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Chapter: 823

Chapter 823

"Hello, this is the streamer Argon, the only friend of Alley Leader. It is an honor to see you again sooner than I thought," Yeongchan greeted the viewers with beautiful rhetoric. It was just that his greeting didn’t reach the viewers because Yeongchan’s appearance attracted their gaze.

-Aren’t his ears really long?

-Is he a real elf?

-How did he become an elf?

-What did Alley Leader do here?

The viewers couldn’t come to their senses at the sudden appearance of Yeongchan, who had become an elf. The number of elf players in Arena had increased due to the patch, but Yeongchan was the first one among rankers. It was just like Teika.

Hyeonu saw the explosive chat window and revealed the content he had prepared today. "The reason I brought these two people here is to answer the curiosity of the viewers. The name is ‘Ask Me Anything’."

The name was grandiose, but in reality, it was just a time to get questions from viewers and answer them.

-Who will they receive the questions from?

-Can anyone ask?

-I’m curious about both of them...

-The orc and elf combination is a classic.

The viewers wanted to set their own rules rather than ask blindly. To be precise, it was a concentration of their firepower. The viewers would be at a loss if they had their own opinions and didn’t form a consensus. This would somehow lead to a lack of information.

"It doesn’t matter who asks, but... I think it is better to do it one by one. Teika became an orc first, so ask Teika a question first." Hyeonu kindly arranged the order, with Teika going first and then Yeongchan.

"Okay, I’ll pick the questions and answer them myself." Teika glanced at Hyeonu and nodded.

-How did you become an orc?

Teika chose questions based on his criteria. The criteria was in order of difficulty. He picked it from the most basic one.

"The first question. A viewer asked me how to become an orc. This is a question that everyone knows the answer to. You can set the species to an orc when you’re creating a character."

-I’m not asking that, Teika.

-This is frustrating. We can’t communicate, can’t communicate.

-You are doing this on purpose, right?

-Are you kidding me? Right?

The viewers were outraged by Teika’s nonsensical answer.

"Ah, there is another way. If the level of the character you’re raising is low, delete it and recreate your character. I recommend it."

-Why don’t you talk about the species conversion?

-Is a species conversion impossible?

-What? What is this?

-Do you mean to be the only one who knows?

The viewers were once again angry at Teika’s close-to-unreasonable answer. Teika’s answer was a strange one and not the one they wanted.

"Ah, are you wondering about how to change an existing character to a different species like me?" Teika continued the process like an insidious person. He gathered the attention of the viewers to the limit before finally giving the answer they wanted. "In order to change your species, you have to go to the League of Different Species and perform a quest. You should all know this, right? By the way, the quest... it really isn’t a big deal. It is just a quest that takes time."

-Then why not recommend it?

-Isn’t this saying it isn’t difficult if it just takes time?

-Are you trying to suck the honey alone?

-If that is the case, I’m a bit disappointed...

The viewers’ messages became more heated after hearing Teika say that it wasn’t difficult.

"Hey, viewers. Do you believe Teika would think like that? Honestly, why would he keep you in check? Right? This is all sincere advice for all of you. Sincere advice." Yeongchan quickly intervened as the chat window grew more heated.

"That’s right, viewers. To be honest, I heard it too, but only the unusual rankers will really want to be a different species. Otherwise, I don’t recommend that you do the species transformation quests," Hyeonu intervened here as well. He cooled the mood in the chat window like a firefighter.

-Then explain it correctly.

"There is nothing else. You just need to collect a lot of experience points if you want to change your species. It really isn’t a big deal, right?" Teika eventually stopped dragging it out and taught viewers the key to the species transformation.

Yeongchan added a detailed explanation to Teika’s words: "As for how much experience is needed... For the rankers, it isn’t just at a simple level. In a party of solid rankers, you have to give up your experience for at least a week. Even if you do that, only one or two people can change their species." 

-Wow, that is really enough to give up.

-A ranker party has to hunt for at least one or two weeks...

-The problem isn’t hunting. It is that you are falling behind by the amount of time spent here.

-Then it is a fatal blow. At first, one or two guilds will benefit tremendously. Isn’t it a complete loss when chasing after it?

The attitude of the viewers reversed in an instant as they realized how big a risk it was to change species. For rankers, their character contained their biggest specs. Having a higher level than others, good items, a unique class, and excellent skills—all of these were factors in creating their popularity.

A species such as an orc or elf could be added to this. However, that was only applicable to the first few frontrunners. Eventually, as the number of orcs, elves, and different species increased, these advantages would disappear. If that happened, they wouldn’t be able to catch up after their level had fallen behind.

