‘There is one person...’

There really wasn’t no one. There was one person left. However, it was a name that gave him a lot of pressure to go on a trip right away.


Hyeonu wrote the message to Rena over and over again. However, he didn’t send it. He erased the messages before pressing the send button.

‘I will think about it a little bit more.’

Hyeonu threw his smartphone onto his bed and went back into the cube.


During the time when Hyeonu was holding his smartphone at a loss, Yeongchan was drinking coffee with a beautiful woman at a cafe near the officetel.

"A trip?" Reina, the beautiful woman, asked with a surprised expression.

"Yes, a trip. Please don’t think he is crazy if he gets in touch. He must be going out of his mind right now," Yeongchan explained the detailed situation to Reina. It was a prank on Hyeonu.

"It is a joke so... to be precise, it is a hidden camera. I am filming content to post on A-World. He thinks I am going on a trip next week with all my friends except for him."

Everything that Yeongchan told Hyeonu was false. It was everything from one to ten. At the time, the conversation was filmed with a hidden camera. Naturally, he called their friends in advance to let them know about the hidden camera and he asked them to cooperate. Yeongchan and Hyeonu’s friends, who were birds of a feather, burst out laughing and participated in Hyeonu’s hidden camera prank.

"Ah, is that so? It is interesting."

A smile appeared on Reina’s face. It was a very deep smile. She showed great interest in the hidden camera planned by Yeongchan.

"I wanted to tell you not to take it too seriously if you get such a call from him," Yeongchan sighed and requested of Reina once again.

"I hope I get a call like that."

Reina forgot that Yeongchan was in front of her and revealed her heart.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" Yeongchan asked with wide eyes. He looked like he heard something he shouldn’t have heard.

"Wouldn’t the hidden camera be more fun if he contacted me like that?" Reina smiled at Yeongchan. It was a smile that looked really pure.

"Yes, that will be fun. If possible, can you send me a message if you get such a message or call from Hyeonu? I want to put it in the video I will upload to A-World."

"Okay, I'll get in touch with you."

"Really, thank you so much."

Yeongchan smiled brightly at Reina’s words.

‘The conversation has improved a lot.’

Yeongchan was satisfied with his conversational skills that grew so quickly in a month that the words ‘rub my eyes with wonder’ suited it and he couldn’t erase his smile. He smiled even more at the thought that his ambitiously prepared hidden camera content would be successful.

"Thank you. I’m even more grateful."

Reina was also pleased with today’s conversation.

Yeongchan’s opportunity. It was no different from unexpected luck.


"First, let me thank you. I guarantee that the diary you gave me will be very useful. I’m going to really break it down. There aren’t just one or two things that I don’t like."

Raccoon patted Hyeonu on the shoulder and thanked him. Yulis’ diary was good evidence. The dark elves who pranked the orcs and the elves who knew it yet held the orcs accountable. It was a means of executing just revenge on them.

"I’m glad I was helpful to you, Raccoon. I don’t have good feelings toward dark elves either. The process of getting the diary is also very interesting. I was passing through the mountains with Tang-E when the dark elves suddenly attacked me? I spent a whole week in battle with a dark elf tribe. The result is what you see," Hyeonu spoke a lie that didn’t even happen.

It was true that the dark elves attacked first, but it happened because Hyeonu first visited where they lived. However, Raccoon couldn’t know this. All the dark elves of the Highwind Tribe, except Yulis, died. Yulis wasn’t there. The truth was something that only Hyeonu and Tang-E knew.

"Well done. The dark elves will have to pay the price for targeting him. I can’t help wondering how it will turn out when they hear that the life of their one and only child was almost gone."

Raccoon pointed to Tang-E who was sitting on Hyeonu’s head.

‘Manong... she won’t stay still."

At Raccoon’s words, Manong’s figure appeared in Hyeonu’s mind. She would be furious if anyone aimed for her child. If she had great power there...

