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Chapter: 814

Chapter 814

Teika accepted Raccoon’s offer and left the Black Forest right away with Raccoon. The destination was Viper, the heart of the League of Different Species.

‘This is a place I’ve only seen in the videos...’

Teika admired the scenery of Viper in front of him. He was looking directly at a place that could only be seen in a short edited video on Alley Leader’s channel.

‘I am the second one.’

The city of the different species was accepting players. However, no one could enter the League of Different Species. Only Hyeonu was known to be able to enter and exit freely. There were rumors that it was possible for the Pioneer Guild, but it was widely believed that it was virtually no one because the whereabouts of the Pioneer Guild were unknown.

"Raccoon, can you tell me where the temple is?" Teika opened his mouth as he quietly followed Raccoon. It took him so long to even get to Viper, but after arriving in Viper, Raccoon didn’t stop moving. Additionally, it was frustrating because he didn’t tell Teika the location of the temple.

"Didn’t I tell you?"

"Yes, you didn’t tell me."

"Really? We’re almost there. Just a bit further."

At Raccoon’s reply, Teika licked his lips a few times. Teika shut his mouth again and followed after Raccoon. They walked like this for a while before Raccoon stopped in front of a huge stone building.

"This is the temple of the orcs. I’m sure you’ll come here a lot. Take a good look." Raccoon turned toward Teika.

"Is this a temple?"

Teika observed the stone building in front of him with every step. There were rough but intense sculptures carved throughout the building.

‘Axe, spear, sword. There are all sorts of things.’

There seemed to be all the cold weapons that existed in the world. After examining the temple, Teika followed Raccoon into the temple. The inside of the temple was nothing special. There was no passageway. It was just open space. The floor was just a dirt floor. There were even weeds growing sparsely.

‘Why is it so empty?’

Rather, the empty scenery made Teika even more perplexed. It looked gorgeous on the outside, but the inside was like an unmanaged playground.

"Raccoon, is this really a temple?" Teika asked with an expression of disbelief. It was impossible to erase the feeling that it was too sloppy to be the representative temple of a tribe.

"It is a temple. There is just no one managing it right now. It was fine in the beginning," Raccoon replied with an awkward smile. He was embarrassed, so he overturned the place where the weeds had grown with his foot.

"Even so, the inside is fine. You don’t have to worry too much."

Raccoon strode forward.

‘A statue?’

They headed a bit further inside and a statue a little over three meters in size entered Teika’s eyes. The statue had a very familiar shape.

"This statue... it looks like you, Raccoon. Do the orcs originally look similar?" Teika asked in a half joking and half serious manner. The statue resembled Raccoon too much to pass over it lightly.

"I don’t believe all the orcs look alike... there are very few orcs that look as ferocious as me." Raccoon frowned and glared at Teika.

"That statue is me. It is a statue of me carved by the dwarf great chief," Raccoon explained the origins of the statue. The statue had a deep meaning. It was made solely for Raccoon, but it had a different meaning.

"So why is there a statue of Raccoon in the temple? Is it because you are the great tribe chief?" Teika asked Raccoon another question.

‘If it is a temple, isn’t it right to have a statue of a god? By the way, do orcs have gods?’

A temple was literally a place where gods were worshiped. Raccoon might be the great tribe chief, but that wasn’t enough for his statue to be in the temple.

"It is there because I deserve it."

Raccoon’s imposing answer left Teka speechless.

"Ah... I see. I asked you for nothing." Teika scratched his head.

Raccoon silently led Teika in front of the statue.

"From today on, you are an orc. It is guaranteed by me, Raccoon, the species god of the orcs."

The moment Raccoon finished speaking, bright red energy poured out of the statue. However, Teika couldn’t care less about this. The words that Raccoon just uttered were stuck in his head.

‘The species god...? Raccoon is a god?’

A god.

Raccoon said with his own mouth that he was a god. Definitely.


[A new patch will be available at 06:00 GMT.]

[We will start with an apology for the sudden patch.

This is a patch to open up new content, so we hope that everyone who enjoys Arena will understand.

The newly patched content is the opening of a new species.

Previously, characters could only be created as human, but after this patch, it will be possible to create a character of all the species in the League of Different Species, including elves and orcs.

Additionally, existing players will have the opportunity to change their character’s species.

You can change species at the temple of each species in Viper, the capital of the League of Different Species.

However, you can’t go back once you change your species, so choose carefully.]

A notice from Quency appeared suddenly. It united the communities that had been covered with all types of topics.

[What? This patch?]

What was happening all of a sudden? Who did something? It wasn’t Alley Leader who was in the demon world. Who changed species? Who the hell was it?

The moment the Quency announcement popped up, the first thing that filled the community was who triggered the patch. Every time a Quency patch was done, someone had to act as the trigger. There was no giving it first. New fields had to be pioneered and new content discovered themselves.

