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Chapter: 770

Chapter 770

"It is nonsense. I don’t know how you can trust in his words and insult me like this," Shurai got up from his seat and shouted at Raccoon.

Shurai felt it instinctively. It was over if he was pushed here.

‘How did he know and attack the Highwind Tribe?’

At the same time, questions filled his mind. How? How did he know?

‘The human being is just an excuse.’

Shurai didn’t believe Raccoon’s words at all. It was clear that Raccoon must’ve moved directly to pressure him. Otherwise, Raccoon wouldn’t have come to the league. He was such an orc.

"Looking at your expression, I don’t think you really understood my words... you must kneel on the ground and apologize to me and to those who are making sacrifices outside the league for the league."

Raccoon extended his axe. The axe that was filled with sharp anticipation touched Shurai’s neck. A few drops of blood flowed from Shurai’s neck and wet Raccoon’s axe.

"Aren’t you the type of person to suppress me using force? Did I get anything wrong?"

Shurai’s eyes were no longer shaken. His voice became normal. He thought this was Raccoon’s plan to suppress him using force and peace entered his heart.

"No, this isn’t suppression. It is true. At the same time, it must happen. You have to choose. Will you apologize and pay the price? Or..."

Raccoon raised his axe. However, a weapon more terrifying than an axe targeted Shurai. The shape of a huge orc appeared behind Raccoon.

"Are you going to die?"

At Raccoon’s sincere pressure, Shurai realized that he was short of breath.

‘He is serious.’

Raccoon really intended to wield his axe. Otherwise, it was impossible to do this.

"For now... I want to see that book as well. Isn’t it okay to apologize or do something after that?"

Shurai barely managed to grab a handful of leeway. He felt he would lose his head immediately if he missed this.

"What will change if you look at it?"

Raccoon smiled. He didn’t seem to have any intention of showing Yulis’ diary.

"Nothing will change, but doesn’t he need to know where he is wrong?" 

Nile, who had stepped back from the meeting, stopped Raccoon and threw Yulis’ diary at Shurai.

‘What the hell is written here...?’

Shurai gulped, opened Yulis’ diary and quickly read it. Shurai’s expression changed from time to time, but there were some things that were consistent. From the moment he started reading the diary to when he closed it—he had a face of despair at every moment.

"Do you expect me to believe this?! You are just trying to increase your influence in the league by using this human. Even Raccoon, the hope of the orcs, has changed a lot," Shurai continued to move his mouth while hiding his uncomfortable feelings.

"You are throwing away your chance. As of today, the dark elf tribe is expelled from the League of Different Species. The dark elf great tribe chief, Shurai, will be put to death for the sin of trying to disrupt the order of the league."

Raccoon ignored Shurai. He focused solely on what he had to do.

"I agree. Shurai tried to ignore the league’s greater banner, co-prosperity. The dark elves are expelled from the league according to the league’s rules," Nile justified Raccoon’s actions.

"Wait! Listen to me!" Shurai shouted with a flustered expression. He never expected the other side to move so boldly. Honestly, even at this moment, he thought that Raccoon’s actions were a type of show.

"The opportunity is gone."

Raccoon swung his axe with an expressionless face. At the same time, the form of a red orc attacked Shurai.


Shurai wasn’t just going to be killed. He was also a great tribe chief who led a tribe. He couldn’t be easy.

Raccoon and Shurai clashed. Powerful shock waves burst out and started to turn the surroundings into powder.

‘What is going on?’

Hyeonu instinctively leaned over and wrapped himself around Tang-E as the shockwave struck him momentarily.

"Did time make your memory rust? You became greedy and didn’t know who you were going up against."

Hyeonu looked up and saw Raccoon taking back his axe.

‘Did he kill Shurai?’

In front of Raccoon, who shook off the dirt on his body as if nothing had happened, there was only a corpse that was crushed to the point where its shape was unrecognizable.

‘There are no countermeasures.’

This ignorant guy was the best among the NPCs Hyeonu knew. Raccoon used both politics and violence. No, to be precise, he pushed his opponent based on his strong power.

"Can you just kill him like this? What about the dark elves who don’t know anything?" Hyeonu sighed and asked like it was absurd.

"What else should I do? I have to kick them all out. There is no other way. The law is the law. Everyone will accept it without saying anything if they want to maintain the framework of the league?" Raccoon answered Hyeonu’s question with a casual expression.

Then he shouted to the outside, "Dakan! Take the body outside and hang it in the square. State the charges as you know them. Banish all the dark elves within the week."

Raccoon was a bulldozer. He never stopped. He didn’t pull out a sword to cut it, but he tore apart the league.

"I understand, Great Tribe Chief."

Dakan entered the half-shattered meeting hall and dragged the body away with one hand.

"Call the other great tribe chiefs. The revolution will be done by me, not Shurai. The league won’t be maintained at someone else's sacrifice. Everyone will make sacrifices. The stagnant water will be drained out and the rotten wound will be cut out," Raccoon spoke firmly.

