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Chapter: 772

Chapter 772

"What? You agree...?" one great tribe chief murmured in an incredulous manner. The species quota that Raccoon said and the criticism of Kapa, the great tribe chief of the dwarves. It was the elves who occupied the largest stake among the two. Yet the great elf chief Nile casually accepted it. It was an act that couldn’t be understood at all from the standpoint of the great tribe chiefs who didn’t know the circumstances before or after.

"Then let’s decide whether the species quota system that I mentioned will pass or not. Those in favor, raise your right hand. Those who oppose it, remain silent."

Raccoon raised his right hand from the moment he spoke. Following Raccoon, the dwarf great tribe chief Kapa and the elf great tribe chief Nile raised their right hands one after another. No one raised their right hands except for these three.

Everyone just looked at each other. At this moment, a great tribe chief raised his right hand. It was the great tribe chief of the lycanthropes who sent as many tribe members to the continent as the orcs and dwarves.

"I also agree. If the others go to the continent, then more of our tribe members will be able to return to the league."

He was actively in favor of it. So far, he had endured it because it had always been like this, but once the opportunity came, he had to seize it. They would be able to live comfortably within the league’s fence.

"I also agree. It feels like we have sacrificed a part of it too unilaterally."

The great tribe chief with a tiger’s face and a human body raised his hand. It was Clay, the great tribe chief of the tiger people species.

"I agree with what you said."

"Me too."

"I think it is a great idea."

One by one, the right hands started to soar up. The great tribe chiefs with a large number of tribe members outside the league quickly raised their right hands.

‘When will it be over?’

Hyeonu thought as more than half of the great tribe chiefs raised their right hands, but there was no sign of moving on.

‘Does it have to be unanimous?’

That wasn’t a very good rule.

An unanimous agreement literally meant that everyone’s opinions would be the same. At first glance, more than a dozen great tribe chiefs were gathered at the meeting hall. The probability of bringing together the opinions of dozens of people was very small.

However, Hyeonu’s pessimistic prediction was wrong. It was fortunate.

"The agenda will pass if three more people vote for it."

Raccoon spread out three thick fingers. At the same time, there was a chill in the meeting hall.

"Three, two, one."

Every time a number flowed out of Raccoon’s mouth, someone quietly raised their right hand.

"Okay, the agenda has passed. Within the next month, at least 10,000 different species members will fulfill their obligations outside the league. Please keep in mind that if you fail to follow this, you might be penalized according to the rules.

Exclamations burst out all over the meeting hall the moment Raccoon finished speaking.

10,000—it wasn’t a small number. In terms of the number of tribes, it was at least three or four. It was extremely rare for more than 10,000 different species to already be living outside the league. The orcs and lycanthropes were the only ones this didn’t affect.

"However, special cases like the dwarves aren’t included in this. They are already contributing too much to the league."

At Raccoon’s words, the expression of the dwarf great tribe chief Kapa turned bright. The number of dwarves wasn’t much compared to other species. The number 10,000 was bound to be a burden. In such a situation, Raccoon’s words were a ray of hope.

"I’m not asking you to go out with nothing. There is a proper plan," Raccoon opened his mouth as he scanned the desperate looking great tribe chiefs.


"Tell me right now."

"It is hard to believe the word ‘plan’ has come out of Raccoon’s mouth."

The great tribe chiefs were surprised and astonished by Raccoon’s words. They were surprised once that there was a plan and surprised twice that the person who said it was Raccoon.

"Hyeonu will help you a lot."

Raccoon reached out and once again pointed to Hyeonu, who was talking to Hugo. The eyes of the great tribe chiefs all focused on Hyeonu. Their eyes were several times more fiery than before.

"Even if he looks like that, he is a person who is acknowledged among the humans. He is said to be one of the few humans who can stand alone with the human emperor."

Raccoon’s words continued and the eyes of the great tribe chiefs staring at Hyeonu started to change little by little. He changed from a human who knew Raccoon and Hugo to a human with great ability.

"Additionally, he already has two Golden Hammers in his territory. Don’t you think the money coming to the fortress has increased these days? There is also a guy following him around. He is a reliable guy."

The eyes of the great tribe chiefs changed again at Raccoon’s ensuing words. The human had two Golden Hammers. It meant he had completely earned the full trust of the two of them.

 "No wonder... I have felt trust in you since I first saw you," the dwarf great tribe chief, Kapa, said with a loud laugh.

‘Why is he doing this to me?’

Putting aside all of this, Hyeonu couldn’t hide his bewildered expression at Raccoon’s sudden words. It was the first time he had ever heard Raccoon’s words.

"What are you talking about, Raccoon?" Hyeonu hurriedly ran to Raccoon from where he was sitting next to Hugo and asked. It was with tightly clenched teeth.

"I’m asking for mutual help. If you help me this one time, I’ll send you to the divine world. Additionally, you alone will firmly grasp the communication channel with the league. It isn’t impossible for other humans to take the role, but I am going to give you the condition that you must be the human nominated."

