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Chapter: 784

Chapter 784

‘Is it here?’

Reina arrived at the place Hyeonu mentioned, got out of the taxi, and looked around. The appointment place was in Cheongdam-dong. It was evening, so even in the cold winter months, there were still many people wandering around.

"Reina! Over here, here." Hyeonu approached Reina, who was looking around.

"Hyeonu!" Reina welcomed Hyeonu.

"Come this way. That is the place." Hyeonu took Reina’s hand and led her to the store he had booked. The place Hyeonu took Reina to was a Japanese restaurant. Hyeonu naturally guided Reina to a room inside the Japanese restaurant. They were reserved seats.

"Is there nobody?" Reina cocked her head as she walked inside the door that Hyeonu opened. There was nobody in the room.

"Everybody said they didn’t have time. The hyung-nims went to China and Yeongchan said he had an appointment?" Hyeonu explained to Reina why no one had come. The biggest reason was that there were only few people in South Korea who knew Reina, and those who knew her were busy today.

‘I don’t know why they’re so busy today.’

Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu said they had business in China and left the day before. Yeongchan, who was always in the officetel, also disappeared early in the morning while saying he had plans. So Hyeonu was the only one left. However, Reina’s farewell party couldn’t be delayed. Reina’s departure was tomorrow. There was no next time.

Hyeonu inevitably prepared Reina’s farewell party, even if he was on his own. He booked a restaurant and bar that Reina would like.

"Really? Then it can’t be helped. My farewell party will be for two people," Reina replied in a tone like it was unavoidable. However, there was a clear smile on her face. She couldn’t hide it.

The two of them continued the dinner pleasantly. The topic was the story of Reina during her one month in South Korea.

"A month has passed. I feel it every time but it is a shame. It is always fun to live in another country..." Reina expressed her regret. They were doing a farewell party like this, so she really realized that she was leaving tomorrow.

"You need to prepare for the Spring League... that’s why being a pro gamer is such a tough job, right? The biggest reason why streamers don’t become pro gamers is because they won’t have freedom," Hyeonu comforted Reina.

He knew this because he had been a professional gamer for a short time. There was nothing that could be done properly while the league was in progress. All they could do was eat and play the game. They were like squirrels running on the wheel. Level up through hunting and quests, and raise their specs. Then through steady practice, improve their skills in the league’s three events: PvP, raid, and the siege.

"Still... I can’t quit right now. It will harm my colleagues..."

Reina had been more troubled in recent years. The longer she lived as a professional gamer, the more her mannerisms grew. Her sparring skills had risen significantly, but after winning the North American League and finishing second in Arena Week, there was a sudden sense of helplessness.

"I have nothing to say about this. I shortened my life as a professional gamer. Even so, you should do as you want, Reina. You don’t have to continue your professional gamer life just because of your sense of duty," Hyeonu conveyed his honest thoughts to Reina.

Reina didn’t have to bear so much stress. Streaming was enough if she wanted to connect with the fans and show herself. She could be a celebrity.

"It doesn’t matter if you are a streamer, celebrity, or just someone who likes to play the game. It is best to do whatever you want."

It might be frustrating to some fans who wanted Reina to continue her professional gamer career, but it was unavoidable. It wasn’t necessary for Reina to gnaw at her own body and mind to meet their expectations.

"I will consider it."

Reina smiled and took Hyeonu’s advice seriously. It was a matter to think about.

"Should we get up?"

Hyeonu recommended moving places to change the heavy atmosphere.

"Yes, I’m full... where to next?"

Reina got up from her seat.

"There is a decent bar nearby. We can talk a bit more there."

The next place was a modern lounge bar.


"Take care." Hyeonu waved to Reina, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

"Thank you, Hyeonu. You didn’t have to take me to the airport..."

Reina had a thankful expression.

"There is no one else to see you off. It is sad to go alone."

Hyeonu shook his head from side to side. There was nothing to be thankful for. It was just a matter of taking a drive. Additionally, taking a taxi alone to the airport wasn’t very pleasant.

Hyeonu and Reina got out of the car and pulled out Reina’s suitcases, which she had loaded into the trunk.

"The next time you come to New York... I’ll take good care of you."

"I understand. Now go. There isn’t much time until your flight."

Hyeonu put Reina’s suitcases down in front of her. Reina grabbed the handle of the suitcase and pulled it out. Then she moved her face toward Hyeonu’s face. The distance between the two faces narrowed in an instant.


Reina’s lips touched Hyeonu’s lips. Then she stepped back as quickly as she came. "Thank you very much. See you again next time."

Reina went inside the airport without looking back.

Hyeonu was left alone and absent-mindedly touched his lips, which had been touched by Reina’s lips. It was until the car behind him honked its horn.


"I don’t know how well Hyeonu did," Yeongchan muttered while waving a glass of whiskey.

"Done well... I wonder if he acted like a foolish person this time," Gang Junggu, the man sitting in front of Yeongchan, said with a smile.

No matter how much Hyeonu lacked a sense of love, it was normal to notice the situation at this point.

