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Chapter: 819

Chapter 819

The people who saw Hugo jumping over the wall and running toward the undead army were uniformly shocked.

"Who is that?"

"Are they crazy? Running out here alone?"

"What, is it Alley Leader? In any case, film it quickly."

Hugo’s appearance wasn’t much different from a large Caucasian man. In other words, he was an NPC or player who wasn’t famous. It was one of these two things. Thus, it was natural for people to be surprised.

"It is a bear!"

"Is it Tang-E?"

"Tang-E isn’t an adult yet. Then who is this?"

"Is it someone related to Tang-E?"

"He must be a bear, not a person."

Their surprise grew bigger. The man had turned into a bear, so they couldn’t help being surprised. In addition, this was just the beginning. Hugo’s appearance made the viewers gasp with admiration. After turning into a bear, Hugo’s body was engulfed in flames. They weren’t red or blue flames but pure white.

‘It is the first time I’ve seen white flames.’

Hyeonu was equally impressed by Hugo’s appearance as this was the first time he had seen it. At the same time, he had high expectations about what Hugo would show. 

Hugo had the white flames all over his body and pierced the undead army. The white fire showed its presence immediately. It devoured the surrounding undead in an instant. The moment the undead touched the white flames, they lost their shape and melted away.


"What is this?"

"Even though the undead are weak against the fire attributes... It isn’t to this extent?"

Exclamations burst from the mouths of the players who saw the undead melting like shaved ice. In particular, the more they had fought with the undead, the greater their surprise. The undead were strong, but it wasn’t difficult for the rankers to kill one or two.

‘They aren’t hard to kill, but that doesn’t mean they can be melted like this.’

Still, it was only to a certain degree.

"Wow, what is this?" a cry burst out from Hyeonu’s mouth. Even Hyeonu couldn’t help being surprised by the series of actions that Hugo showed.

Hugo’s feet swept through the air, and a whirlwind of white flames struck the undead accordingly. At a rough glance, the whirlpool seemed to be dozens of meters in size. It had a narrow width, but it was very long. The whirlpool melted hundreds of undead in an instant.

"Tsk... He still hasn’t let go of his appearance." Raccoon clicked his tongue from where he was standing next to the admiring Hyeonu.

"Appearance? It is cool, but... I don’t think it is a skill worthy of such disparagement," Hyeonu refuted Raccoon’s words. Hugo’s skill was gorgeous, but it was also powerful. The undead that touched the whirlwind of flames disappeared into ashes.

"Isn’t that a given? There is something called that guy’s level. Imagine you are using pure energy to catch a deer. Will the deer withstand that attack?" Raccoon asked while turning his head toward Hyeonu.

"Of course, it can’t withstand it. It is a deer."

"To him, those undead are like that. They are nothing more than mere beasts or worms."

"It is to that extent?" Hyeonu asked with a surprised face.

"What the hell do you think of that guy?" Raccoon wondered with a dumbfounded face at Hyeonu’s attitude and words.

Hyeonu raised his eyebrow and answered, "A powerless head of the family?" 

"That’s true. He is powerless," Raccoon inadvertently agreed with Hyeonu’s words before glaring at Hyeonu.

"That isn’t it. He might look like that, but he is the great tribe chief leading the Marionette Bears. He isn’t much different from me. He is very strong."

Hyeonu looked more surprised than when he witnessed Hugo’s whirlwind of fire.

‘There isn’t much difference…? Hugo’s that strong?’

Hugo’s strength was beyond imagination. He was a lot stronger than Hyeonu thought.

"Then is Hugo also a species god?" Hyeonu asked a natural question. Raccoon was a species god. If he was similar to Raccoon, then Hugo had to be a species god.

"No, Hugo isn’t a species god." Raccoon shook his head.

"So the Marionette Bears have no species god?" Hyeonu asked again.

Raccoon shook his head again. "They have it."

"There is a species god? Don’t tell me... Is it Manong?"

"That’s right. It’s Manong." Raccoon’s head moved up and down this time.

Hyeonu turned his head and looked at the battlefield again. "By the way... a lot of the undead are gone."

Hugo was still running. Now he made a complete cyclone without using both feet. Four whirlwinds over a few dozen meters in size swept through the undead army.


When Hyeonu saw this, he took out a tree branch from his inventory and hung it from his waist. Then he immediately kicked off from the wall and flew toward Hugo. Hyeonu quickly narrowed the distance with the undead army. It was truly in the blink of an eye. Hyeonu didn’t fight and just ran around the battlefield. He used Mysterious Sky Steps and ran like crazy.

"Has that guy finally gone crazy?" Raccoon, who was clearly watching the scene, frowned and cursed.

On the other hand, the players couldn’t see Hyeonu properly. They couldn’t only see faint shapes and afterimages. Of course, in their eyes, Hyeonu seemed to be preparing something.

[Energy absorbed 1/????]

[Energy absorbed 94/????]

[Energy absorbed 176/????]

[Energy absorbed 325/????]

However, Hyeonu was just filling the branch with energy. Due to Hugo sweeping through the battlefield, the speed at which the branch absorbed energy was enormous. A change also occurred in the undead army as Hyeonu excitedly ran through the battlefield.

