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Chapter: 783

Chapter 783

Hyeonu arrived comfortably at Viper, the heart of the League of Different Species. It was thanks to the ring that Hugo gave him.

‘He didn’t tell me anything properly until the end.’

Hyeonu frowned as he recalled someone’s face. Originally, Raccoon should’ve told him the location of the magic circle going to the divine world. Then after arriving in the East Continent, he said he had something to do and disappeared. Perhaps he had a conscience or something, but he said he had given a rough explanation to the elf great tribe chief Nile.

‘I just need to explain it.’

Hyeonu complained as he thought of Raccoon, who made him go through one more step.


However, such behavior was only temporary. It was because Nile, the elf great tribe chief, was approaching.

"I heard from Nad about what you have done. It is the first time I’ve seen a human who sticks to his word, no matter what he says."

Nile’s eyes were filled with deep kindness. It was bound to be so. He heard firsthand that Hyeonu had been running around for the dead elves.

"If you promise the right rewards, the adventurers are more trustworthy than anyone else. They will move just because there are decent rewards," Hyeonu replied like it was natural. It was as he said. Hyeonu had something to receive, so he acted. Otherwise, he never would’ve moved regardless of whether the elves or dwarves died.

"Decent rewards... I’ll remember that." Nile nodded like he knew. It was a good tip to know since trade with humans would increase, not decrease, in the future.

"As Raccoon promised, I will guide you to the magic circle connected to the divine world."

Nile led Hyeonu somewhere. Nile walked for a long time before stopping in the forest near the center of Viper.

‘Is there a magic circle in this place?’

Hyeonu also remembered seeing this forest several times.

However, he just disregarded it with the thought that the cities of the different species were different.

‘I thought it was a nature friendly city...’

There was a separate reason.

"Is it okay for a magic circle connected to the divine world to remain defenseless in such a place?" Hyeonu asked Nile. The forest was in a location where anyone could go in and out. This didn’t mean there were no guards.

"It isn’t something to hide, so why hide it? In any case, those who can use it are very limited." Nile looked like he was wondering what the problem was.

‘Ah, right.’

At Nile’s words, Hyeonu recalled what he was missing.

‘The divine world is similar to the demon world.’

It took a lot of magic power to use the magic circle to move to the demon world. This was even though the dragon made it himself.

‘It is true that they can’t use it even when it is right in front of them.’

It was a pie in the sky. The only way was if they had a large amount of magic power.

"Yes… it isn’t possible if you don’t have enough qualifications."

Hyeonu nodded.

"It is over there. By the way, will you be able to use it alone?" Nile pointed toward the cliff in the distance.

"If it doesn’t work, I can ask Raccoon. Don’t worry."

Hyeonu quickly approached the cliff. The magic circle was right there. It was what Hyeonu had been looking for.

‘How long did it take to find this...?’

Hyeonu felt his heart beating quickly as he saw the cliff getting closer. Thanks to the slightly faster footsteps, Hyeonu quickly arrived in front of the cliff.

‘What is this?’

Hyeonu found all types of abnormally shaped signs carved at the bottom of the cliff. Then familiar message windows appeared in front of Hyeonu.

[The magic power required to activate the magic circle is lacking. Please inject magic power.]

[Current magic power: 0]

[Remaining magic power needed: 250,000]

[1 magic power will be charged per 1 point in the magic power stat.]

They were the messages that he saw when using the magic circle at Phinis.

‘It is the same 250,000.’

Even the required magic power was the same. The important thing now was the message that would appear next.

'Once magic power was injected... did it show up then?’

Hyeonu put his palm on the cliff and released his magic power. Then the message that Hyeonu had been waiting for appeared in front of him.

[Do you want to inject magic power into the magic circle?]


[Starting the magic power injection test. Depending on the test results, up to 5 times the injected magic power can be charged.]

This was it. The message that Hyeonu desired.

‘Five times? Only five times?’

Hyeonu frowned when he saw the message window. The amplification level of the magic circle wasn’t too good.

‘It is the same as the one that Baler made for me... it is a terrible level.’

The level of the magic circle was beyond imagination. The magic power amplification efficiency was the same as the magic circle in Etono. The magic circle that Hyeonu asked Baler to make was close to the worst on purpose.

‘It was enough for me because I wasn’t going to use it.’

Hyeonu never used the magic circle that amplified magic power by five times that Baler created. Thus, there were no problems. Now there was a big problem.

‘My magic power stat is currently a bit over 10,000...’

In order to activate the magic circle, he had to inject magic power five times without moving. It was five times even though Hyeonu’s magic power stats had doubled since then.

‘Five times...’

Only a sigh came out. He had to replenish his magic power four times. He had to choose between wasting time or drinking the magic power potion like crazy.

‘If it is going to be the potion...’

Hyeonu’s expression distorted when he checked his inventory. There weren’t many magic power recovery potions in Hyeonu’s inventory. In the first place, he rarely used it, so he only carried a few for emergency purposes.