She could hold someone accountable, just like the elf great tribe chief did. This was even though it was just a suspicion.

"Wait a minute. It will be a very good spectacle."

Raccoon looked at Hyeonu and smiled.

‘I don’t see Dakan...’

Hyeonu could tell what he was preparing from Raccoon’s smile. No, anyone would know. He was now preparing for revenge.


‘Why do I have to be here?’

Hyeonu buried himself in the chair and sat idly while looking at the ceiling.

‘I can’t even go hunting. What nonsense is this?’

Hyeonu was forcibly drawn into the talks of the different species. It was with the identity of a witness. He was called as a human being with evidence to prove that the dark elves were a deadly threat to the League of Different Species.

‘I would rather punch them...’

It was a series of tedious disputes.

"I won’t say much. Shurai. Reveal the truth."

Raccoon shouted as he hit the wooden table in the center of the meeting hall.

"The truth? I don’t know what nonsense you’re talking to call a busy dark elf," the dark elf called Shurai responded with a shrug.

He looked like he didn’t know what Raccoon was talking about.

"It is only now that you are pretending not to know. Shurai."

Raccoon wasn’t agitated. In the first place, he knew that Shurai had such a personality. He did not become angry because he was sure he would win in the end.

"Can you say that after seeing this?"

Raccoon threw the book he was holding in his hand. The book flew over the table and headed to Nile, the elf great chief, who was watching the argument calmly.

"Take a look, Nile. If you read it... you will kneel before me," Raccoon spoke to Nile, not Shurai.

Nile silently started to read Yulis’ diary, the book that Raccoon had thrown. At first, he had an indifferent expression. Then as there was the sound of pages turning, Nile’s eyes started to shake little by little.

"This... did you say that human obtained it?"

Finally, Nile finished reading the diary and approached Raccoon with this question. He was unable to control his frantically shaking eyes.

"Yes, that human obtained it. He said he obtained it by chance."

Raccoon glanced at Hyeonu and nodded.

"Is he a trustworthy human?"

"He is a human with Manong’s child. That answer is enough, right?"

Momentary fear came over the face of Nile, who had momentarily lost his sense of reason.

"A human recognized by Manong will be reliable. No, I have to believe him. I will support Raccoon. I will withdraw the wanted order on Ikta and take responsibility for it."

Nile returned to his seat and sat down hesitantly in his chair. He looked quite exhausted.

"What is that book that will make Nile act like this? Is there the elf tribe’s secret written in it?"

Shurai was puzzled by the sudden change in Nile’s attitude but he stuck to his inflexible attitude.

"It isn’t the elves, but the dark elves."

Raccoon laughed softly. As Raccoon laughed, his sharp fangs appeared to glow red.

"Why did the Highwind Tribe relocate?"

The smile disappeared from Shurai’s face.

"What does that mean?"

He looked bewildered to anyone who saw him.

Raccoon kept pushing Shurai like this.

"Are you asking because you don’t know? Why did you relocate the Highwind Tribe and force them to wield their weapons? They became weed-like guys who live outside the League of Different Species. There is no way they can be stronger than flowers training comfortably in the league."

The Highwind Tribe, who had been living under the threats of the continent, were definitely strong. However, they couldn’t be stronger than those who trained in the secret techniques handed down through the dark elf tribe within the solid fence of the League of Different Species.

Raccoon pointed this out.

‘This is suddenly becoming interesting?’

Hyeonu’s eyes shone as the atmosphere of the meeting room changed in an instant.

"Why? You can’t answer? The snake-like tongue is stiff now? Huh?" Raccoon continued to open his mouth with an excited look.

Nile sat in his chair and closed his eyes. Shurai couldn’t hide his trembling eyes.

Finally, Raccoon drove in the wedge. "Revolution... a revolution. Isn’t that a word spoken in the mouth of trash who doesn’t know the subject, Shurai?"

A huge axe was suddenly in Raccoon’s hands.

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