The high-ranking undead appeared. The dark knights exuded a gloomy aura while they fired pure energy at the whirlwind of white flames that Hugo had created. The first one or two tries had no effect. Then by the time it reached 10 to 20 times, Hugo’s whirlwind changed slightly.

The white flames of the whirlwind started to shake little by little. Then the whirlwind became smaller, and its power decreased. This was natural because it was made with magic power in the first place.

Hyeonu approached Hugo and said to him, "Hugo, don’t overdo it. Why not leave it to others?"

"Already? I was just becoming excited... Can I play a bit more? I have accumulated a lot of things..." Hugo looked at Hyeonu with an expression of regret.

‘He is serious.’ Hyeonu could feel the sincerity in Hugo’s expression. It was a face that showed he really didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

‘Why did it accumulate? I don’t have to ask...’

Hyeonu couldn’t refuse Hugo’s desperate request.

"Still, you have to share some achievements with the adventurers gathered here. Why don’t you do it one more time?" Hyeonu’s compromise was one final attack.

"I understand. One last time... I’ll take advantage of this opportunity." Hugo’s gaze burned as he nodded.

Hugo and Hyeonu’s conversation ended here as the undead had surrounded the two of them. Hyeonu pulled out the Mysterious Sky Sword without saying a word and swung it. The purple pure energy appeared instantly and literally split the undead in front of Hyeonu in half.

[Energy absorbed 784/????]

[Energy absorbed 951/????]

[Energy absorbed 1,012/????]

[Energy absorbed 1,170/????]

Hyeonu killed the undead, but his experience didn’t rise. The experience of the undead didn’t go to Hyeonu but to the branch that Nile gave him.

‘Three leaves have already appeared.’

Hyeonu smiled when he saw the leaves sprouting smoothly. The leaves were growing rapidly. If everything went well, it seemed likely that he could achieve his goal in this war against the undead.

‘It is said that there are no more than 100 people in Yeongchan’s guild...’

The goal would be achieved once the branches were filled with leaves and one of the leaves became a flower. The opportunity for it to bloom came quickly.

Having received a chance from Hyeonu to attack, Hugo raised both feet, pointing his soles toward the sky. Then a huge amount of magic power started to appear in the air. The magic power moved, and several phenomena occurred as a result. First, the wind started to blow. Then the ground dented, cracked, and shook. There were a number of undead that lost their balance and fell down one by one.

"Is there an earthquake? Why is this happening?"

"Is the wall going to collapse?"

"I don’t know if this is earthquake resistant."

The shaking wasn’t only felt by the undead; it was even transmitted to the distant walls. However, such attention was fleeting. People’s attention soon focused on the white sphere that started to be created above Hugo’s feet.

The white sphere was fired instantly. At first, it was the size of a soccer ball, but it grew ten times larger in an instant. This wasn’t the end. The white sphere was constantly growing. By the time it stopped expanding, it was already enough to be called a small sun.

‘I was wondering where Tang-E learned such magic... It was all learned from Hugo and Manong.’

Hyeonu was all too familiar with the series of processes that Hugo showed. Tang-E had already shown it several times.

"Isn’t this the magic that Tang-E uses?"

"As expected, he is a bear that has something to do with Tang-E."

"He seems to be from the same tribe as Tang-E."

"Then can we get more pets like Tang-E?"

It was the same for the other players as well. The video of Tang-E casting the same magic that Hugo was currently showing had already become too famous. It had been a while since the number of views exceeded a few billion. As such, it was safe to say there was no one here who didn’t know it.

At this moment, Hugo’s feet fell toward the ground. Simultaneously, the white sphere floating in the air also started to descend toward the undead army.

A change occurred in the white sphere right then.

It started to rotate horizontally while releasing beams of light. As the rotation speed increased, the beams of light started to look like a layer of film. The pure white film showed a very strong power, instantly destroying everything upon contact. There was no difference whether it was a high-ranking undead or a passing skeleton.

Hyeonu became excited. He ran around the places where the white sphere passed as if he was taking a casual walk. The more he did so, the more changes that occurred in the branch that was attached to Hyeonu’s waist. More leaves were starting to sprout. They sprouted endlessly.

Five, six, ten… It continued on. They were growing so rapidly that it was hard to follow.

Just then, intense energy was felt from afar.

‘He’s only showing up now?’

Hyeonu knew the identity of the energy. He knew who it belonged to without even looking. It was obviously Edward, who must’ve come riding on a bone dragon.

‘I hope he is sane...’

He just hoped that Edward’s current condition was okay. Only then would things work out the way Hyeonu had envisioned.

As Hyeonu expected, bone dragons flying high in the air appeared. The five bone dragons each fired a Breath at the sphere that Hugo created the moment they appeared. The five Breaths they unleashed were very powerful and lasted for one minute before finally succeeding in breaking the sphere that Hugo created.

"You fools, give your life to me," a loud voice echoed from the bone dragon in the middle.

‘He is fine.’

At the same time, Hyeonu grasped that Edward was in a good state. It was because he made eye contact with Edward.

"Hugo, let’s step back."

It was time to start the play.

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