"Why? Is this magic circle not the same as what you thought?" Nile arrived near the cliff and asked when he saw Hyeonu’s expression.

"I think this requires more magic power than I thought. Still, I think I can use the magic circle if I take a few hours."

Hyeonu turned to look at Nile. His expression had returned to normal. The sense of frustration couldn’t be found at all.

"You are a better human than I thought."

Nile had an admiring expression at Hyeonu’s words. The surprise was even greater because he had experience using the magic circle. There was a lot of magic power needed to trigger the magic circle. It was impossible to even try without a huge amount of magic power.

"Even so, isn’t that a waste of time?"

"What can I do even if it is a waste? This is what my level is."

Hyeonu’s eyes trembled slightly.

‘Is he teasing me or what?’

Hyeonu started to inwardly complain about Nile. It was because he felt that Nile’s words were making fun of him.

"This time, I’ll activate the magic circle."

Nile pulled out shocking words toward such a Hyeonu. It was a very good offer.

"Really?" Hyeonu’s eyes widened as he asked. It was an unbelievably good offer.

"Elves don’t lie." Nile reconfirmed that what Hyeonu heard wasn’t a lie. He highly valued Hyeonu running around for the elves. This suggestion was his reward for it.

‘It is good.’

"Then please." Hyeonu was just happy. He didn’t know why such a suggestion was made, but it was unconditionally beneficial for Hyeonu. There was no reason to refuse.

"Wait a minute."

Nile came closer to the cliff. He arrived right in front of the cliff and extended a palm to the magic circle. A green light flowed from Nile’s body and started to be absorbed by the patterns engraved on the cliff. An intense glow came out at once and a message window appeared in front of Hyeonu.

[The magic circle is activated.]

[Movement Magic Circle]

[A magic circle that moves to Rulp, a city in the divine world.

Effect: Shout ‘move’ and you will be moved to Rulp, a city in the divine world.

Maximum number of people: 1/100 people.]

'It is really low.’

Hyeonu clicked his tongue after checking the information of the magic circle. It was definitely inferior compared to the magic circle in Etono.

‘The popularity will drop slightly.’

It would inevitably be less popular because many things would be required in order to go there, unless the environment was better than anywhere else.

"Thank you, Nile. I’ll be going. I’ll see you again next time."

Hyeonu bowed slightly toward Nile and said goodbye to him. Then he shouted the word that would start the magic circle.


Hyeonu disappeared from before Nile’s eyes.


Reina’s officetel was clean. It was no different from when she first came. In the first place, it was a room full of furniture and electronics. Reina had only brought two large suitcases with her from New York. Even the suitcases were in the exact same condition as when they first came.

Just then, Reina’s smartphone vibrated strongly.

"Hello?" Reina naturally answered the phone in Korean.


English flowed from the phone. Rena heard it and hurriedly replied in English, "Hello?"

-Reina? Right? I thought I was wrong.

The person called Reina was a front desk worker of the New York Warriors and who was only in charge of Reina. It was because she was particularly busy compared to the other players of the New York Warriors.

"I guess I got used to it from living in Seoul. I didn’t receive phone calls from the US. They only come from South Korea," Reina made an excuse that wasn’t an excuse with an embarrassed look on her face.

-You don’t like talking on the phone. That’s why I didn’t call. Should I have not called?

The front desk staff member didn’t know this and responded seriously to Reina’s words.

"No, it is fine. Why did you contact me? Did you call just in case I forgot I was going home tomorrow?"

-Right. Are you preparing well? I'm worried.

"I’m done. In the first place, the only thing I brought was clothes. I just need to take my suitcases to the airport tomorrow," Reina answered while looking at the suitcases placed side by side in the living room.

-I understand. It is okay to be late by a day or two, so bring your things without forgetting anything. Then I’ll hang up.

The front desk worker was relieved by Reina’s words and ended the call with confidence. There wasn’t much worry because Reina had already traveled like this a few times.

"One more time... should I check it again?"

After hanging up, Reina put her smartphone down on the sofa and stared at her suitcases. Then she turned her head and looked around the entire place. It was to double check that she hadn’t left anything behind. Then she started wandering around the place like she wasn’t convinced by just taking a quick glance.

‘Is there really something that I didn’t bring?’

She wondered if there was something she had forgotten like the front desk worker had said. Just then, a vibration was heard from the living room again. Reina, who was checking the room, headed to the living room. Her smartphone was vibrating again.

"Hello?" She answered the phone in English this time.

-Reina? Are you busy right now?

It was in Korean this time, not English. It was also Reina’s favorite voice.

"Hyeonu? What's wrong?"

-Isn’t this your last night in South Korea? I thought we should have a farewell party. Do you perhaps have time?

Reina smiled brightly when she heard Hyeonu’s words coming from the phone. "Of course I can. Should I go now?"

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