There was no need to think about who he was talking to. The only people sitting here were Hyeonu and Nile, and Hyeonu was unrelated to the League of Different Species.

"I will do it. In three days, I will gather all the great tribe chiefs here and in Viper. Then I will apologize for my mistake on the spot."

Nile nodded and exited the meeting hall.

"What is going on here?"

Hyeonu rose from his seat and approached Raccoon. He didn’t forget to move the rocks that were blocking the way in the middle.

"What happened? You did a great job for the League of Different Species."

Raccoon smiled at Hyeonu, as if him killing Shurai and being cold toward Nile was an illusion.

"What great thing have I done?"

Hyeonu couldn’t understand Raccoon’s words. He did nothing for the League of Different Species. He simply sold the dark elves for free movement in the League of Different Species.

"It is thanks to the book you brought me. I got a justification. It is hard work."


"Yes, a justification. It was what I needed."

Raccoon had a clear goal for his visit to the League of Different Species. It took time to achieve that goal. Even so, there was never a case where his goal couldn’t be achieved. Raccoon had strength. It just took a long time because there was no justification. Now Hyeonu gave him the justification.

"Have you ever seen an elf on the continent?"

Hyeonu shook his head. It wasn’t just Hyeonu. No one had seen an elf. The elf that Ikta had was the first elf in Arena.

"Have you ever thought about why the dwarves make and sell weapons?"

This time, he asked about the dwarves.

‘Let’s see.... why sell them?’

It was also a question Hyeonu was hearing for the first time. He never thought about it. He just thought that dwarves were a species that made and sold high quality equipment, just as in any game.

"I don’t know. I just knew it was like that," Hyeonu shook his head and answered.

"The League of Different Species is maintained through a bizarre structure. On a continent where there is the league, it is difficult to obtain resources to be self-sufficient. So some tribes will go out to the West Continent and East Continent to get supplies. The problem occurs here. Some sacrifice themselves for the league, while others take their sacrifices for granted," Raccoon explained why he had asked these two questions.

‘The former is the dwarves and the latter is the elves.’

Hyeonu noticed who Raccoon was talking about as soon as he heard this. Of course, it wasn’t just these two species. Other species would be the same.

‘The orcs are also those who make sacrifices.’

The Meadow Wolf Tribe where Raccoon was the chief was out on the continent so they were a sacrifice. His thoughts reached here and he could roughly understand what Raccoon meant by the thanks.

"By the way, why did you kill the dark elf great tribe chief? The dark elves would’ve been the ones making sacrifices for the league."

"The sacrifices were made by the dark elves, not the great tribe chief. Additionally... he did what he shouldn't have done."

The corners of Raccoon’s lips curved up slightly. His sharp fangs appeared between them again.

‘I see...’

Hyeonu found out from Raccoon’s smile why Shurai had to die. The reason Raccoon killed Shurai was because Shurai touched him. This must be the reason.



Reina marveled at Yeongchan’s abilities. At the same time, she felt envious of their relationship where they knew each other so well.

‘He really contacted me.’

Reina was feeling like this because she was contacted by Hyeonu. He used various rhetoric, but the main point of the content was to see if she had enough time to travel. This contact was something that Reina had really been waiting for.

"Hello? Hyeonu?"

Reina immediately called Hyeonu. There was no hesitation.

-Yes, Reina. Please speak.

Hyeonu’s voice came from the phone before the ringtone could be heard twice. He had just sent a message to Reina, so it was natural to pick up quickly.

"Have you decided on a destination? What is the schedule?" Reina asked questions the moment she heard Hyeonu’s voice. It was about traveling.

-I am thinking of going for 1 night and 2 days or 2 nights and 3 days. It will also be a domestic trip. I don't have enough time to go far.

Hyeonu gave an answer without hesitation as if he had already thought about it.

"How about Jeju Island? Busan or Gunsan will also be okay," Reina added her opinion after hearing Hyeonu’s answer.

-That’s fine. I’ve seen the SNS of my friends and they all went to those places a lot. Just... are you going with me?

Hyeonu realized the most important fact. It was whether Reina was accompanying him or not.

"Isn’t that why I’m asking you this? Speaking of which, why don’t we go this Friday after I finish streaming?" 

Reina moved aggressively. She didn’t have much time. It was because she had only had a few days left to stay in South Korea. She had to return to New York.

-Friday? Um...

"If it is hard, then it can’t be helped," Reina immediately spoke when Hyeonu responded with a moment of hesitation.

-No, I’ll go then. I wanted to go on a winter domestic trip at least once. I’ll send you the detailed schedule.

Hyeonu quickly changed his attitude. He accepted Reina’s suggestion.

"I’ll be waiting until you send it." 

The smile didn’t leave Reina’s face as she hung up.

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