[It isn’t a large guild.]

[They can’t afford it. They are the ones who turn on the live stream every day and just hunt all the time. Or they play the arena. There is another reason why they can’t change species. If they change their species, they have to give up the foundation they have built so far. Who would change?]

The next thing that started to come up was speculation about people. People gathered and started a discussion. They divided it between the possible and the impossible. Even so, there were still too many names mentioned.

‘This smells...’

Hyeonu read the articles that stirred up the community and smacked his lips together. Somehow, Hyeonu seemed to know who induced this patch.

‘Teika... it is very likely it is him.’

The person Hyeonu suspected was Teika. Not long ago, he had personally delivered information about Raccoon, so Hyeonu’s guess was even more plausible.

As Hyeonu was feeling suspicious about Teika, Yeongchan approached Hyeonu and spoke to him, "Hey, don’t you know anything this time?"

"How should I know, you jerk? You always look for me whenever there is something. I didn’t do it. I like being human. I might be beaten to death by Lebron if I change species. Am I crazy?" Hyeonu reacted harshly to Yeongchan’s question. It was because he felt like he was being ignored by Yeongchan for some reason.

"Indeed. It would be worth seeing if his one and only disciple becomes a different species."

Yeongchan continued with what he wanted to say regardless of Hyeonu’s grumbling.

"Still, I can think of someone."

"You have an idea in mind?"

Hyeonu wondered when the other person became so fussy and immediately brought up his speculation to Yeongchan. "I introduced Raccoon to Teika not long ago. When? It was that time when I was streaming the arena. He suddenly surrendered. I told him then. It was secretly at that time."

"You introduced him to Raccoon? Then it is definitely Teika. There is nothing more to see."

Yeongchan came to a conclusion. It was an attitude that he didn’t need to hear anything else.

"There were many kids who were kicked out while trying to enter the League of Different Species. Some of them were killed. That is enough."

Yeongchan also had his own sources of information. He knew many stories about the League of Different Species. No one had managed to get all the way inside the League of Different Species. Those who were stubborn died and those who weren’t stubborn could leave.

"Are you envious?" Hyeonu watched Yeongchan for a moment before asking out of the blue.

"I am envious, yes. It is a species change... becoming an orc and turning on the livestream. How many people will see it?"

Yeongchan was envious of Teika. The species change at this point was great for attracting people’s attention. It was clear that the number of viewers would increase exponentially when the livestream was turned on.

"Then you can change your species too. What’s wrong? Teika has obviously become an orc. Would you like to change to an elf?" Hyeonu made a suggestion to Yeongchan with a casual expression. He could introduce Yeongchan to an elf if he wanted. Hyeonu could do that much for Yeongchan.

"An elf?" Yeongchan looked captivated.

An elf. If possible, this was perfect for grabbing other people’s attention.

‘So I will turn into an elf?’

At the same time, an image popped into Yeongchan’s mind. He became an elf and looked more handsome than he did now.

"I will do it. Introduce me quickly."

Yeongchan jumped at Hyeonu.


"Teacher, have you finished adjusting?" Hyeonu asked as he looked down at Lebron, who was sitting cross-legged in front of him.

"What adjustment? It is training. Training. A strong opponent is waiting..."

Lebron opened his eyes. There was a strange heat in them. It was so clear that Hyeonu recognized it instantly.

‘Has he set a new goal?’

Lebron and John Blake succeeded in transforming their magic power into the chaos attribute with Callioraks’ help. In return, they decided to help with Callioraks’ battle.

"Will there be any significant changes within a fortnight?"

The date of the battle predicted by Callioraks was a fortnight from today.

‘I don’t know if enlightenment will suddenly come.’

It was a long time, but to be honest, it didn’t seem that long either.

"It isn’t a big deal. It is important to take it one step at a time, this guy. There will be big trouble when there is too much greed."

Lebron’s fierce gaze poured toward Hyeonu. Hyeonu took Lebron’s advice casually with both eyes wide open.

"Then I’ll come back in a fortnight, Teacher. I will dedicate my body for the empire and return."

Hyeonu said goodbye to Lebron like this.

"What happened to the empire?"

"There is news that the undead created by the demon god targeting Edward’s body has invaded the empire."

"The damage?" Lebron asked with a serious expression.

"It seems there is quite a lot of damage to the northern cities."

Three cities had already been captured, but Hyeonu didn’t convey this fact. Lebron had to prepare for the raid on the temple of the demon god that would take place in a fortnight rather than going on a rampage in the middle world. In any case, the undead army wouldn’t be that scary once the fragments of the demon god were dealt with. It would be nothing.

"You must be having a hard time. It is hard work."

Lebron got up from his seat and lightly patted Hyeonu’s shoulder.

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