Raccoon smiled and soothed Hyeonu. It worked well. It was because Raccoon’s proposal was very attractive.

‘He will tell me the location of the magic circle and even give me that prominent post?’

It wasn’t merely a figurehead post. It had a substantial influence.

'Once I report it to the emperor....'

Hyeonu’s mind spun quickly. How could he help the League of Different Species?

‘Let’s build a city.’

Just as the pioneering city was created, he would create one or two cities for the League of Different Species. There would be all types of species and players...

"There is a way. Instead, I also have a condition."

"Condition? Do you need something else? What can I give you?"

"I’ll tell you later. In any case, I have a good idea. Would you like to hear it?"

Raccoon nodded. Then he opened his mouth toward the great tribe chief, "Hyeonu will explain how he can help us. Listen well unless you want to lose the lives of your tribe members in vain." 

At Raccoon’s words, the expressions of the great tribe chiefs became serious. It was bound to be so. For a great tribe chief, the most important thing was the safety of their tribe. The great tribe chief was in a position to take responsibility for the tribe members.

"Give me a quick explanation."

"I wonder how good the method is?"

Despite the urging of the great tribe chiefs, Hyeonu didn’t panic and turned around leisurely. Now was the time to go out boldly.

"I intend to create a city where the tribe members can live safely. To be precise, I will only obtain the land. You have to take care of the rest."

Hyeonu’s brief explanation brought smiles to the faces of the great tribe chiefs.

A city. It was a very safe place surrounded by walls.

"However, there is a condition. The city must trade with humans."

However, the smile instantly disappeared at Hyeonu’s subsequent explanation. 

Trade with humans. It was the beginning of the conflict. It was an act that threatened peace.

"Then what does the city mean?"

"It makes no sense to believe in humans."

"Do we have to trust humans because there is nothing to trust?"

"Everyone’s eyes have twisted."

The attitude of the great tribe chiefs changed by 180 degrees. This was the response.

"Fools... that is why you are only this much," Hyeonu derided these great tribe chiefs.

The great tribe chiefs responded angrily. No, they tried to do so. If only it wasn’t for Raccoon standing behind Hyeonu. Raccoon stared at the great tribe chiefs with eyes that contained no emotions. Every time they made eye contact with Raccoon, the great tribe chiefs shut their mouths and lowered their heads.

"It is a law that you can’t just receive. If you gain something, then you will lose something. It is up to you if you want to lose your lives surviving in undeveloped areas or trade with humans in a city that is much less life-threatening."

Hyeonu left the meeting hall. He had done his job. The rest would be left to others.

"Think well. What will you sacrifice?"

Raccoon left with these words and trailed after Hyeonu.

"I don’t think it has anything to do with me so I’ll be going."

Hugo also rose from his seat and left the meeting hall.

"It is a wonderful idea. Those idiots over there will eventually accept it. Life or discomfort. One side is too heavy to weigh."

Raccoon caught up with Hyeonu and praised him. Hyeonu’s method was the best. Place the members of the different species in a city. Additionally, trade with humans to provide the necessary resources for the league.

"I hope so. In any case, if this method is chosen, then I will be busy for a while. It is because persuasion is needed."

For Hyeonu, it wasn’t an entirely good thing. Hyeonu would have to take care of everything from one to ten in order to create a city.

‘The rewards should be substantial.’

At the very least, he had to gain as much as he suffered. The magic circle to the divine world was just the basics. He was going to take as much as he could.

"I’ll find a place to build the city. If you want, I’ll also look for an honest merchant group. Instead, give me 5% of the total income of the city."

Hyeonu presented Raccoon with the condition he hadn’t mentioned before. 5% of the city’s income. In other words, it was asking for 5% of the taxes collected.

"It is rather cheap if I think of it as the price for the land. In any case, it isn’t my money. Is there anything else you want? I’ll give you one more if I can."

Raccoon readily nodded. This much was nothing. He didn’t care how much the city made. It was an income that he didn’t have, but he gave 5% of it to Hyeonu.

"That’s fine. I don’t know what else I will have to do to get that one more reward."

Hyeonu no longer believed in Raccoon’s words. This orc was much cleverer than he looked. He was a miracle trader who would take two when he gave one.

"Then it can’t be helped. I’ll give you one piece of advice instead."

Raccoon burst out laughing.

"The divine world is as disgusting as the demon world. They aren’t all good just because they are gods. The god tribe and demonic creatures are no different from the demons and demonic creatures."

Then he controlled his expression and gave advice with a serious face.

‘Does he know the divine world so well?’

Hyeonu found one strange part about Raccoon’s advice.

"Have you ever been to the divine world?"

Raccoon nodded at Hyeonu’s question.

"Of course. I went there before I met you. I had business to do," Raccoon replied while the corners of his mouth curved up. Raccoon was familiar with the divine world. More than anyone in the middle world.

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