"He is beyond your imagination. He is a really dull guy. You have to make it obvious," Yeongchan countered Gang Junggu’s words.

Hyeonu was a worse person than Gang Junggu knew.

"Then isn’t he too insensitive to his own emotions? Being too sensitive is a problem, but this is also a problem..."

Gang Junggu had a pitying expression on his face. Not being able to properly understand emotions was a clear problem.

"Well... I’m sure it will go well. By the way, Hyeonu is Hyeonu..."

Gang Junggu looked at Yeongchan with strange eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that? What about me? Huh?"

Yeongchan became furious at Gang Junggu’s strange gaze. He felt even worse because he knew what this person meant.

"Poor fellow..."

"Why am I pitiful? I’m not pitiful. Cancel those words."

Gang Junggu lightly ignored Yeongchan’s cry and drank the alcohol in the cup.


Hyeonu returned after seeing Reina off and connected to Arena. The place where Hyeonu appeared was in the dense forest.

‘No one?’

Hyeonu turned his head and looked around. Then he moved very carefully as he hid himself in the shade of the trees.

‘I have to put up with it.’

The divine world was a very unfamiliar place to Hyeonu. There was no information. In the demon world, he was lucky and things worked out well. However, there was no guarantee that it would be the same in the divine world.

‘It is hard because I don’t know anything...’

Maybe it was because he entered the divine world recklessly, but he didn’t even know if he would always appear in the same place when taking the magic circle in Viper. Thus, his movements were forced to become more passive. It wasn’t difficult to act like a man without a backer. However, if there were any changes to the surroundings as the result of such actions, Hyeonu would have to deal with it when he came back to the divine world.

‘Even so, I can’t just hide like this...’

Hyeonu had time constraints. The emperor’s quest. He had to go and see the emperor once a week.

‘I’m glad it is using the time in reality as a standard.’

If it was based on Arena, he might’ve had to go in and out of the imperial palace in Yusma until the threshold was worn out. Hyeonu gradually increased his movement speed. It was just a little bit, but he used his magic power to activate Mysterious Sky Steps.

‘Who is watching?’

Hyeonu felt very uncomfortable. It felt like someone was observing him.

‘It is very unpleasant.’

Hyeonu decided it was impossible to keep moving like this. Hyeonu always organized his back first. There was no reason to move forward if his back was unsafe. Hyeonu was running quickly as he stepped on trees, stones, and sometimes the air. Now he slowed down. Once he stopped, Hyeonu pulled out the Mysterious Sky Sword and swung it recklessly in all directions.

The violet pure energies swept everywhere. Not a single tree, stone, or the ground remained in its original form. The most appropriate way to describe Hyeonu’s surroundings was ‘devastated.’

"Aren’t you coming out? I don’t think you are dead..." Hyeonu spoke loudly like someone could hear him.

"Master dude, what’s wrong with you? Are you crazy? Has anything shocked you recently?" Tang-E responded to Hyeonu’s actions. Hyeonu’s actions hadn’t been discussed with Tang-E in advance. It was natural for Tang-E to react like this.

"I feel like somebody is nearby and staring at us. I just swung it around," Hyeonu explained the reason for his abrupt behavior to Tang-E. It was so low that only Tang-E could hear it.

"Do they have nothing to do? Why secretly peek at others? I’m sure this person looks sly," Tang-E trembled and scolded. Hyeonu's words were terrible. Someone was secretly observing them. It was the worst thing he could imagine.

"By the way... why haven’t you come out yet?’ Hyeonu pointed the Mysterious Sky Sword at the place where the broken rocks and tree debris were piled up.

"Master dude, have you finally gone crazy? Why are you pointing your sword at a place where there is no one?" Tang-E clicked his tongue, but his actions were wrong.

Someone appeared in the direction where Hyeonu was pointing the Mysterious Sky Sword.

"Do humans greet each other so harshly these days?"

It was a blond-haired handsome man who appeared beyond the broken rocks and trees. The man continued to approach Hyeonu and Tang-E. Hyeonu didn’t let go of his tension and slowly injected magic power into his hands holding the Mysterious Sky Sword. Purple pure energy covered the Mysterious Sky Sword.

The blond-haired man saw it and frowned. "Isn’t exchanging names one of the basic manners? Has human culture changed over the years? There hasn’t been such a dramatic change as far as I know."

Nevertheless, his footsteps didn’t stop and he continued to approach Hyeonu.

"Why don’t you put that away? There is a city nearby where the divine tribe is staying. Isn’t it a situation where you shouldn’t attract attention?"

"Who are you?" Hyeonu ignored the man’s words and asked for his identity.

"Will you put it away if I give you my name?" the man replied to Hyeonu’s words with a smile. "My name is Liru. Come on, put that thing away."

Hyeonu followed the instructions of the man who said his name was Liru. He recovered the magic power that he had injected into the Mysterious Sky Sword and inserted it in the sheath. Then he asked the man a question, "Why did the sun god appear before me?"

Liru—it was the name of the sun god who had the most followers in Arena.

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