Then their streaming and A-World channel would be bound to decline. It was because there was an overflowing number of gamers that could replace them.

"Am I right? It is easier to give up, or you can change your species after the fifth class advancement," Teika spoke with a triumphant expression. He raised the tension as if he was slightly excited. "I will take the next question. What are you curious about this time?"

-What do you get from being an orc?

-What is good about the orcs?

-Are orcs better than humans?

The viewers had asked about how to become an orc. Now they were interested in the pros and cons of the orc species itself.

"What is good about the orcs? There are many things. It is a species with certain advantages." Teika gave a strange smile.

It hadn’t been long since he became an orc, but there were quite a few changes that he already felt.

"First of all, in terms of combat, orcs are definitely more overwhelming than humans. I don’t know about others, but this is definitely the case for me. I got stats and skills. Anyone who has watched the arena ranking battles recently will know, but I will not fall from second place any longer. I definitely inserted a nail into it. This is my position." Teika’s words caused a great stir.

-Is it that good?

-One stat is much better than gaining two or three levels.

-If it is strong in PvP, won’t it be good for ordinary hunting? Especially when it comes to humanoid boss monsters...

-However, we don’t know if they all give stats and skills or if it is just Teika... 

This was the problem.

Stats and skills—the two of them were definitely visible rewards. It was worth sacrificing some experience for them. At this moment, Hyeonu interrupted, "Why do you think second place is your spot?"

"Huh? It is definitely second place, right? I won against Rain and all other challengers?" Teika couldn’t hide his bewildered expression for a moment. It was because Hyeonu’s words were too aggressive.

"You have to rise to first place. How long will you be satisfied with second place? Why don’t you give it a chance and try to kill me?" Hyeonu made the suggestion with a bright smile. Of course, he didn’t mean it. It was a joke, but it didn’t come as a joke to Teika.

"No, I don’t want to do such a terrible thing voluntarily." Teika shook his head vigorously.

He had become an orc, learned fighting energy, and developed combat-related skills, but he was still too far off from Hyeonu. The more he opened his eyes to the utility of the fighting energy stat, the more he realized the difference between him and Hyeonu. He even thought that he could never win for the rest of his life.

"Is that so? That is too bad. Now, let’s take some time for the streamer Argon, who has become an elf, to answer questions. Please ask your questions." Hyeonu proceeded with the live stream with an expression full of regret.

"Ask anything you want to know. I will tell you everything I know." Yeongchan stepped forward slightly.

He expressed with his entire body that it was his turn. Unlike Teika, Yeongchan didn’t drag out the time. The role of dragging out the time was for Teika only. Yeongchan came up with the answers that the viewers wanted in an insanely fast manner as if he was doing a speed quiz.

-Do elves have the same conditions as the orcs?

"Yes, it is similar. I’m not sure if it is exactly the same, but it is clear that we both had to collect experience points." 

-What are the strengths of the elves?

"Let’s see... I also gained some skills, but... honestly, I don’t know. First of all, an elf is definitely good for elementalists. Magicians are just as good."

In fact, Yeongchan had become an elf, but he didn’t feel the change as much as Teika. The skills he obtained from becoming an elf were all related to his attributes, so he just got a bit stronger. That was all. However, the other guild members were different. Those with the elementalist or magician classes experienced a major change.

-The species change. Do you recommend it?

"Yes, I recommend it. Of course, this is only if you are confident that you can handle the other penalties. My guild members and I gave up our territory."

Yeongchan was very agreeable to changing species. The external changes were only incidental. Being different from others—this alone was enough as a motivation.

-A lot of kids will go to be an orc.

-There is no need to feel regret if you have no territory.

-Rather, there is a high possibility that they will go now and settle down first. Then they will sell something to the children or big customers who will come later.

Unlike Teika’s question time, the viewers had a slightly deeper insight into the different species due to Yeongchan’s detailed answers to the questions. As a result, viewers automatically remembered those who occupied the dark side of Arena. They would be very suited to changing to a different species. They were those who didn’t think about the future and always lived in the present.

However, there was something that these viewers couldn’t even think about. There were some people who could give up everything they had and act differently from others for the sake of the future. It happened at this moment.

Hyeonu’s naturally smiling expression shook briefly. He blinked several times before standing up from his position.

"Wait a moment. The two of you can talk. I suddenly got an urgent call..." Hyeonu looked at Teika and Yeongchan and gave an artificial smile before disappearing abruptly. It was around five minutes later that Hyeonu reappeared.

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